August 20, 2004


Q-VO Gente! Aside from the OLYMPICS what else is happening in our vencindades? Este Indio not getting much sleep watching the various athletics compete in ancient Greece.

How about that Devin Vergas winning over heavyweight Rachid El Haddak from Morocco. Vergas is from Toledo, Ohio. Not bad for a 22 year old. The Ref’s had to stop the bout in the third round under the “Mercy Rule”. That means he was just pounding that poor heavyweight from Morocco! You can see Vergas on Sunday when he faces Victar Zuyev from Belarus. (Check your TV Schedule for the time). Other Latinos doing well in the Boxing slugfests are Cuban Heavyweight Odlanier Solis, who beat his Russian opponent Alexander Alexseev. Vicente Escobedo won his fight in the Flyweight Division and has advanced. Jason Estrada, Super Heavyweight, from Providence Rhode Island, defeated Douglas Haweke from Tonga. How about that Lisa Fernandez pitching a one hit shutout for Team U.S.A. over Australia and a 7-0 shutout over Canada! You Go Girl! Check out Team U.S.A. this weekend when they compete in the semifinals.


Pos closer to home, we have Team Inzunza providing the entertainment. Nick Inzunza, (El Tio) Inzunza family member who seats on the Tia Juana Valley Water District Board is fighting to keep the water District alive though it has no water to deal, all it does is suck money from those home owners who are unfortunate to live in a make believe water district that has no water and is in the process of being dissolved. Got to protect all those perks. By the way they have all the water they need courtesy of the San Diego Water District. Hedging his bets, this Inzunza is running for the South Bay School Board. Nick just can’t live without being on the public dole!


Speaking of kicking the habit, el chisme is that Ralph Inzunza Sr. (Big Daddy) is talking about running for Mayor of National City, once his son moves on to higher office. Nothing like following in your son’s footsteps. Perhaps the third time will be a charm. What is Luis Natividad going to do; you can’t run against the “Kennedy” of the South Bay?


Henry Guzman Villalobos (Aztec/Yaqui), President and Chief Executive Officer, AZTECS OF NORTH AMERICA is claiming that he and his followers the Anasazi/Aztec, Native American Indians of the United States of America and of the United Mexican States (?), are seeking recognition as being Native American Indians. Once blessed as a bonifide Indios, he and his tribe will open a gambling Casino in their ancestral home of Old Town!


Remember when National City agreed to allow Syucan Indian Tribe to build a hotel in the city and reassured the community that it would not become a casino? To support this promise, they based it on the belief that Gov. Schwarzenegger did not support casinos in urban neighborhoods. That was then. This month the Gov. has changed his mind and it appears that he is about to sign a deal to allow casinos off tribal lands. It appears that National City is a whole lot closer to having a casino than they were led to believe.


Roger Cazares retired as head of the MAAC Project. In his place Antonio Pizano was hired to replace him. Problema: Pizano left his position at the San Joaquin County Housing Authority this year after a scathing report came out about mismanagement, credit card abuse, personal loans with no record of payback, low employee moral, hiring of a friend as a consultant at $1,000-a-day, etc. etc. Que paso? Is this the best the Board of Directors could find to run their organization???

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