August 20, 2004

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Castañeda and Garibay Triumph in Tijuana Corrida

Enrique Ponce Will Return, Following Goring

On Sunday, August 15th, the weather was partly cloudy for the approximately 7000 fans who turned out to see Matadores Jorge Gutiérrez, César Castañeda, and Ignacio Garibay face a sextet of bulls from Marrón for this season’s opening corrida at José López Hurtado’s Beautiful Bullring by the Sea. The bulls were well armed and brave against the horses.


With his first bull, Guardian, at 495 kilos, Jorge gave us some good work with the capote. The bull was brave against the horse. His faena was great, with good stuff on both sides, especially on the left. With one pinchazo, then a three quarter thrust, Gutierrez was awarded with applause.

With his second animal, Samuray, at 495 kilos, Jorge gave us great capote work, including a great set of Tapatias to the horse. After the pic’ing, he delivered a great set of Gaoneras, for the quite. His faena was grand, highlighted by beautiful, slow naturales, great planning, and timing. Alas, he lost all awards because of bad luck with the sword. Vuelta.


With his first bull, Tabaquero, with 485 kilos, César seemed a little rusty with the capote. After the pic’ing, he placed three good pairs of sticks. The faena that followed was good, but mainly on the right. One pinchazo, followed by a full thrust, it was over. Applause.

With his second animal, Guarache, 455 kilos, César was modest with the capote. After the pic, he placed two pairs of regular banderillas, and a pair of cortas. A decent faena was followed by a great estocada. One ear.


With his first bull, the 475-kilo Agujetas, the capote work was decent. After the pic’ing, his faena was very fine. This torero improves, every time we see him here. A two thirds, sword, followed by one shot with the descabello, and it was over. Applause.

With his second animal, Jeque, at 465-kilos, Nacho really got it on. Great cape work was followed by a sensational faena, with grand muletazos on both sides, followed by a great sword that dropped the bull, patas arriba, and cut two ears.

The next Tijuana corrida will be next Sunday, with a cartel featuring Mauricio Portillo, Leonardo Benitez, and Uriel Moreno “El Zapata”. I hope to see you, there.

* * *

Following a goring in the chest, several weeks ago, Spanish ace Enrique Ponce will reappear in Bilbao on Thursday, Aug. 19. An interesting note: he will wear the same, damaged suit of lights that he wore when he was gored.

Two Mexican matadores are in Spain to confirm their alternatives in Plaza Las Ventas. José Luévano and Tijuana Matador Alejandro Amaya prepared themselves by training at ganaderías.

In the meantime, in Guipúzcoa, in that Spanish pueblo’s annual festival, it was a full house, but the bulls from Torrealta didn’t permit triumphs. Juan Diego received a strong vuelta. El Cid was applauded, and Amaya was applauded for his first action and received silence, following his work with his second bull.

Gary Sloan contributed to this article.

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