August 19, 2005

La Ciudad de San Diego is on the brink of bankruptcy not to worry, the whole City Council and the City Manager don’t seem to be worried about it! They took off for a whole month!!! No wonder City Attorney Aguirre is acting like the Mayor and the City Council – somebody has to! No one else cares! And, we elected these folks to run our City??

Many Mexican Madrecitas sympathize with Cindy Sheehan’s plight. Where are all the other Mothers and Fathers whose sons have been sacrificed to stroke President Bush’s ego? Fernando Suarez del Solar has been carrying the anti-war message for years now, asking the same questions about his son’s death in Iraq.

95 bullets were fired by eight Police Officers at Armando Lazos, a 39 year old man, at 11:00A.M. in the Lincoln Acres area, where he resided! In round figures that allowed each Cop to fire at least 11 bullets at the victim! Each Police Officer had to stop and re-load. Did they at anytime stop to see if the guy was firing back before they killed him??????? In the meantime residents received no warning, despite the 20 minutes of waiting, with several shots going into residential homes – What were they shooting at? Let’s see how the National City Police Review Board handles this case?

Gov Schwarzenegger claimed he wanted to take control of the political process in Sacramento and stamp out special interest in politics. It didn’t take long before the Gov. threw himself into the lap of every special interest in California plus throughout the Nation! He has raised millions. Lets see if I got this right: Its not okay for Unions to collect money and spend it on politics, but it is okay for the Gov. to go to big business (you know anti-union types) and collect money for politics…hummmm?.

Did anyone in the Hispanic community know that each member of the County Board of Supervisors GETS $2 million dollars ($10 million total) a year OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS to spend as they please. Of course you didn’t know, because they have never spent any of that money with the Hispanic community!!! Most go to their White, Republican friends. What a RIP OFF!

Remember the brouhaha at National City Middle School and the modernization that wasn’t happening? After the story hit the front pages of La Prensa San Diego, the school district was all over the redevelopment. Well since then the modernization has ground to a halt! Seems the contractor somehow contaminated the dirt and they are in the middle of environment studies!

Qué pasó con Hispanic Heritage Month: Anyone holding a Gran Fiesta for the occasion? It seems hunting illegal aliens on the border is more important to the San Diegans! Either that, or the Hispanic/Latino, Mexican American leadership should step up and hold our own Fiesta to celebrate the importance of “La Raza” in America’s history!

Adios Don Pepper! (Jose Amado Berrellez) Forgive me for not being able to say “Adios” before you left this world. Unfortunately, El Jefe de La Prensa suffered a severe Spinal Cord injury which rendered me incapable of functioning since June of 2002.…You will not be forgotten ….Your efforts in support of Nuestra Gente are registered in the Holy Books maintained by the only one that matters “ Nuestro Dios Jesuscristo.” Your high spirits even in the darkest times of “El Movimiento” gave all of us who joined in the struggle for the survival of our Gente will never be forgotten. Let the “Man” upstairs know of our efforts to make the world a better place for all and not just a few. I place this statement in TEZOZOMOC ...I know for sure, that no matter where you’re at, that’s where you’re going to read it!

Adios compañero!


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