Volume XXV Number 33 August 17, 2001

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Set Free Ministry Opens Arms to Logan Heights

By Yvette tenBerge

It is 6:30 p.m. on a Sunday, and the normally quiet corner of 29th Street and Newton Avenue in Logan Heights is alive with the sounds of electric guitars, bongo drums and synthesizers that pour from a nearby whitewashed building. Step inside, and you will find that, although this lively mixture of rock and roll, blues and hip-hop would be at home in any local bar, it is coming from the choir pit of Set Free Logan Heights Church, a ministry that specializes in outreach to a segment of the population that is usually simply ignored.

Pastor David "2 Dogs" Zamora leads the Set Free Logan Heights band during Sunday, August 12 service.

The musicians bring their worn instruments to a grinding halt and Pastor David "2 Dogs" Zamora leans closer toward his microphone. He wipes the sweat from his forehead, straightens his black leather biker vest and peers at the congregation through his sunglasses.

"Sometimes in life, we go through things, and we try and take the easy way out. We go for the quick fix," says Pastor Zamora, smiling knowingly at the sea of heads that nod back at him. At that, he picks the strings of his guitar and the band breaks into "Our God Is An Awesome God," a song that brings the majority of the congregation to their feet, swaying and clapping.

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As Washington gears up for more debate, surveys show Americans are torn by
competing values
By Howard LaFranchi
, August 14, 2001 — Gloria Tappan has no doubts when it comes to helping customers decide on stemware or choose just the right card for a special occasion.

Rosario Marin Será Tesorera del Departamento del Tesoro de Estados Unidos
Rosario Marin será la Tesorera número 41 de los Estados Unidos —un puesto más antiguo que el propio Departamento del Tesoro. Ella tendrá la supervisión de los departamentos de grabado e impresión de billetes (Bureau of Engraving and Printing); la fábrica de monedas, U.S. Mint, y la oficina de venta de bonos del Gobierno, perteneciente a la oficina de la deuda pública, Savings Bond Marketing Office of the Bureau of Public Debt.

Chairman Terry McAuliffe Announces Ida L. Castro As Director of the DNC
Women's Vote Center
Washington DC — Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Terry McAuliffe announced today that former Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Chairwoman Ida L. Castro has joined the DNC as Senior Advisor and Director of the DNC Women's Vote Center, the Party's major new initiative, announced in June, to educate, engage, and mobilize women voters across the nation.

Noticias de México...
Amenazan con auditarlas, dice el fisco
Acusa fisco a las iglesias
Parroquias de Tijuana han recibido notificaciones de los tres niveles de Gobierno de que podrían ser auditadas, para conocer de qué manera distribuyen los recursos económicos que reciben, pero la Iglesia Católica rechaza esta medida, aseveró el obispo de Tijuana, Rafael Romo Muñoz.


Take charge of your child's education by forming a better relationship with the
By Ylonda Gault Caviness
Math had always been Brent's favorite subject. So last year when the seventh grader began grousing about class and laboring over his homework, Cherylynn Miller Grier knew her son had a problem. She arranged a meeting with Brent's teacher. "Don't worry," she was told. "He'll be okay."

Back-to-School Guide For Parents
The precious summer months have whizzed by, and it's time for back-to-school" preparations, not only for students but also for parents.

The Busy Parent's Guide to Involvement in Education
Dr. Linda Albert
Parent involvement-your involvement-in education increases your children's chances for success in school. Studies show that children whose parents are involved in education are more motivated in school. Motivated students are more likely to participate in class, more likely to complete homework, and more likely to achieve academically. In short, motivated children become students with good chances for bright futures.

Información Sobre Inscripciones y Salud de los Alumnos de San Diego City Schools
Inscribirse a una escuela del Distrito Escolar Unificado de San Diego es requisito para todos los alumnos de nuevo ingreso y aquellos que continúan pero que se han cambiado a una nueva zona de asistencia escolar durante el verano. El ciclo escolar 2001-2002 comienza el martes, 4 de septiembre.

Tulie Trejo, es una gran ganadora en el arte culinario
Por: Paco Zavala.
Hace mas de cuarenta años Bake-Off, ha hecho ganadora a la Sra. Tulie Trejo. La Sra. Trejo, es de descendencia mexicana, originaria de esta ciudad de San Diego, Ca., nació en Logan Heights, hace 76 años.

Chula Vista Resident Named Regional Manager of Service Agency
Yvonne Zazueta has been named Southern California regional manager of Community Catalysts of California, a 14-year old service agency devoted to helping San Diego's developmentally disabled live independently and secure gainful employment.

Latino Voters & the GOP
Study Asks Whether Republicans Can Win Hispanic Vote

WASHINGTON — President George W. Bush and prominent members of the GOP leadership have high hopes for Latino voters, believing them the key to a potential political realignment. This hope underlies the administration's approach to many issues, including proposals to grant amnesty to millions of Mexican illegal aliens.

Por Eduardo Salinas
Mexicanos en Estados Unidos y la posible regularización migratoria
Sin saber una palabra en inglés y con sólo unos cuantos dólares en los bolsillos, Rafael Hernández decidió emigrar de su natal México a Estados Unidos con el afán de mejorar su estilo de vida. Era el año de 1990 cuando el joven campesino logró burlar el cerco fronterizo para llegar al estado de California donde consiguió su primer empleo lavando platos, en un restaurante chino.

El Departamento Estatal de Salud Advierte Sobre el Consumo de Ostras Crudas
Sacramento — Desde Junio de este año se han reportado seis enfermedades en California vinculadas con el consumo de ostras crudas procedentes de las Costas del Golfo, anunció hoy Diana M. Bontá, R.N., Dr. P.H., Directora Estatal de Salud. Ella renovó la advertencia a las personas que son susceptibles que se abstengan de comer ostras crudas que son cosechadas de los estados de Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi y Texas.

Latino Publication Focused On Auto Industry
— The idea to deliver automotive content that appeals directly to the fastest-growing ethnic market in the U.S. has spurred the onset of Latinos On Wheels magazine. "This bilingual publication will highlight the interests of the Latino car buyers in an increasingly competitive automobile industry," says Andres Tobar, publisher and editor-in-chief, Latinos On Wheels, L.L.C. The premiere issue of Latinos On Wheels (LOW) will make its debut at the South Florida International Auto Show (Oct. 26 - Nov 4), Miami Fl.

Vincent Bugliosi To Speak in Oceanside
The Center for International Understanding at Mira Costa College and Voter March will sponsor famed prosecutor and author Vincent Bugliosi at the Mira Costa College Theater in Oceanside on August 25 at 7:30 p.m. Also speaking at the forum, which is free and open to the public, will be U.S. Rep. Bob Filner, of California's 50th District.

Carlsbad Office Offers Grants for Cultural Projects
Laubach Literacy Seeks Applications for National Book Scholarship Fund


The Results Are In On the San Diego School District and They are BAD!
Superintendent Alan Bersin and his running mate Chancellor of Instruction Anthony Alvarado have been blown to smithereens by their own petard. They swore by their instructional program, yet the results from the Stanford 9 test indicate that the Bersin and Alvarado duo has failed drastically. The children under their administration FAILED MISERABLY. District high schools showed very little improvement and in some cases their performance worsened, even after the state and federal governments spent millions of additional monies to improve their education.

Chismes de Mi Gallinero:
California's Teachers Failing Latino Kids

By: Julio C. Calderón
Today — is one of those days, it is hot and dusty, and I have zoned out on the solitaire game in the computer — what a waste of time, technology and gray matter. I thought, certainly there were more important issues to consider. So, I go feed the chickens in the gallinero. They were arguing about the news that the California Teachers' Association (CTA) complaining that the California Legislature to give more attention to teachers. I wonder what the CTA would do if the Legislature and the governor gave education 99 percent of the budget?

Bush's Español: Empty Palabras?
By Domenico Maceri
George W. Bush's mistakes with the English language are famous. There is even a web site called Bushisms of the week. The press has been generous with his gaffes in Spanish and giving him an "A" for his efforts. To be sure he has made some mistakes in español which clearly call to mind those of his native language. Fore example, during the 2000 election he asked an audience for their "botas" (boots) instead of "votos" (votes).

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
Bush could have done the right thing
An hour ago I spent the last of my tax refund check . . . I got my wife a manicure. I stayed in a mediocre hotel for a couple of nights, bought a couple of CDs on sale, and had a great time at a local casino! Wow! It's gone.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Viva el Amor
Por: Paco Zavala.
Edna R. Bautista, es una educadora y escritora premiada, quien está certificada en Bodas por Weddings Beautiful Worldwide, una division del National Bridal Service. Edna ha trabajado como consultora de novias en Bridal Clasiques en Tulsa, Oklahoma, y ahora trabaja en el panel editorial de consejería para la revista: "Wedding Bells". La Dra. Bautista es profesora de periodísmo y comunicaciones interculturales en Nueva Jersey.

Sundance Channel Showcases Dynamic Voices of Contemporary Latin American
Cinema With September Filmfest "Arte Latino"
Sundance Channel celebrates the richness and vitality of contemporary Latin American cinema in September with its second "Arte Latino" FilmFest. Recent years have seen Latin America re-emerge as a significant force in international cinema; production has increased across the region, and a number of filmmakers have begun to explore the creative potential of new and developing technologies. "Arte Latino" samples from Latin American cinema's diverse artistic currents to bring viewers an up-to-the-moment array of exceptional films by established and emerging filmmakers. The Film Fest's lineup includes seven features and nine short films, representing Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador and Mexico.

Cal State San Marcos Students Host Oaxacan Cultural Festival
Students at California State University San Marcos will host the second-annual Guelaguetza, a festival celebrating the diverse indigenous cultures of the Southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, Sunday, August 26, 11 a.m.-5 p.m., on the cam-pus's Lower Field. This family event is modeled after the yearly Guelaguetza held in Oaxaca City, where members of many of the region's 23 indigenous groups share their distinctive music, dance, dress, and food.

SalsaArtists.com in conjunction with Hitmen Entertainment presents the Tropical
Music Singing & Songwriting Contest
SalsaArtists.com in association with Hitmen Entertainment is presenting a talent search to give emerging artists the opportunity to perform in front of top music industry professionals. The "Tropical Music Singing & Songwriting" contest will take place at the Rumba Room, LA's premier Latin nightclub in the heart of City Walk in Universal City, CA. (www.rumbaroom.com). Singers and songwriters will be competing in the following music genres: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Bolero, Mambo, Son, Timba, Rumba, Cha Cha, Vallenato etc.

Aztec Football Family Day This Saturday at Tony Gwynn Stadium
Scrimmage, autograph session and interactive games highlight festivities.
For the second straight season the San Diego State football team will hold its annual Aztec Family Day at Tony Gwynn Stadium on the San Diego State campus.

Bullfight World...
By Lyn Sherwood
Fine Bulls of Llaguno Refuse to Surrender Ears
The ninth corrida of the 2001 season saw an overcast day at José López Hurtado's "Beautiful Bullring by The Sea." Nearly 10,000 spectators were on hand to witness matadors Mariano Ramos, Enrique Garza, and Paco Gonzales face a herd of genuine bulls from Don José Julián Llaguno. The animals weighed from 480-640 kilos. That's right, 640 kilos! And, what a truly noble beast it was!

Big Reunion Week As Rice Returns to San Francisco
It's not a long trip. But it will bring back a lot of memories.
When the Oakland Raiders travel a quick 30 miles down I-80 this Sunday afternoon to San Francisco, they'll bring with them a player who knows the neighborhood well - the NFL's all-time touchdown scorer, Jerry Rice.

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