Volume XXVI Number 33 August 16, 2002

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“No to International Airport in Ramona” residents go to war to oppose proposal for construction in that city

By America Barcelo Feldman

The community of Ramona has organized (RCAA) Ramona Citizens Against the Airport to fight against the construction proposal for the new International Airport in this small valley located between the mountains of the Northern county of San Diego.

The future home of the international airport?

With this coalition “Saving Ramona, Not the Airport”, residents of this small rural community of the north county have organized a protest against a possible move of Lindbergh Field Airport. Even though this plan is only a proposal, Ramona is 1 of the 18 possibilities; the residents do not want this proposal to continue.

For the last two months they have organized themselves and worked to collect signatures from the community involved, to push the authorities and the commission involved in this project to delete Ramona from the list.

The (ATAP) Air Transportation Action Program is the committee in charge of researching the possible spots to find an alternate site to move the Lindbergh Field Airport. This commission is integrated by authorities of County of San Diego including: Congressman Duncan Hunter; State Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein; County Supervisors Dianne Jacob and Ron Roberts (representing ATAP of County of San Diego); Mayor of Escondido Lori Pfelier (ATAP North County); Mayor of La Mesa Art Madrid (ATAP East County); Mayor of Oceanside Terry Johnson (North County); Mayor of Chula Vista Shirley Horton (ATAP South County); Member of Municipal Government of City of San Diego Byron Wear (ATAP Central County); and Authorities from Regional Airport Thella Bowens and Ted Anasis.

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No al Aeropuerto Internacional en Ramona
Se unen residentes para iniciar guerra de oposición a la propuesta de su construcción en ese poblado
Por America Barcelo Feldman
La comunidad de Ramona se ha unido organizando el Comité de Ciudadanos de Ramona en Contra del Aeropuerto (Ramona Citizens Against the Airport) (RCAA) para luchar en contra de la propuesta de construcción del nuevo Aeropuerto Internacional en este pequeño valle localizado en medio de las montañas del Noreste del Condado San Diego.

UFW retraces Cesar Chavez’s first march in support of farm labor bill
Under a blazing sun, a 150-mile, 10-day march got underway from Merced to the state Capitol, Thursday morning, with the expressed intent of dissuading Gov. Gray Davis from vetoing the labor bill.

First Person
Bank Robber Meets Corporate Criminal
By Joe Loya
OAKLAND—The last time I saw Charles Keating, he was naked except for a skimpy white towel that hung from his waist. His pink flesh stretched tight over his gaunt frame, and his wrists were cuffed in front as he was escorted to his cell from the showers at the Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles.

¡Emotiva Noche de Mariachis en San Diego!
Todo un éxito Tradicional Festival «Viva el Mariachi»
Por America Barcelo Feldman
El pasado domingo 11 de Agosto el cielo del Condado de San Diego se llenó de alegres melodías a ritmo de Mariachi. Con gran éxito, el ya tradicional evento anual denominado “Viva el Mariachi”, llevó acabo su cuarta edición en el foro del Navy Pier en el corazón del centro de esta ciudad.


Teacher of the Year Calls Teaching America’s No. 1 Patriotic Job
By Rudi Williams
WASHINGTON, Aug. 14, 2002 — Calling the “National Teacher of the Year” a wonderful award, Chauncey Veatch said he’s “a little uncomfortable” about winning because “I have my reward every day as a teacher.”

Parents of Special Needs Children Need to Do Homework
By Rudi Williams
WASHINGTON — Parents of children with special needs have homework to do before they move from one base to another.

Upward Bound Students Explore Depths of Science While Living on UCSD Campus This Summer
How do you extract DNA from a fingerprint? What life-saving medicinal properties can be found in marine life at the bottom of the ocean? How do lasers work in CD players? These are some of the questions that 44 high school students from San Diego and Imperial Valley explored this summer in individual research projects while participating in the Upward Bound Math & Science Summer Residential Program at UC San Diego. In the five-week program, students lived in residence halls on the UCSD campus while attending college-level courses in math, biology, physics, computer science, English composition and foreign language.

El Fondo Hispano de Becas Otorga Más de $22 Millones en Becas Durante el Ciclo Académico 2001-2002
El Hispanic Scholarship Fund (Fondo de Becas Hispano—HSF), la organización líder en la nación en brindar apoyo para la educación superior de los hispanos, anunció que durante el ciclo académico 2001, 2002, otorgó aproximadamente $22 millones en becas universitarias.

The Sallie Mae Fund Awards $100,000 in Scholarships Through First in My Family Campaign
Educational Campaign Aims to Raise Awareness Among Hispanic-Americans that College is an Option
The Sallie Mae Fund, the philanthropic arm of Sallie Mae, today announced the winners of the first college scholarships to be issued as part of the First in My Family campaign. The campaign is geared to raise awareness among the Hispanic-American community that a higher education is valuable and affordable.

CDC Small Business Finance Announces Arthur H. Goodman Scholarhship Recipients
Two Outstanding San Diego Women Chosen
CDC Small Business Finance, the national leader in Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans, today announced the 2002 recipients of the Arthur H. Goodman Scholarship award. The awards are given to women and minorities who are graduating from a community college with a minimum 3.0 GPA, a demonstrated background of community service and are moving on to a four-year university.

El nuevo papel de los padres en la escuela pública: ¡Su hijo necesita que usted participe en las actividades de su escuela!
Por Bob Chase
Yo sinceramente creo que no existe hoy día en Estados Unidos una afiliación social que ofrezca más, y signifique más, que ser padre de un niño que asiste a una escuela pública.

Latino Leaders Give Democrats High Ratings on Issues Important to Hispanic Families
WASHINGTON — The House Democratic Leadership received an average score of 90 percent in the latest National Hispanic Leadership Agenda’s (NHLA) Congressional Score-card. The nonpartisan NHLA released today its 2002 Congressional Scorecard rating Members of Congress on votes taken in the House and Senate on issues of critical importance to the Hispanic community. The issues include the areas of education, civil rights, economic opportunities and health.

Absentee Voting Program Kicks Into High Gear
By Jim Garamone
WASHINGTON — If you think your vote doesn’t count, just ask George W. Bush and Al Gore.

Proposition 52 Backers Lose in Court
Judge Rejects Desperate Attempt to Scuttle Opponents’ Ballot Arguments
In another blow to the Proposition 52 campaign, Judge Talmadge Jones of the Sacramento Superior Court this afternoon rejected a desperate attempt by the backers of Prop. 52 to throw out large portions of the opponents’ ballot arguments.

¿Que se va a hacer con ella?
Nueva imagen de la virgen mártir para la Plaza Santa Cecilia
Por Francisco Panduro
Con motivo del 113 Aniversario de la Ciudad de Tijuana, se remodeló una vez más la Plaza Santa Cecilia. Durante más de mil años Santa Cecilia - virgen, mártir de la Iglesia Primitiva y patrona de los músicos - ha sido una de las mártires más veneradas por los cristianos. Su nombre está incluido en el canon de la misa. Las “actas” de la santa nos dicen que perteneció a una familia patricia de Roma en donde fue educada en el cristianismo. Solía portar un vestido de tela muy áspera debajo de la túnica propia de su dignidad, ayunaba varios días por semana y había consagrado a Dios su virginidad.

Advertising for Award-Winning Film Sex and Lucia Banned in Seattle
Advertising for the award-winning Spanish film, SEX AND LUCIA, was banned today by Seattle’s 2 daily newspapers, the Seattle Times and the Seattle Post Intelligencer. The news is particularly shocking because the film was awarded with four honors at this year’s Seattle Film Festival, of which the Seattle Times is an official Media Partner. Director Julio Medem was lauded as an Emerging Master at the Festival and received the Golden Space Needle Award as Best Director. The public audience also honored the film with awards for Best Director and Best Screenplay.

Pastoral Letter to the People of God
in the Diocese of San Diego
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
As you know from my letter to you in June, I am resolved to address cases of the sexual abuse of minors by priests “with transparency and openness, within the confines of respect for the privacy and reputation of the individuals involved.”

IMPACT has been Profoundly Effective
This letter is in response to Victor Menaldo’s article, “Prostate Cancer—A Subject Most Hispanic Males Avoid, But one that needs their full attention,” which appeared in the August 9th edition of La Prensa San Diego. The article incorrectly attributed a comment regarding the unavailability of screening to Olivia Fernandez, the San Diego Regional Program Manager for IMPACT (Improving Access, Counseling and Treatment for Californians with Prostate Cancer). The statement no doubt reflects Mr. Menaldo’s frustration with the current medical system.

Por Yhamel Catacora
Información Sobre la Salud de la Mujer Disponible GRATIS del Gobierno Federal con una Simple Llamada Telefónica
Encontrar información sobre la salud de la mujer puede ser un reto. Para encontrar información precisa y confiable por lo general se debe revisar un sin fin de recursos. Muchas veces, esos recursos informativos pueden ser confusos o problemáticos, mientras que otros intentan vender algún producto.

La seguridad de los niños
¿Saben sus hijos sobre los extraños? ¿Se sienten cómodos dejando a sus hijos contestar el teléfono o la puerta principal si ustedes están en la casa o si ellos están solos en la casa?
¿Quien es un extraño?

La alimentación de adolescentes latinas no es adecuada
La alimentación de muchas adolescentes latinas parece no incluir cantidades suficientes de ciertos nutrientes esenciales para evitar enfermedades graves. Esto puede afectar su salud y la de los hijos que puedan tener en el futuro, especialmente porque los hipanos sufren una tasa relativamente alta de defectos de nacimiento evitables que afectan el cerebro y sistema nervioso. Por lo tanto, es importante que las adolescentes presten atención, aún antes de embarazarse, a comer alimentos que contengan niveles altos de ácido fólico, calcio, hierro, zinc y las vitaminas E, A y C.

Encienda Una Vela
Mons. Jim Lisante
Los Peligros De La Red
Lamentablemente los detalles son conocidos. Una adolescente de 13 años decide encontrarse con un joven de 25 en un centro comercial de Connecticut después de haber intercambiado mensajes insinuantes por email. El encuentro fue a principios de mayo. Luego volvieron a encontrarse la semana siguiente, y esta vez las cosas fueron más allá del límite. Según la confesión del joven, estranguló a la muchachita mientras tenían relaciones sexuales en su auto estacionado frente a un restaurant de hamburguesas. Y una vez arrestado, llevó a la policía a donde se encontraba el cuerpo de la víctima.

Community Notes:
Family Fun, Concert to Open New Park,
Community Center on Aug. 18
A concert in the park, arts and crafts demonstrations, and a giant slide for children are among the festivities planned for the grand opening of Chula Vista’s new Heritage Park and Community Center on Aug. 18 from 1:30 to 5 p.m. The 10-acre park is located at 1381 East Palomar St. in Otay Ranch, south of Telegraph Canyon Road.

Time to Separate the Chaff from the Truth Surrounding Southwestern Community College
Recently there has been a steady drumbeat of criticism of Southwestern College and its District Superintendent/President Dr. Serafin Zasueta, who was selected to that position on July 16, 1997 by the then existing Governing Board. In spite of the fact that the college, under the guidance of Dr. Zasueta, has shown tremendous improvements in the last five years, there is a small defiant cadre of individuals who are bent on discrediting Dr. Zasueta and degrade the obvious achievements at Southwestern College.

Where’s the Love? A Question for Alan Bersin
Dear Alan:
As you know the Catfish Club has invited me to moderate the “Status of San Diego City Schools” conversation planned for August 30th.

Servicio de correo “Hotmail” no tan “gratuito”
Por Lourdes M. Davis
Cuando Microsoft compró Hotmail en 1997 por $400 millones de dólares, se estimó que sólo había cerca de 9 millones de usuarios. En la actualidad se estima que hay más de 110 millones de usuarios en todo el mundo. 

Tezozomoc Speaks
Ay! Que Vida Loca we have in gay ole San Diego. Lets see Gente, The Alcalde and his hopeless city council just gave away another 1.5 million dollars to CHARGERS OWNER ALEX Spanos. Esto mi Gente, to make up for all the rabid football fans that stayed home instead of paying the outrageous ticket prices to see the rookies practice! Que mamada, WE LA GENTE, the working folks, will be forced to pay, t

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Compositor de San Diego Gana el Primer Lugar en el XXII de la Canción Latinoamericana de California
 El compositor José María García Cota, de San Diego, resultó ganador del Primer Lugar “Disco de Oro”, en la Final Nacional 2002 de la categoría “Canciones Originales Románticas” del XXII Festival de la Canción Latinoamericana de California, realizada recientemente en la ciudad de San Francisco. La canción que mereció tal distinción fue “Sueño de Amor”, magníficamente interpretada por el cantante Renéh.

Impartió Excelentes Clases de Pantomima el Maestro Víctor Pérez Sánchez
Por: Paco Zavala
Tijuana, cada día que transcurre cimenta con más vigor, decisión y esmero su aportación artística al mundo, demostrando que existen en su contorno extraordinarios talentos y, con el apoyo de renombrados e indiscutibles maestros los artistas en ciernes se forjarán adquiriendo la madurez necesaria para adicionarla a sus alforjas de conocimientos y experiencias, para lograr un correr por la vida más exitoso y menos escabroso como en algunos o en muchos casos se presenta y con desgano presenciamos la caída de ellos.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
El Centro Cultural Tijuana cerró el pasado domingo con la Fiesta de Clausura de Encaminarte: en 100 años de Ciencia Arte. Festival artístico para toda la familia en el que se otorgaron muchos regalos y sorpresas. Para concluir este festival intervinieron en este programa de trabajo muchos niños y niñas de Tijuana, con la seguridd de que al haber participado se hayan divertido y aprendido mucho recorriendo los caminos que este verano el CECUT les preparó.

Calendar of Events . . .
Disney’s Rockin The Bay
‘Disney’s Rockin’ The Bay’ concludes summer season with performances by the groups America and The Monkees.

El “Fin de Semana de Preestreno de la Programación de la Cadena de Televisión ABC’ en el Parque Disney’s California Adventure el 24 y 25 de Agosto
Contará con las Presentaciones en Vivo de Jim Belushi, George López, Desfile de las Estrellas y Mucho Más
Las estrellas de los programas de la cadena ABC para la temporada de otoño se presentarán en DISNEY’S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE el 24 y 25 de agosto para el primer “Fin de Semana de Preestreno de la Programación por la Cadena ABC”.

Jesus Zarate Wins “King of the Mountains” in Saturn Cycling Classic
Team Mercury’s Jesus Zarate of Guadalajara, Mexico was crowned winner of the King of the Mountains, a segment of the grueling Saturn Cycling Classic from Boulder to Breckenridge, Colorado. He also came in 7th Place in the overall competition. This elite men’s cycling event is 140 miles over 7 mountain passes and reaches elevations exceeding 14,000 feet, higher than any stage of the Tour de France.

U.S. Ranked Among FIFA Top 10 for First Time
In what has already been a landmark year for the United States Men’s National Team, the organization reached another milestone by cracking the Top 10 of the FIFA World Rankings for the first time in history. In the latest rankings published today, the USA ranks ninth in the table, tied with traditional European powerhouse Italy. The U.S. moved up two positions from the spot they occupied prior to the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
Little to See, Last Sunday in Tijuana
According to correspondent Gary Sloan, last Sunday’s bullfight card in Tijuana was rather a ho-hummer. Mariano Ramos, Rogelio Leduc, and Ismaél Gómez “Mayito” encountered a herd of bulls from Monte Verde, which didn’t make an impressive showing.

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