August 14, 1998

City Council led by nose by the Mayor AGAIN!!

Does the term "FELONY STUPID" sound familiar? I might have just crossed the border across the Sonoran desert, but even the most simple immigrant from Mejico knows, by now, that to agree to spend millions upon millions of dollars on a dusty ballfield when the world around us is going into a massive economic tail spin has to be FELONY STUPID!

Pues Senora Golding we all got the word in the Barrios that you got taken to the cleaners last time you tried to play hardball with the Big Boys! That wiley, old Greek, Senor Spanos, took you and the city for every centavo in the treasury. It will be a long, long, time before the wounds heal from that last venture into the world of high finance. Your ego came out of that fiasco bruised, bleeding, and nearly destroyed.

To Larry Lucchino, San Diego City with Mayor Golding negotiating across the table looked as an easy mark to score on. With Golding, once again dealing, "mano a mano" with Lucchino, it was easy pickings. The only contract let out, from their meetings, was on the taxpayers and residents of San Diego. The terms made sure the `boys' would be the winners.

The line at Caliente was 150-1 that Golding would be taken to the cleaners…and she was.

Lucchino and the boys must have had a good laugh over their vino as they recounted what an easy mark the Mayor was.

--We ask (as the members of the city council should have asked): Where is the money going to come from? Asia is in the tank. The electronic industry is fast folding. Where are all these high-tech corporations going to be when they are supposed to be filling the hotel rooms with high spenders! No high spenders NO TOT! The research bio-tech industries, digital, high tech. Chip makers, all depend on their stocks having worth in order to survive. With stocks in the dumps most of these folks are going to be hard put to survive much less to worry about pumping money into "Golding's Playpen".

--We note the stock market has gone south. All the stock markets in Europe, Latin America, Pan Asia, the Far and Near East, Russia, Germany, England are all beginning to use their stocks for toilet paper. What happens when all of our middle class, wealth, corporations find out that they are going bankrupt? Where is the money going to come from to pay for "Golding's Playpen". A bankrupt San Diego is not very attractive to corporations or businesses.

--Where is the money going to come from when the USA LOSSES ALL ITS EXPORT MARKETS AND WE ARE FLOODED WITH CHEAP GOODS FROM AROUND THE WORLD? Where are Americans going to work at? No dinero—no tickets will be sold. How many Amigos from Baja California going to be able to afford to buy tickets to the Padres games or Charger games….The PESO is down to 9.5 to 1 U.S. Dollar. Check out the black market…

Sorry Signora Golding and the FELONY STUPID CITY COUNCIL ... tell us who are you going to sell bonds too for the new playpen???? This is not a BULL MARKET, IT IS A BEAR MARKET. This is not a time to dig into your reserves but to conserve, until the economic lay of the land clarifies.

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