August 11, 2000

El Foro Público...

....The Public Forum

SIEU Local 2028 Fight For Workers Rights

With a historic victory in downtown San Diego, our members of LOCAL 2028 will meet on Saturday August 12 at 1:00 pm at the corner of La Jolla Village Drive and Town Center Drive (near the University City Shopping Mall) to force the owners of the numerous high rise buildings to provide their janitors with a decent living wage.

Currently they are paid $5.90 per hour. These are poverty wages!

Their working conditions need to be improved! Their current contract expires on Sep. 21, 2000. Our workers are already out in front of the business center picketing and the cleaning contractors are intimidating and retaliating against them.

We intend to show the contractors that we mean business and will demand a fair wage, better working conditions and benefits, and give them the respect they deserve.

Mary Grillo
Executive Director
SIEU Local 2028

(Comment: It is distressing to see poor Mexican workers picketing in front of some of the high rise office buildings located in University City, a high end community surrounded by $500,000 homes, in which highly paid workers are paid $70,000-150,00 a year or more. Yet, the owners of these enterprises pay their workers slave-wages. This is not Mexico where wage exploitation is commonplace. This should not and will not be tolerated in this country. It is ironic that all these high end business are across the street from a large Jewish Center for senior citizens and another large housing complex that serves the large Jewish community of University City. They are having to view another example of racism and exploitation of which they have suffered from all their lives.)

Green Party Selects Ralph Nader As Their Presidential Candidate

…As one of four San Diego delegates to the Green Party Nominating Convention in Denver, I saw first hand how real grass roots democracy could engage people. Our candidate, Ralph Nader, is a long time consumer advocate and his running mate is Wyona LaDuke, a Native American, and a anti-nuclear activist and mother of four.

Ralph Nader has asked that people send in their ideas on how to make our great nation a nation of the people and by the people once more. When is the last time we were asked for our ideas?

Ralph Nader and Media Benjamin, candidate for the U.S. Senate for California, will work to make public participation at every level of government and to assure that our public representatives are fully accountable to the people who elected them. They will also work to create a participatory democracy.

Michele Delehanty
Chula Vista

Cover the Shadow Convention in Los Angeles

I am writing to enlist your support and coverage of the conventions in L.A. next week.

You'll notice I said conventions, plural; there are TWO conventions in L.A. next week. One I am sure you are familiar with and probably have people selected already to attend and cover. But there is another, which deserves equal coverage, the Shadow Convention. I urge you to show your non-partisanship, as journalists, and cover it as well. Don't let CSPN GET ALL THE GOOD STUFF!

Donna C. Lee
San Diego Ca..

(Comment: We shall try).

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