August 11, 2000


Term Limits: Time to End the Expirement

By now it should be evident that TERM LIMITS is not working at the local, state, or federal level. It has brought nothing but problems to the citizens, disrupted the smooth functioning of government and, as deregulation has shown, brought chaos into the lives of the citizens of this state as well as in the affairs of all small, medium, large business and enterprises of this state.

It is impossible to conceive that the removal of our experienced legislators, or other elected officials could in any manner, shape, or form would be considered advantageous. We have, as a society, valued experience as a quality desired. Experience in an elective or appointed office should be as desired as experience in performing brain surgery.

It is time to admit that we the voters made a flawed decision when we voted for term limits. We threw out of office those with the most experience in dealing with the intricacies of governance and opened the door to a host of candidates who, as we now know, had an impossible task of trying to learn the tools of their trade be it assemblyman, councilman, mayors, school board members, etc. By the time they had begun to gain accumulated knowledge, their term would be over.

By default, we the voters turned over the running of the government to the highly knowledgeable lobbyist who swarm at all centers of power at all levels of government. Unfortunately, they are not representing the people. They represent `the sixth estate' whose only interest is their ill-gotten gains. The hapless politicians were and are overmatched by BIG BUSINESS AND THEIR WEALTH.

We have the means to RECALL OR NOT REELECT the few incompetents or those who do not work in the PUBLIC INTEREST. The people have the ultimate vote as to who stays and who doesn't. The time has come to end the foolish experiment of TERM LIMITS!

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