August 10, 2001


City/County Redistricting Doomed to Please No One!

Thanks to the results of the 2000 Census, the public is yet again being treated to the decennial spectacle of our elected officials making fools of themselves.

In their efforts to cover up their shameless machinations to control the outcome of redistricting, our councilmen, supervisors, assemblymen and senators display for all to see how little the "public good" actually means to them.

The driving motivation that fuels them is the desire to carve out a district that will assure their re-election! The public good is trampled underfoot. What's best for the cities, counties, states or our country is ignored and bypassed in the stampede to gain their own re-election or that of their political party. He who maintains control of the government determines who has the POLITICAL POWER to control the public purse strings, to dictate who RULES and CONTROLS our cities, counties and states and eventually who controls the nation.

To sit in the seat of government is to have the ultimate power as to who will be the recipients of our country's massive wealth. Who will get the contracts, programs, appointments and the advantages to be the ruling elites of this country.

Political power gives them the right to establish the rules by which we must comply. They decide who receives the tax cuts, who doesn't have to serve in the military, who gets the cheap electricity, who receives the millions to live as `barons' of this land while the powerless live in squalor lacking the basic necessities of life. It is not by chance that ONE PERCENT OF THE POPULATION of this country controls 95 PERCENT OF THE WEALTH OF THIS NATION! The rest of us are allowed to scrabble for the leftovers.

With those in political power having achieved such a prominent role in our lives, it is time that the manner by which they are elected to those seats is restructured. The common citizen must break free from the financial strangle hold exercised by the ruling cliques over our political institutions. They are exercising their monopoly of wealth to rule as elitist despots. All that we lack in America is the establishment of a monarchy and we shall be back to the days when kings and queens ruled and the common people were serfs who lived and died at the whim of royalty and their satraps.

Wealth and money must be made irrelevant to our democratic process. The greatest danger to our democracy is the obscene accumulation of wealth. Our democratic institutions must be changed so that money is not able to or capable of controlling the election of any political government position at any level. To do less is to condemn our nation to becoming a despotic, totalitarian country.

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