Volume XXV Number 32 August 10, 2001

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Superintendent Puts Off the Community for Another Month

The sound of mariachi music and the hum of voices filtered into the San Diego Unified School District board meeting on Tuesday, August 7, as hundreds of Sherman Heights community members rallied outside the 4100 Normal Street building to protest the district's attempt to shut down valuable educational, social and cultural programs by "redirecting" grant money.

Parents, teachers and students carried brightly-colored signs and dressed in cultural costumes to bring attention to the dozens of Sherman Elementary programs and groups that have been cut over the past year.

Close to $2 million in grant money has already been appropriated from Sherman Heights community programs like Colaborativo SABER, an initiative that has provided a system of social support, health education and wellness promotion for the past eight years, and community center-based programs like "6 to 6" which offers before and after school programming in areas of academic literacy, cultural arts and science enrichment.

To date, $960,000 has been "redirected" from the Even Start Grant, a third of which was specifically awarded to SABER. As much as $585,000 has been appropriated from a 21st Century Community Center Grant and the 6 to 6 program is out $100,000.

Despite demands made by Trustee Frances O'Neill Zimmerman and John de Beck at the previous July 24 meeting, the district failed to provide explanations for their actions. After passionate speeches by community leaders, parents and former students, Superintendent Bersin attempted to console the frustrated and exhausted crowd by telling them that there should be "no reason" why the district should not be able to come up with some explanation by the September 4 board meeting.

Research Shows Young Urban Hispanics Making Impressive Gains in Income &
Houston - (07/31/01) - A new research report from The Media Audit shows 14.3 percent of urban Hispanic adults, 18 to 34, have annual household incomes of $50,000 or more. The comparable percent for Caucasians is 12.7; African-Americans, 12.3; and, the general population, 13.6.

The Ties That Bind — How the Amnesty Debate Is Uniting Latinos
By Ruben Martinez
— Hugo Alexander and Marcos Montero stand at the corner of Fletcher Drive and Atwater Avenue beneath the old, peeling neon sign for Ray's Liquor. The intersection is a popular gathering place for day laborers; half a block away is a busy U-Haul outlet. Whenever a work truck rolls by, the men whistle and wave their hands, hoping to join a crew with a construction, painting or landscaping job.

Noticias de México...
Levantan 226 actas
Burlan los menores seguridad en bares
Con documentos falsos jóvenes menores de edad logran entrar a los bares y centros nocturnos para divertirse y en algunos casos, ingerir bebidas alcohólicas.


Local Graphic Artist Tells It Like It Is
By Yvette tenBerge

Restaurants and small businesses call out to passersby as they stroll up Fifth Avenue in downtown San Diego, and although the competition for attention is stiff, there is one graphic design shop window that never fails to stop them in mid stride.

Martnez Lleva Mensaje Sobre Organizaciones Religiosas y un Mayor Compromiso
del Gobierno Federal a las Colonias de Texas y Nuevo México
El Paso, Texas — Durante su gira por comunidades empobrecidas en Texas y Nuevo México, Mel Martínez, Secretario del Departamento de Vivienda y desarrollo Urbano de EE.UU. declaró hoy que el gobierno de Bush está decidido a mejorar las condiciones de la vivienda de las familias que habitan las colonias Martínez es el primer miembro del gabinete de Bush que visita la zona.

Las Firmas Que Son Propiedad de Grupos Minoritarios Crecen Con Una Rapidez
Cuatro Veces Mayor Que el Promedio Nacional, Informa la Oficina del Censo
Entre 1992 y 1997, los negocios propiedad de minorías crecieron a un ritmo cuatro veces mayor que el de la generalidad de las compañías de los EE.UU., aumentando de 2,1 millones de empresas a cerca de 2,8 millones, según un informe publicado por la Oficina del Censo del Departamento de Comercio.

Catholic Church Losing Members in Tijuana
According to the Mexican statistical institute Inegi (Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Geografía e Informática) the percentage of Tijuana residents that identified themselves as Catholic fell from 90.3% in 1980 to 82.19% in the year 2000.

SBC Communications es Reconocida Como Una de las Mejores Compañías Para la
Mujer Latina por la Revista Latina Style
Por cuarto año consecutivo, SBC Communications Inc. ha sido reconocida por la revista LATINA Style como una de las 50 mejores compañías en ofrecer empleos y oportunidades de avance profesional para la mujer latina en los Estados Unidos.

Study of BC Crime Reveals Serious Problems
A study of crime in Baja California conducted by the Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior (Cetys) revealed a 61.8% increase in vehicle theft over the past three years. Crimes prosecuted at the federal level (drug crimes and others) increased 94%. In 1999 only 7,061 people received a jail sentence for 237,389 crimes.

William Virchis Becomes Sweetwater District's First Director of Visual and
Performing Arts
Renowned artistic director William Virchis is joining the Sweetwater Union High School District as the Director of Visual and Performing Arts.

Por Diego Alvarez
Planeta Caliente
Nuestro planeta se está calentando. Los cambios atmosféricos que han dado como resultado la elevación de la temperatura en nuestra Tierra, tienen su origen en actividades humanas que alteran la composición química de la atmósfera debido a la emisión de gases como dióxido de carbono y gas metano.

Encienda Una Vela
Mons. Jim Lisante
Lo Que en Realidad Valemos
Para la mayoría de la gente el seminario religioso es un misterio. Se sabe que es donde uno va a prepararse para el sacerdocio, pero en general se le desconoce. Pero en realidad no es tan enigmático.

Un Día Lleno de Bendiciones
Por Sergio Nogues
En todo trabajo que realizamos, siempre debemos de reconocer la totalidad de Dios, el cual posee toda la sabiduría para desempeñar toda función. Debemos de eliminar el "yo" personal y elevar nuestro pensamiento a El para que nos indique lo que es correcto hacer. Es necesario reconocer que somos un instrumento de Dios para que el bien se manifieste en todo el mundo a través de nosotros.

How to Obtain a Small Business Loan from ACCION San Diego: A General
Information Session
Oceanside — Tuesday, August 21, and the third Tuesday of every month, at 5:30 pm at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) 1823 Mission Ave. (just East of the 5).

When Teaching Becomes Second Calling
Alberto Ramirez always wanted to become an architect but when he realized he would have to toil away for several years as an architect's apprentice before he would have a chance to practice architecture himself, he changed his plans.

Cuando Enseñar se Convierte en Una Segunda Opción
Alberto Ramirez siempre quizo llegar a ser arquitecto, pero cuando se dió cuenta de que primero tendría que trabajar muy fuerte y por largo tiempo como aprendiz, antes de llegar a ejercer la arquitectura, cambió sus planes.

Move-in Begins at Cuyamaca College's One-Stop Student Center
El Cajon - Delivery trucks have been pulling up to the doors of Cuyamaca College's long-awaited "One-Stop Student Services Center" as faculty and staff move into the $4.5 million facility.

Assistant Directors Training Program Offers Unique Career Opportunity
Sherman Oaks, CA — The Assistant Directors Training Program is now accepting applications for its Class of 2002. Established in 1965, the program is a joint venture of the Directors Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. Each year the program accepts approximately 10 to 25 individuals from among more than 800 applicants.



City/County Redistricting Doomed to Please No One!
Thanks to the results of the 2000 Census, the public is yet again being treated to the decennial spectacle of our elected officials making fools of themselves.

Oportunidad Histórica
Por Julio Cesar Aragón
Ha tan solo menos de un mes para que los presidentes de México y los Estados Unidos sé buelban a reunir ya hay expectativas acerca de la propuesta que expondrá el primer mandatario Mexicano a favor de los compatriotas que viviven indocumentados aquí en los Estados Unidos y como también tratar de hacer de que el flujo de paisanos que quieren venir acá al norte, que sea de una forma legal y sin riesgos de perecer en los desiertos de Arizona y el norte de México.

Stem Cell Grafting for Epilepsy: Clinical Promise and Ethical Concerns
By James Santiago Grisolía, MD
The recent explosion of research on stem cells and neural grafting holds great promise for many neurological conditions, including epilepsy. Potential roles for cell grafting in epilepsy include remodelling dysfunctional neuronal circuits and local delivery of neuromodulatory or neuroprotective factors. While many basic questions remain to be answered, initial human trials are underway in epilepsy as well as Parkinson's, Alzheimers, stroke and other conditions. There is also the question of ethics in regards to the dynamic new field.

Welfare Reform: A New Look
by Sister Kathy Thornton, RSM
August 22 marks the five-year anniversary Clinton's signing of the welfare reform bill. Designed to end "welfare as we know it," the 1996 law had a major impact on people living in poverty, ending their entitlement to government assistance beyond a lifetime five-year limit and putting in place other limitations and sanctions. Many of our nation's Latino residents, particularly those who are recent immigrants, were affected by the new law.

Reforma de la Asistencia Social: Un Nuevo Análisis
Por la Hermana Kathy Thornton, RSM
El 22 de Agosto se celebra el quinto aniversario de la firma de la reforma de la ley de la asistencia social por el Presidente Clinton. La ley de 1996, diseñada para terminar con "la asistencia tal como la conocemos", tuvo un gran impacto en la gente pobre puesto que acabó con su derecho a la asistencia gubernamental después de un plazo de cinco años y, en su lugar, puso otras limitaciones y sanciones. Muchos de los residentes Latinos de nuestra nación, especialmente los inmigrantes recientes, fueron afectados por la nueva ley.

Big Businesss in Education, has a negative affect on Minority students
By Edward M. Olivos, President
During the last six months we have seen an alarming level of discontent among our communities in regards to the educational reforms currently underway in San Diego City Schools (SDCS). Much of the blame is placed on the current Superintendent Alan Bersin, his Chancellor of Education, Anthony Alvarado, and the Board majority of Ed Lopez, Sue Braun, and Ron Ottinger. Specifically, they point to the exclusionary and paternalistic relationships they have with SDCS teachers, community members, parents, and students.

Tezozomoc Speaks...
Ay... ay... ay... Perdón Sarita! Sorry got the dates wrong on your Quinceañera! I should have said it would be on Sábado and not Domingo!... And to all the folks that went on Sunday, Chano says he had plenty of cake to go around plus a few cervezas!! Feliz cumpleaños mi amor. Lydia y Daniel.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Shakira, mujer llena de gracia
Por: Paco Zavala
Indudablemente que después de leer el contenido completo de esta edición de Shakira, mujer llena de gracia, escrita en el idioma español y en el idioma inglés, se encuentra un contenido de una dimensión explosiva, fascinante, arrolladora, humana, espiritual, electrizante y en momentos conmovedora.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
Military Celebration
Watch the excitement of the US Coast Guard as they demonstrate a swimmer search and rescue operation and the Explosive ordinance personnel perform water drops from hovering helicopters at Imperial Beach's Portwood Pier Plaza.

Paul Rodriguez Gets Caught Up in "Rat Race"
Noted comedian and actor Paul Rodriguez is in for a wild ride when he stumbles upon Cuba Gooding, Jr. in the new paramount Pictures' ensemble chase comedy "Rat Race."
Las Vegas casino tycoon Donald Sinclair is determined to keep his wealthiest high rollers happy, so he's concocted a new, quasi-legal sporting event for them to bet on: a human "rat race."

Food Page:

Cookie connoisseurs across the country always agree on one thing. North, south, east or west - from Alaska to Florida and back - Chocolate Chip Cookies win first prize in the cookie popularity contest. An American invention dating to 1930, the famous cookie with its blissful combination of chocolate (and sometimes nuts) in a "crisp on the outside, soft on the inside" buttery dough is everyone's favorite.

San Diego State Football 2001 Season Preview
Aztecs open season August 30 vs. Arizona.
Deep in experience and as talented as any team in the Mountain West Conference, the 2001 Aztecs will be out to prove that sub-.500 campaigns were the exception, not the rule, at San Diego State.

"Path to Glory" to Reopen Forum on August 17th
- When the Forum in Inglewood closed for boxing nearly two years ago, 88-world championship bouts had been contested there in 31 years. On August 17, Thompson Boxing Promotions in association with the World Boxing Hall of Fame will re-open the legendary arena with two California State Championship fights.


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