Volume XXVI Number 32 August 9, 2002

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With Great Expectations and New Initiative, The North County Latinas Association Swear in a New Board of Directors

By America Barcelo Feldman

On July 31st, 2002, the North County Latinas Association (NCLA) welcomed a new board of directors. Since its initiation in 1992, the Association has strived for excellence, by helping to empower the Hispanic community, with major emphasis on helping Latina women develop to the best of their ability.

The new board of directors will continue the development in all aspects of NCLA, with same tenacity and excellence that have characterized this organization, and its members. All members of NCLA are bilingual professional Hispanic women that had achieved excellence in their line of work and are now helping other women do the same.

New board president, Minerva Gonzales.

The president of the Association, Minerva Gonzales, a graduate of UCLA with Master’s degree in Public Administration, has been a member of NCLA for many years, actively contributing to the growth and development of the Association, and benefiting the Hispanic community. She has participated in various projects that directly affect the Hispanic community, such as the Conference “Adelante Mujer””, to empower Latin women, and establishment of Museum for children in Escondido. She has also been in charge of grant and loans program called BECA, for 12 years helping students obtain grants and loans for college.

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Con grandes logros y espectativas dio inicio la nueva dirección de la Asociación De Latinas del Condado Norte
Por America Barcelo Feldman
Con grandes logros en su haber y en busca de superar y abrir nuevas metas la Asociación de Latinas del Condado Norte (North County Latinas Asociation -NCLA-) dio la bienvenidad a su nueva mesa directiva. Desde sus inicios en 1992 hace una década, la asociación renueva cada dos años sus dirigentes, y el pasado 31 de Julio del 2002 se instaló oficialmente en reunión solemne la nueva adminsitración, que continuará con las metas alcanzadas y buscará obtener mayores logros en beneficio de las mujeres de la comunidad hispana del norte de San Diego.

The Los Angeles Latino Film Festival Closes With Announcement of the Desi Arnaz Screenwriter’s Competition Winners!
Elia Esparza & Felipe Marino Tie For Coveted 1st Prize
Hollywood, CA — At a star-studded closing gala for the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF), veteran actor Edward James Olmos, festival chairman; Marlene Dermer, Festival Director; and Harrison Reiner, Founding Director of the Desi Arnaz Memorial Scholarship and Latino Writers Workshop, presented the coveted first prize to native San Diegan, Elia Esparza and Felipe Marino from Los Angeles, for their Latino-themed stories which were deemed “the best” for a motion picture of movie of the week.

President’s Advisory Commission To Decide On Hispanic Education
By Daniel L. Muñoz
President, Alex Gonzalez of California State University, San Marcos, in conjunction with SBC Pacific Bell and the Chamber Foundation Business Roundtable for Education, hosted a welcoming dinner for the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans at the Westgate Hotel Monday August 5, 2002.

Southern Flank — U.S. Latin Interests in Jeopardy While Bush Looks Elsewhere
By Francisco Jose Moreno and Alejandro Eggers Moreno
A basic requirement of war is to secure one’s flanks. While engaging the enemy at the front, one’s sides and rear become vulnerable. This vital military principle is as important today as it has ever been.

Negative Stereotypes Perpetuated in ’90s Coverage of Key Anti-Latino Propositions
“Awash under a brown tide.” “The relentless flow of immigrants.” “Human flows … remaking the face of America.” In the past decade, such deprecating metaphors have permeated media accounts of the growing Latino population in the United States, paving the way for the victories of three state ballot propositions targeting immigrants and Latinos, a UCLA linguist argues in a new book.


Prostate Cancer – A Subject Most Hispanic Males Avoid
But one that needs their full attention
By Victor Menaldo
Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, Director of the National Cancer Institute, was the keynote speaker at a town hall meeting entitled: “The National Commitment to Cancer Research”, held on August 5th at UCSD’s Salk Institute.

Conjoined Twins Separated at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA
Sleep Through the Night Under Sedation
Maria Teresa and Maria de Jesus Quiej Alvarez slept through the night under heavy sedation in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at UCLA’s Mattel Children’s Hospital in Westwood. The conjoined twins, who were separated early Tuesday, Aug. 6, in a 22-hour surgery, remain in critical but stable condition.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Teams With NHMA Physicians, Other Leaders To Convene National Hispanic Health Leadership Summit
SAN ANTONIO, TX – In the first comprehensive look at Hispanic health care in a decade, the National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus will convene a “National Hispanic Health Leadership Summit” in San Antonio Aug. 16-17.

El Congressional Hispanic Caucus se Suma a los Médicos de NHMA Physicians y Otros Líderes Para Convocar la National Hispanic Health Leadership Summit
SAN ANTONIO, TX – En el primer análisis integral de los servicios médicos a los his-panos, la National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) y el Congressional Hispanic Caucus convocarán la “National Hispanic Health Leadership Summit” (Cumbre Nacional de Líderes Hispanos de la Salud) del 16 al 17 de agosto en San Antonio.

El Sierra Club Financia Proyectos Medi-Ambientales de Base Comunitario en México Combatiendo la Contaminación y Mejorando las Condiciones de Vida al Sur de la Frontera
El Sierra Club anunció la semana pasada que financiará proyectos medio-ambientales gestionados por cuatro grupos de base comunitarios mexicanos. Los proyectos elegidos para recibir ayuda financiera están dedicados a combatir la contaminación y a mejorar las condiciones laborales y de vida de las comunidades de la frontera.

NSBA Hails Court Ruling That Vouchers are Unconstitutional;
State Constitutions Remain Likely Impediment to Voucher Spread
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Aug. 5 — Today’s ruling by a Florida Circuit Court that the state’s voucher program violates the state constitution is a clear reminder of the countless problems that continue to plague vouchers, according to the National School Boards Association.

U.S. Latino Population Growth Extends Far Beyond Established Hubs,
Center Cities; Study Reveals New Geography of Latinos in America
WASHINGTON — A new study by the Brookings Institution Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy and the Pew Hispanic Center shows how the rapid growth of America’s Hispanic population has played out among the cities and suburbs of the 100 largest metropolitan areas. The study, “Latino Growth in Metropolitan America: Changing Patterns, New Locations,” co-authored by Roberto Suro of the Pew Hispanic Center and Audrey Singer of Brookings, confirms the wide distribution of Latino growth in the 1990s, but reveals deep variations in the rate and location of that growth among cities. The report also confirms that by 2000, the majority of Latinos live in the suburbs. The report’s key findings are:

Spanish-Speaking Citizens Can Now Register to Vote On-line
Capitol Advantage, a global leader of Internet-based political tools and services, last week made Voter Registration in Spanish available to the sites of the nearly 1,000 associations, corporations, unions, and media organizations that currently rely on the company’s flagship service, CapWiz, to energize their online civic awareness and advocacy efforts.

Paige Anuncia el Nuevo Programa
“Que Ningún Niño Se Quede Atrás-Escuelas Premiadas”
El Secretario de Educación de los Estados Unidos Rod Paige dio a conocer que las escuelas escogidas específicamente para recibir honores nacionales reflejarán a partir de ahora los objetivos de requisitos mínimos rigurosos y la obligación de rendir cuentas los cuales forman parte íntegra de las nuevas reformas educativas nacionales.

Por Diego Alvarez
Que los hispanos somos el grupo minoritario en mayor crecimiento en el país es cierto. Pero este único hecho no es lo que garantizará que tendremos un futuro mejor en los Estados Unidos.

California State Assembly Unanimously Passes Bogh’s Resolution to Honor Medal of Honor Recipients
SACRAMENTO — The Assembly honored Medal of Honor Recipients with the passage of Assembly Concurrent Resolution 233. The measure passed unanimously.

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management; New Course Offered at Grossmont College
EL CAJON - Grossmont College announces a new hospitality and tourism management program designed for individuals interested in pursing careers in San Diego’s third largest industry. The introductory three-unit course is Business 158, which provides an overview of the travel industry. It begins August 29 and will be held Thursday 7 p.m. – 9:50 p.m., through December 19.

Ford ASSET students revved up for graduation Cuyamaca auto program graduates seventh class; slots still open for next class
EL CAJON - Thirteen students in the automotive technology program at Cuyamaca College will put their careers into high gear by graduating from the Ford ASSET (Automotive Student Service Educational Training) program. The commencement marks the 14th anniversary of the two-year program at the campus and the graduation of the seventh class of ASSET students.

Chula Vista Seeks Volunteers For General Plan Update Steering Committee
The City of Chula Vista is updating its General Plan to set the course for all growth, development and community planning during the next 20 years. To help guide and assist in this effort, the City Council has authorized the formation of a General Plan Steering Committee and three Subcommittees. The City is currently seeking qualified individuals to fill eight positions on the Steering Committee.

Parks and Recreation Services Safety Tips For Preventing Childhood Drowning
Oceanside enjoys a moderate, coastal climate, where the warmth of the sun is a regular occurrence, and participation in water activities occurs year-round. However, as summer heats up there is an increased interest and excitement in the water by everyone including young children.

Encienda Una Vela
Mons. Jim Lisante
Los Escándalos: ¿De Aquí Hacia Dónde Vamos?
Mucho se escribe sobre los escándalos de la iglesia, pero quisiera observar el tema más de cerca, y sugerir algunos pasos hacia la esperanza en medio del dolor.

Simon’s Drive for Hispanic Voters Sputtering
Not long ago, in the middle of a summer heat wave, someone in the Republican brain trust came up with the bright idea that California’s Governor Gray Davis could be defeated in his bid for reelection if the large Mexican American-Hispanic vote could be stripped away from him. It wasn’t exactly news, except perhaps to Governor Davis, that large numbers of this voter-rich segment, who traditionally voted the Democratic ticket, were dissatisfied with his leadership and his failure to heed their concerns on issues that they perceived as vital to their social, economic, and political interests.

Chismes de mi Gallinero:
Corporate Piracy — Chicano-Style
By: Julio C. Calderón
It may seem frivolous to compare the piracy of the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) to how the big boys do it on Wall Street. However, it seems appropriate in these times of corporate corruption to expose this act of piracy at the hands of past MAPA State President Gloria Torres and past First Vice President Steve Figueroa.

Uninsured Latinos Fall Through The Health-Care Gap
By Ramon Castellblanch
Here’s a startling statistic: Each year, 18,000 people in the United States die prematurely from lack of health insurance, according to a recent study by the Institute of Medicine. Uninsured adults with diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure or mental illness are much worse off than their insured counterparts. And even when the uninsured get care, it is often substandard, the institute found.

The Big Lie About City Schools
By Mike MacCarthy
It is interesting how San Diego City Schools (SDCS) is being touted across this country as a major success! For example, in the 7/30/02 issue of The New York Times they published a story (“Hoping an Outsider Plus a Bottom-Line Approach Equals Reform”) about how the mayor of New York City went about choosing the new Superintendent of Schools to deal with the failure of their school system. In the Times article, the reporter wrote: “In contrast, one of the school systems that has done best academically is San Diego. There, the secret of success is not mayoral control but a powerful combination of a tough administrator—Alan D. Bersin, a former prosecutor—and a talented educator—Anthony J. Alvarado, who made District 2 in Manhattan one of New York City’s most successful districts, luring middle-class parents back to schools they had abandoned.”

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“Day of Absence” Y “The Blues”
Por Claudia Hernández
El Community Actors Theatre presenta dos comedias de un acto “Day of Absence” escrita por Douglas Turner y dirigida por Eva Jones, así como “The Blues” dirigida por Jennie Hamilton.

Reseña de la Pelicula
“Lucia y el Sexo”
Por Claudia Hernández
Sin duda el equilibrio y la armonía en un ser humano determina el curso de su desarrollo como tal, no obstante, el mantener la congruencia temporal y espacial a través de nuestros actos es sin duda una perenne lucha a lo largo de nuestra vida. De dicha batalla, por conseguir satisfacciones desprendidas de nuestro ejercicio como seres pensantes surge el arte, el cual para expresar lo que la inspiración crea, hecha mano de herramientas que en conjunto con la razón, nos permitan digerir el ingenio y nos permitan transformarlo en algo visual, sonoro o tangible.

Arinda Caballero, Intérprete de Jazz y Blues, Canta su Tijuana Blue’s
Por: Paco Zavala
Poseedora de una técnica vocal depurada en el género del jazz y del blues, artista multidisciplinaria es Arinda Caballero en Música, Teatro, Danza y Artes Plásticas. Con su extraordinaria voz da vida a trece temas en este CD que se títula “Océano” y en el que incluye Tijuana Blue’s de su propia inspiración y de Ada Brown.

Luis Fonsi: Fight The Felling
By: Pablo De Sainz
It’s starting to get old: A Spanish-Language singer translates the lyrics into English, dyes his or her hair blonde, and comes out with a really a bad album. Ricky Martin did it. So did Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, and Paulina Rubio.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Todavía hoy día existen muchas cosas en las cuales creer y en las que no se cree en absoluto. Uno de los temas que ha tomado mucho auge en la actualidad es el de la existencia de los angeles. Sobre este tema existen miles de puntos de vista y de opiniones diversas.

Calendar of Events . . .
by Berenice Cisneros
Friendship Park
Roberto Limón, an internationally-known guitarist, will present a FREE concert on August 14 in Friendship Park at 6 p.m. He will perform the Concerto for Classical Guitar and Jazz Trio by the French composer Claude Bolling. The park is located at Fourth and F St., next to the Civic Center Branch Library. For further information call 691-5161.

Spirit To Wrap Up Disappointing Season Sunday
By John Philip Wyllie
The San Diego Spirit is fortunate to play its soccer in an ideal stadium perfectly situated in a scenic spot overlooking America’s finest city. Unlike the majority of the WUSA teams that swelter under miserably hot and humid East Coast conditions, the Spirit has the luxury of playing its home games in the mild weather that San Diego is noted for. Its roster includes five of the best players in the world, players that starred in the historic 1999 Women’s World Cup. Among them is the U.S. national team captain, Julie Foudy. Spirit fans are considered to be the most enthusiastic and loyal in the league. Yes, the Spirit has just about everything going for it. Well, almost everything.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
A Day of Failure and Triumph For Silveti
I have, at times, been criticized for stating that David Silveti is the finest Mexican torero that I have ever seen. And, that’s going up against some pretty fine toreros, people like Manolo Martinez, Jorge Gutierrez, Manuel Capetillo, Rafael Rodriguez … the list goes on.

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