August 6, 2004

Mitch Beauchamp Announces Commitment to Run for Third Term

Former two-term National City Councilman Mitch Beauchamp has announced his decision to run for a third term as a City Councilman representing the residents of National City.

“I have reviewed the pro-gress that I have made as a former Councilman, working with the Mayor and other Council Members, as well as other regional leaders and business people. There has been a lot accomplished, but several significant projects for National City and the region need to be completed. Many community leaders have asked me to run for the Council position once again, so I have decided to ask the voters of National City to consider having me represent them for another four years” said Beauchamp.

Beauchamp, a 58-year native of National City, resides in the Olivewood Terrace section of town with his wife of 35-years, Martha Marie.

During the two years Beauchamp has been away from his city council position, he has been involved with opening Sweetwater Reservoir to public fishing while protecting water quality of this main source of drinking water to National City, as well as the opening of Well #4 in the El Toyon area that provides an additional, independent source of water to National City residents. He was also the general manager of the Mexican railroad, Ferrocarriles Peninsulares del Noroeste in Tijuana.

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