August 6, 2004

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Barack Obama’s Speech Disrespectful

We considered Obama’s statements (during the Democratic National Convention) regarding Mexicans and Latinos negative and not at all flattering. He was not being inclusive when he said it is not a Latino America or Asian America... he was speaking “MELTING POT”. Doesn’t he realize that battle and controversy is “tiempos pasados”? Chicanos are getting fed up with the lack of disrespect the DNC is demonstrating towards our Chicano voters. Why do Kerry and Edwards think California Chicanos are a “lay down vote”? We don’t give up our vote that easy...we’ll vote against you or not at all if you continue to disrespect and ignore us.

We’re not talking about the Monolingual Spanish speaking Immigrant voter who will vote Nader for a Driver’s License or Bush because they are homophonic. The word is out on the street. It’s the Chicano vote that is undecided. Each day the choice becomes more clear the DNC has taken away our political voice but the DNC won’t necessarily “take our votes!”

We’ve already taken our own internal poll and we can save you the time and money of wasting ad revenue on the Spanish only Media to ask for the Latino vote. Like President Bush said to paraphrase him “What has the DNC done for us (Chicanos) lately?

Gov. Arnold is calling our California Democratic leaders “Girly Men” maybe he’s right. Chicanos have a word for that too...”Chavalas” Kerry and Edwards also ignore our Chicanos. They never even came to the Democratic Convention, we were there and Dennis Kucinich too. Where were the other Democratic Candidates for President? Obviously too busy to make an appearance in San Jose, California.

Heads up DNC there is a Latino who is actively listening and speaking up for Urban Chicanos. His name is Peter Camejo. Our vote matters. So many “politicos” see our Chicano youth as the “throw away generation”. Flashing a few strategically placed Latinos and Latinas on stage for a Kerry photo op is insulting. It smacks of “ seen and not heard. Rev. Al Sharpton monopolized the time reserved for others.

Dennis Kucinich was the only real Democratic Candidate for the people. He has a grassroots movement that includes Chicanos, Progressives and Greens. Dennis Kucinich was silenced on prime time because the “African American voices were screaming their gospel message and telling the world their “black” vote is not for sale. Chicanos will paint the white house brown by 2020. This year 2004 we will show by our votes “ that we will be heard even if it means “spoiling the DNC agenda.”

There is a saying where I come from “with friends like the DNC...Chicanos don’t have to look far to see the enemy within!” Obama left many in our community thinking he was “Afro-Centric” but from the other side of his mouth he preached a United States of America.

So before you all go and make him the “future first African American President” We think he has to look at our Mexican American ever growing numbers. The history and contributions of Chicanos, Mexicanos and Latinos is a glimpse at the radical new movimiento to come. Dolores Huerta doesn’t represent Urban Chicano issues. We’re not all working for minimum wage. We’re not not all campesinos or immigrants. It’s the technology generation and we can VOICE our opinions in two very powerful ways...our ballots and in “Chicano Cyberspace”. Wake up DNC and address our issues now...there is less than 100 days. How many days have you scheduled for California Chicano parents? Our children are the majority of students in California.

Benjamin Francisco Hernandez
Padres Unidos De California

The Bush War Immoral

In my opinion, I believe Mr. Bush betrayed the nation when he shamelessly misled us about the reasons for the immoral and illegal war in Iraq. At the same time, despite the fact that Mr. Bush has a Mexican sister-in-law, immigration raids terrorize our communities while our sons and daughters fight overseas.

For all practical purposes, Mr. Kerry gave his approval for the war in Iraq. I believe that he, like many others, was deceived by Mr. Bush. Mr. Bush plays with our patriotism and our fear of terrible terrorist threats. Even more unethical is the way Mr. Bush manipulates the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Wise men learn from their mistakes and Mr. Kerry has learned. Mr. Bush, on the other hand, has not. He continues to defend the occupation of Iraq at the cost of over 900 young American lives, many of them Latinos who do not enjoy U.S. citizenship.

But I agree with those who say that Kerry has yet to clarify his position with regard to Iraq. It is very important, especially for military families that he spells out his position once and for all as to whether or not he supports this war.

If he does not support it, he must speak specifically about the conditions under which it can be ended. He must support the immediate return of our troops, and he must begin a real humanitarian reconstruction of Iraq.

In his speech accepting the nomination of the Democratic Party, Mr. Kerry was very explicit on a number of topics such as health care and jobs but in my opinion he was not explicit enough on the most important issue—the war in Iraq. He had little to say about the war and what he did say was imprecise. He did not offer a clear and timely solution.

He did, however, repeat his call for more troops to be sent to various fronts. Here Mr. Kerry runs a great risk. Because if he continues to speak of troop increases he will lose the historic opportunity to move our nation towards real peace and justice, something that all Americans are demanding everyday from Mr. Bush. It would be a great loss if Mr. Kerry were to win the presidency only to face the people’s displeasure as they take once more to the streets to demand the return of our troops and the end of useless and genocidal wars.

Having said this, we must watch carefully what transpires and not forget that our most important goal is to put an end to Mr. Bush’s destructive ways by removing him from the White House.

En lo personal. siento que el Sr. Bush traiciono a USA al mentirnos descaradamente sobre la guerra inmoral e ilegal en Irak. por otro lado, Bush, en efecto ,tiene una cuñada Mexicana, pero no por eso lo hace ser amnte de nosotros los Latinos, ya ven las redadas de la Migra aterrorizando a nuestras comunidades, mientras sus hijos Latinos, luchan en Irak.

En efecto, el Sr. Kerry dio su aprobacion a la Guerra en Irak, siento, que como muchos, también fue engañado por Bush, cuando él, juega con los sentimientos de patriotismo y miedo del pueblo, ante las terribles amenazas terroristas, y más aún, en forma por demás inmoral Bush juega con la tragedia de Sep/11, pero es de sabios corregir, y Kerry corrigió, mas no así Bush, quien continúa aferrado a continuar la ocupación en Irak, aún a costa de más de 900 vidas de mujeres y hombres americanos, muchos de ellos latinos sin ser ciudadanos.

Pero también estoy de acuerdo que Kerry, no ha demostrado con claridad, cual es su posición ante este gran conflicto que es Irak. y es muy importante, para las familias de militares, como para la comunidad en general, que de una vez por todas se defina, apoya o no la guerra.

Si no la apoya, que en su discurso sea más claro al referirse sobre las condiciones de terminar esa inmoral ocupación y genocidio, es importante que se manifieste a favor del regreso de nuestras tropas. y empezar verdaderamente una reconstrucción humanitaria en Irak.

El Sr. Kerry, en su discurso de aceptación en la reciente convención Demócrata, fue muy claro en muchos temas importantes, como salud, trabajo, pero, a mi parecer, fue muy corto al referirse al tema más importante actualmente, la guerra en Irak, fueron muy pocas las palabras que utilizó al tema, y esas no fueron muy claras, no dio, con claridad, una solución pronta, más sin embargo, dejó entrever la necesidad de más tropas en los frentes de combate. Con esto, el Sr. Kerry pudiera estar entre la espada y la pared, ya que si continua con ese discurso de más tropas, irá perdiendo su oportunidad histórica de darle al país, una real restructuracion hacia la paz y la justicia, temas que toda la población en general está demandando día a día, en las calles al presidente Bush, y sería algo realmente triste, que el Sr. Kerry ganara la presidencia, y el pueblo empezara, una vez más, a protestar y demandarle el regreso de nuestras tropas y el fin de las absurdas y genocidias guerras.

Pero aún así, todos estaremos muy atentos a los acontecimientos por venir, y lo más importante es, que Bush no continue en la Casa Blanca, destruyendo esta gran nación y matando a nuestros hijos.

Fam. Suarez del Solar

Better to invest in America, than a few

While MSNBC claims Kerry’s plan will result in the same deficit in 10 years as Bush’s plan, consider this: compare the “bottom line.” Bush’s spending spree has brought us; war, joblessness, increased poverty, and squandering of the Clinton surplus. The promise of a Kerry-Edwards plan: a stronger, world respected, prosperous America.

Kerry’s “deficit” will provide for the national security by recruiting 40K more troops and reauthorizing the “more cops on the street” program he pushed during his senate watch. His “spending “ will improve the learning potential of all our children by reducing classroom size, reauthorizing headstart, before and after school programs and creating tax credits for those students have the will and grades to go on to college, so that truly no child will ever be left behind. He’ll save social security by believing and investing in America, so that she may always remain strong, not requiring its citizens to invest their hard earned money hopes and dreams in some multi-global corporations whims. He’ll reform healthcare, so that all Americans can receive the care they deserve, and save billions by preventing catastrophic illness because all citizens will have access to PREVENTIVE medical care. His plan will create millions of jobs by investing in technology and science, renewable sources of energy so no longer will we have to send our soldiers to defend foreign oil interests.

Kerry will PROVIDE tax cuts for 98% of the hard working Americans by rolling BACK Bush’s tax breaks for the top 2% of Americans and ending corporate welfare.

My tax dollars are better invested in America, than in the pockets of the few. Bush’s RED INK supports carpet-baggers like Enron, Haliburton, Kellogg-Root-Brown, and others. Bush’s policies will continue to ripping off Americans to benefit the few, leaving nothing to show for the sweat of all the citizens who’ll have to work the next 10 years in order to pay for Bush’s tax break.  It’s clear: the Kerry-Edwards plan benefits all, because prosperous Americans will result in a stronger America.

Maria Garcia-Eggly

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