Volume XXVIII Number 31 August 6, 2004

FrontPage Stories

Candidate for San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre of Perseverance and Patience

By Perlita R. Dicochea

A large black and white photo of Robert Kennedy strolling along an Oregon beach hangs in the entrance hallway of Mike Aguirre’s Hillcrest home. The U.S. Constitution is framed next to a window in his office. Stacks of videos and books Aguirre studies include biographies of FDR. These items frame Aguirre’s political inspirations and represent his long-time commitment to issues of social justice.

Mike Aguirre at home with his daughter Emilie and son Arthur.

While an undergrad at Arizona State University, where he studied political science 6-8 hours a day, Aguirre’s introduction to the ideals of American democratic governance was as a volunteer for Robert Kennedy’s campaign. He was also active in the effort to increase Native American enrollment at ASU. By the time Aguirre entered UC Berkeley’s Boalt School of Law, ideas of social justice were already at the forefront of his career decisions and community activism.

“As a result of the civil rights movement and the movements of the 60s, people became more aware of the injustices in the system. People were willing to do something about those injustices. The values of many students changed. Going to college was not just about making money, it was about change,” Aguirre said.

He recalls in a calm and matter-of-fact tone, “Also, with the war in Vietnam, much like Iraq, no one had a clear idea what we were doing. We were at war with the communists but on behalf of who?”

One critical outcome of the questioning of the Vietnam War and domestic inequalities was the effort to connect the interests of American people, or the masses, to governmental processes – “and that’s what Robert Kennedy was trying to do,” Aguirre explains.

The ideology of social justice globally and locally became the backbone for his exceptional career as an attorney – which involves 30 years as a federal prosecutor, fraud victim trial attorney, municipal law expert, and U.S. Senate investigator and public interest lawyer. Aguirre was also involved in the redistricting of the San Diego School District, which facilitated more fair representation of Latina/o communities.

Nice Words About Immigrants, But Where’s The Bill?
By Roberto Lovato
BOSTON — An adoring crowd of Latino Caucus members rousingly greeted Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of presidential hopeful John Kerry, at the Sheraton the morning of July 28. Fresh on the heels of her multilingual debut at the Democratic Convention the previous night, Heinz Kerry came prepared with a tried and true trope of Latino politics: immigration.

Por Eduardo Stanley
FRESNO, CA-- Unas 300 personas marcharon tres millas (aproximadamente 4.5 kilómetros) bajo el duro calor del Valle Central el domingo 1ro. de agosto. ¿El objetivo? Presionar a congresistas federales de Estados Unidos para que aprueben dos propuestas de ley que favorecerían la obtención de residencia legal a miles de campesinos en el país, en su mayoría de origen mexicano.

Notas de la ciudad de Tijuana
El proceso de las elecciones
Por Paco Zavala
Nuestra ciudad de Tijuana pasa por un proceso democrático sin precedentes. El pasado domingo 1 de agosto se realizaron las elecciones para elegir al munícipe que tomará el timón en la administración pública de la ciudad a partir del próximo 1 de diciembre. Los resultados de las elecciones fueron desastrosos para el partido en el poder, ¿Qué pasó? Simple y sencillamente el Partido Revolucionario Institucional, tal parece que hizo uso de todas sus argucias y triquiñuelas y ganó.

México del Norte
Jorge Mújica
Cables cruzados
Sin duda la política es cosa curiosa. Hay días sin una sola nota que permita sacar a algún político a balcón. Pero como recompensa, a veces llegan cuatro juntas. Esos días y los de quincena, hacen nuestra delicia.


La UC Ofrecerá Admisión a los Estudiantes Elegibles de Primer Año Que Fueron Diferidos a los Colegios Comunitarios
La Universidad de California le ofrecerá admisión a los estudiantes de primer año que llenaban todos los requisitos de admisión (elegibles) y que este año inicialmente fueron diferidos a los colegios comunitarios. Esto se ha podido hacer gracias al acuerdo presupuestal del estado que ya ha sido aprobado por la legislatura y ahora espera la firma del gobernador. La asamblea aprobó el presupuesto el pasado miércoles y el senado lo aprobó el 29 de julio.

UC Offers 2004-05 Freshman Admission to Applicants Previously Admitted with a Guaranteed Transfer Option (GTO)
Thanks to a budget agreement announced by legislative leaders and the governor, the University of California will offer freshman admission to UC-eligible freshman applicants who initially were referred to community colleges this year.

13th Annual National City Auto Heritage Day Celebrated
The blue sky at the 13th annual National City Automobile Heritage Day last Sunday matched the ’56 Buick Imperial’s paint job, with white clouds for the trim. The car show has always been a favorite summer event and this year’s show did not disappoint. It started off, as it always does, with a mile long serpent of autos snaking through town on a seven-mile series of loops. The parade eventually finished up at Kimball Park. Chairperson of the show’s organizing committee Patti Finnegan, reported over 320 entrants registered for the event.

Por German Velasco
Los Pesticidas y su Familia Peligrosa Combinación
Para deshacernos de los molestosos insectos y malas hierbas, los estadounidenses usamos más de 120 millones de libras de pesticidas cada año en nuestros hogares. Los pesticidas pueden ser una herramienta efectiva para controlar algunas plagas comunes en nuestras casas, como cucarachas o roedores. Sin embargo, así como los pesticidas han sido diseñados para matar a las plagas, asimismo pueden ocasionar daño a otras criaturas vivientes - incluyendo a la gente. ¿Quiénes están en mayor riesgo? Los niños.

Madre Con Tres Hijos Enfermos de Distrofia Muscular Encuentra un Futuro con Esperanza
Dos de los seis hijos de María Aragón han sobrevivido a pesar de todas las probabilidades contra ellos. Pero hay un tercero que se espera ver si puede salir adelante.

CDC Internships Give Hispanic Students a Healthy Dose of Experience
HSHPS Program Augments Classroom Learning With Real-Life Lessons in Public Health
WASHINGTON, DC - As long as he can remember, 23-year-old Robert Martinez has always wanted to be a doctor - a career choice that surprised his family in El Paso, TX, many of whom opted to head into more familiar terrain: the military.

The Political Voice Of Generation X
In a recent survey of 2,640 young Latinos age 18 to 34, conducted by Terra.com, 90.8 percent believe that the Hispanic vote is critical in this election year. On the heels of the much anticipated Democratic Convention, both presidential candidates have done their share of campaigning to this influential segment by making appearances to key Hispanic civil rights groups and spending large amounts of money on Spanish-language advertising.

Mitch Beauchamp Announces Commitment to Run for Third Term
Former two-term National City Councilman Mitch Beauchamp has announced his decision to run for a third term as a City Councilman representing the residents of National City.

Latino Coalition Announce Major Party for President Bush
San Diego: The Latino Coalition for President George W. Bush announced today that they will be holding a major Barbecue party this Saturday August 7, 2004, at the Kansas City Barbecue, 601 West Market Street San Diego from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Ixchel Ahau
Como Vivir un Gran Amor
Por Diana Gomez
Seguimos hablando sobre el amor, tema inacabable. Este taller por Horacio Valsecia (psicólogo Argentino) nos da una guía para trabajar con nuestra pareja:


Sweetwater Unified School District Out of Compliance and Control
In November 2000 the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) went before the voters of the South Bay and asked them to approve Prop. BB, a $187 million dollar bond to fund specific improvements that would ensure safe, healthy and adequate conditions conducive towards educating our children in our public schools. In general the outlined needs included: Replacing and or repairing electrical and plumbing systems, broken sewage and drainage pipes, inadequate ventilation and heating systems and classroom spaces poorly configured, as well as building classrooms necessary to provide technological-intensive systems to our students. The Board of Trustees and their Superintendent have failed in their responsibility to ensure that Prop. BB funds were spent as approved by the voters!

Vieques: Paradise Lost
By Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.
August 03, 2004 — For most Americans, the issue of the U.S. Naval bombing range on the island of Vieques, off the coast of Puerto Rico, is one that was resolved a few years ago when the United States Navy closed its base there after six decades of bombing and other military operations. For the people who live there, the bombing has stopped but, the dying and disease have continued.

Less than Three Months to Solidify the Hispanic Vote
By Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
With less than three months to go until the elections, Latino voters constitute one of the most coveted voting blocs in 2004. While polls show most voters have already decided who they will cast their votes for, Hispanics stand out as one of the few groups of voters that remain up for grabs. With so few undecided voters in America and so many of them Hispanic, it is safe to say that the outcome of the 2004 elections will hinge on each party’s ability to attract Hispanic voters to their candidates and their causes and then mobilize them on November 2nd.

Menos de Tres Meses Para Atraer el Voto Hispano
Por Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Con menos de tres meses hasta las elecciones, los votantes latinos constituyen uno de los bloques de votantes más codiciados en 2004. Aunque los sondeos muestran que la mayoría de los votantes en el país ya han decidido por quién van a votar, hispanos se destacan por poseer votos que siguen disputados. Con tan pocos votantes indecisos y tantos de ellos siendo hispanos, vale decir que los resultados de las elecciones del 2004 serán determinados por la habilidad de los partidos de atraer votantes hispanos a sus candidatos y sus causas y luego movilizarlos el 2 de noviembre.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Barack Obama’s Speech Disrespectful
We considered Obama’s statements (during the Democratic National Convention) regarding Mexicans and Latinos negative and not at all flattering. He was not being inclusive when he said it is not a Latino America or Asian America... he was speaking “MELTING POT”. Doesn’t he realize that battle and controversy is “tiempos pasados”? Chicanos are getting fed up with the lack of disrespect the DNC is demonstrating towards our Chicano voters. Why do Kerry and Edwards think California Chicanos are a “lay down vote”? We don’t give up our vote that easy...we’ll vote against you or not at all if you continue to disrespect and ignore us.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Alejandro Fernández enfrenta los rumores de su vida privada
El cantante lanza un comunicado a la prensa aclarando su situación
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Pocas veces los artistas deciden aclarar o desmentir los rumores que escribe la prensa del corazón. Esta vez, Alejandro Fernández decidió establecer donde está su situación sentimental en este momento.

National Tejano Music Convention & Revue Slated for Las Vegas
LAS VEGAS, NV — The National Tejano Music Convention & Vegas Revue is scheduled for August 13-15, at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over 2,500 delegates will be in attendance.

Cambiando estrategias
Tom Cruise busca los mejores personajes en el tercer acto de su carrera
By Jose Daniel Bort
El actor Tom Cruise ha sido “el muchacho de la película” desde que estrenó Top Gun en 1986. Con la excepción de Magnolia (una película sin protagonista aparente), Cruise ha tenido el personaje principal en cada una de las 23 películas en las que ha participado. Todo esto cambia en “Collateral”, su nuevo estreno, dirigida por el cineasta Michael Mann.

Pisando las puertas de Hollywood
Después de su nominación al Oscar, Javier Bardem se estrena en la escena americana
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Es quizás el actor más respetado de España, consolidando su carrera con grandes éxitos de la crítica y el público. Es uno de los actores favoritos de Almodóvar, Amenabar y Bigas Luna, quizás los mejores directores del cine hispánico. Pero le tomó tres años a Javier Bardem para capitalizar su nominación al Oscar por la película “Antes de que anochezca”.

Museum of Man Unveils New Exhibit Focusing on Pivatol Role of Weapons Throughout History
The historic and symbolic role of weapons from around the globe will be examined in the San Diego Museum of Man’s new exhibit, “Weapons of the World: Art, Technology & Symbolism,” opening Saturday, Aug. 7 and continuing through May 2005.

Calendar of Events....
By Berenice Cisneros
Street Scene in San Diego
** Featuring Jack Johnson, The Foo Fighters, Ludacris, and The Marley Family, for Street Scene’s 20th Anniversary celebration on August 27th and 28th next to downtown San Diego’s Petco Park in the Ballpark District & East Village.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
La mujer, siempre la mujer, icono representativo del género humano sobre la faz de la tierra, será objeto de un homenaje al participar en el Certamen Señora Mundo 2004. Este evento se realizará el próximo 24 de septiembre de 2004 a las 8:00 pm. en el Hotel Camino Real. Para participar en este concurso de belleza, hay que ser: ama de casa, ejecutiva, profesionista o empresaria; tener un mínimo de estatura de 1.57 mts. y contar con una excelente imagen. El concurso está dividido en dos categorías. En la categoría A: Participarán damas de 24 a 34 años de edad y en la categoría B: podrán participar damas de 35 a 45 años de edad.

La Seleccion Femenil a Longshot at Summer Olympics
By John Philip Wyllie
The road to Olympic Gold couldn’t be much tougher for Mexico’s women’s soccer team. They open on August 14 (8:00 a.m. P.S.T.) with powerful China, the runners-up in the 1999 World Cup and then play current World Cup Champion Germany on August 17 (8:00 a.m. PST). They are given virtually no chance of advancing out of their three-team group by most experts, but those same experts never expected the Tricolores to even qualify for the tournament. Despite the long odds, the players are staying focused and positive.

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