August 5, 2005

In one corner it is Donna Frye, in the other, Jerry Sanders, and both came out swinging. It really wasn’t a fair fight. The former leader of La Placa, Sanders, took the first swing at La Jefita of the Surfers, calling Frye an insider. Dahhhhh, she is a Councilwoman, you know! Then Sanders, who must be reading La Prensa San Diego, followed this with what he thought was a real blow to Donna Frye, he told the world, that he had been named “Chairman” for the Chicano Federation’s annual Mamada …i.e. fund raiser! This of course had more to say about where the so called Chicano Federation is at, than about Ex-Police Chief Sanders ability to get Chicano Votes.

Noted in passing that Tina de Baca, i.e. the servant of the people, adamantly opposed the Chicano Federation appointing of Ex-Police Chief Sanders, whose tour as Chief of police didn’t exactly earn him any Kudos from the Mexican American neighborhoods. Especially from La Gente of San Ysidro, who paid the price of Chief Sanders ignoring their needs for a well funded and supplied police station in their border area. The Mothers and Fathers and families paid a heavy price for his inept handling of the SDPD during the massacre at the McDonalds Restaurant in San Ysidro.

Donna Frye’s people hit back by reminding the Mexican American community that Chief Sanders made a statement that when he was in charge of the San Diego Police that they worked hand-in-hand with the Border Patrol! This in spite of orders from the United States Attorney General that local police had no authority to enforce Federal Law!

From Congressman Cunningham’s turf: Seems a group of Encinitas citizens want to subsidize a private business, by pushing a ballot measure to rebuild the Ecke Ranch. And we quote: “Passage of this measure would provide the Ecke family with the resources they need to modernize their flower-growing facilities so they can continue to be successful in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.” Funny thing about this Ecke proposal/bond is that one of the committee members for this group is the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals??? I guess they don’t care that this tax will impact on their poor Gente that live in the area. How come these guys don’t get on board with something more worthwhile like building homes for the poor (local and migrant workers) who toil in the fields of North County for peanuts??

In case you missed it, Tijuana’s City Fathers recently passed a proposal to make it legal for massage parlors, in that city, to engage in sex with their customers. Nothing like cleaning up your image as a city.

El Editor de La Prensa San Diego was invited by Rocky Galgano to tape a documentary on Border and Immigration issues. Also invited for the documentary was Raoul Lowery Contreras; he and Rocky didn’t seem to hit it off very well. Also present was Enrique Morones, who while waiting his turn was confronted by Jim Chase, who is leading the Border Watch in Campo. Upon seeing Morones, he went ballistic and ended up threatening to kill Morones. Here we were informed that these Right-wing whackos were not allowed to be armed!

Pregunta...What’s going on with Luis Acle? First he bamboozles the voters to elect him to the San Diego Unified School District Board of Trustees. He promised an Open Election of the next Superintendent… His seat on the Board wasn’t yet warm when he, and the remaining Right Wingers on the Board, betrayed the citizens who fought so hard to remove Bersin, and went ahead and selected the next Superintendent in SECRET. Now he wants to run for Councilman in the 8th District without resigning his seat on the School Board, i.e. he wants to run without any risk! Come on Luis, you are a hard core Right Winger and you want to represent a District that has a Mexican American/Latino majority? Fooled me once, but, not twice!

Close this week’s rantings with a question: Why hasn’t the City Manager been fired? He is as responsible for the financial mess the City is in as the Mayor! Somebody better be keeping watch on the City Treasury!

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