Volume XXIV Number 31~ August 4, 2000

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Secretary of The Army Louis Caldera Reaches out To Mexican Americans -Latinos

The Patriotism of Latinos, Mexicanos, Hispanos is
no different in kind from that of Germans, Irishmen,
Englishmen, African American, Russian or any other
of the many nationalities and races that make up
America. Our Nationalism however is intertwined
with concepts of family, custom and historicity


By Daniel Muñoz
Staff La Prensa San Diego

It was a typical San Diego afternoon in the middle of July. Driving to the entranceway of San Diego Hyatt Regency, on the Bay. It was soon apparent that this was not going to be your every day kind of interview. Louis Caldera, Secretary of the United States Army, was not one that would be allowed to travel incognito. This was obvious walking into the main lobby, with the sharply dressed Agents standing at the ready, scrutinizing all who walked into the lobby.

Secretary of the Army, Louis Caldera.

Being the only Chicano a lobby full of White Anglo tourist a twinge of apprehension aroused within me as the Agent quickly spoke into his cell phone. Two or three other `suits' approached. He smiled and motioned me towards the escalator. Camera in hand and tape recorder ready, I arrived at the 3rd floor only to be accosted by another Secret Agent and taken to a uniform Army Officer. Arm

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New Culture Wars — Struggling to Unite, Not Divide

By Emil Guillermo
PHILADELPHIA — On the floor of the GOP convention, Senator Trent Lott, one of Wednesday night's key speakers, looked down on me and said with a straight face, "There is no cultural war here."

UFW: Should W. be compared to Cesar Chavez with $3.35 Texas farm worker
minimum wage?
August 3, 2000-With George P. Bush—the Texas governor's half-Latino nephew—set to address the Republican National Convention this evening, Cesar Chavez's successor as United Farm Workers president questioned whether the GOP presidential candidate should be compared with the legendary farm labor leader. At a rally welcoming George W. Bush to Philadelphia on Wednesday, George P. Bush "likened the soon-to-be Republican presidential nominee to Cesar Chavez," the Los Angeles Times reported.

Serrano Says Republican Speeches in Spanish are Hypocritical
Washington, D.C., Aug. 3 - - Congressman Jose E. Serrano (D-NY) today said a strategy to include Spanish-speaking addresses at the Republican National Convention given the Republican party's nonin-clusive, nonimmigrant party platform, is hypocritical.

Gore se Une a Líderes Hispanos Para Apoyar a Enrique Moreno
Nashville - Al Gore se unió al desafío planteado por la Agenda de Liderazgo Nacional Hispano (National Hispanic Leadership Agenda's, NHLA, según su nombre y siglas en inglés), para apoyar la nominación de Enrique Moreno como juez federal. En una carta dirigida a la NHLA, Gore reafirmó su apoyo a la confirmación de Moreno para el Quinto Circuito de la Corte de Apelaciones. En su carta de hoy, Gore también reafirmó su apoyo para que se dé un tratamiento justo a los inmigrantes que se encuentran en Estados Unidos. La NHLA planteó el desafío inicial en una carta abierta al Congreso y a los candidatos presidenciales.

Farmworker Safety Bill Faces Critical Vote in Assembly Agriculture Committee
-A measure to make California's fields safer for farm workers faces its most difficult test on August 9 when it goes before the Assembly Agriculture Committee. SB 1523, introduced by Senator Liz Figueroa (D-Fremont), requires that growers post warning signs on their fields whenever they use dangerous pesticides that require the field to be quarantined for 24 hours or more. This measure would change existing law, which in most cases does not require posting unless the field is under quarantine for eight days or longer.

Noticias de México...
Auditarán ventas de trigo
Como resultado de las publicaciones en La Crónica sobre las presuntas toneladas de trigo "de papel", un equipo de auditores será enviado por Aserca para verificar todos los centros de acopio, anunció el delegado de la Sagar, Manuel Real Lizardi.


New Upward Bound Summer Program Emphasizes Multidisciplinary Approach
to Math and Science
How do you keep low-income high school students motivated in science and math, and encourage them to aggressively pursue college degrees in these subjects? A new federally funded outreach program at the University of California, San Diego may provide insight, program officials say.

Preuss Model School Expansion Showing Promise for Latino Children
By Kristian Ziemer
Quietly situated in what appears to be a remote, desolate forest, Preuss Model School lies on UCSD's campus, wrapping up its last week of classes. Perhaps it is the fact that the college students have gone home for the summer, or are merely lying low during their summer sessions, but Preuss lays low as well: subdued it lies, a few scattered bungalows hidden between the trees. Seeing this tranquil view, one mustn't forget the struggles Preuss overcame their first year, creating progress while sharing their limited facilities with everyone from Chargers spring training, to summer camps.

Sweetwater Seniors Win Creaser Foundation Scholarships
During its 14-year history, Sweetwater District's Creaser Foundation has awarded over 70 scholarships to seniors graduating from district high schools. Students are recognized based on their academic achievement and community service.

Ocampo Shows His Grit in Air Force Rodeo
By Andre' Sanders
Pope Air Force Base, N.C. — Since the time frontiersmen roamed the Old West, the rodeo has been a spectacle of cattle roping and steer wrestling —a way to prove oneself. While no cowboy, the son of a San Diego couple recently competed in a rodeo of his own, but one rifle with machine gun fire and the rumble of heavy aircraft engines to remind him there's more at stake than a blue ribbon.

House Approves Gallegly Bill to Recognize 10th Anniversary of Desert Storm
Washington, D.C. — The House of Representatives approved a bill by Congressman Elton Gallegly (R-Ventura County) to mark the historical importance of August 27, 2000, as the 10th anniversary of the initial calling up of the National Guard and Reserved for Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.

MAAC Project Names New Head Start Director
MAAC Project names Dr. Victor Resendez new Head Start Director in North County. As a twenty-year grantee of the National Head Start Program, MAAC Project's Head Start Program serves over 800 low-income families in North County throughout the communities of Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Fallbrook, Rincon, and Valley Center.

Cortés Named Director of University of San Francisco's Institute for Nonprofit
Organization Management
San Francisco
- Michael E. Cortés, a University of Colorado research professor and public policy expert, has been named director of the University of San Francisco's Institute for Nonprofit Organization Management (INOM) effective Aug. 1, announced Larry Brewster, dean of USF's College of Professional Studies.

Immigration, Congress and Politics
Congress is expected to act on three major immigration items in 2000: increases in the H-1B quota; restoration of Section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act; and an update of the registry for would-be immigrants from 1972 to 1986- unauthorized foreigners in the US since the registry date may apply for legal immigrant status. The Clinton administration supports all three changes; many control-minded Republicans in Congress do not.

Business Notes:
OPIC Expands Small Business Training Program on Internet
WASHINGTON, D.C. - George Muñoz, President and CEO of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), announced today (July 31) a new Internet training program to help small businesses enter emerging markets worldwide with the support of OPIC financial services.

Elderly Population Will Increase Dramatically
By Bryan Lincoln
In 1998, the oldest man in the world passed away in a San Rafael, California, nursing home: he was 115. Asked to what he attributed his long life, Christian Mortensen recommended drinking water, smoking one cigar a day, and lots of singing.

Violeta Pérez Parra, Niña Prodigio, Una Pintora Consumada
Por Paco Zavala
Visitamos un monísimo departamento en una de las zonas residenciales de Rosarito, B.C. La casa habitación de la familia Pérez Parra, está compuesta por el Sr. Cipriano Pérez Sánchez, jefe de la familia, por la Sra. Violeta Parra Alaniz, esposa y madre de la familia y por las niñas Violeta Pérez y Paloma Estefanía Pérez Parra.

SDG&E Increases Relief Fund and Adds Additional Phone Numbers
San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) announced that an additional agency telephone number has been set up for callers requesting information about the Summer Utility Relief Fund. Low- and fixed-income customers may now call 619/542-7405 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Encienda Una Vela
Padre Thomas J. McSweeney
Egoismo y Gentileza en el Asiento 21-B
Las pequeñas lecciones de la vida nos llegan en las formas más inesperadas. Como por ejemplo en un avión repleto de neoyorquinos ansiosos por salir de West Palm Beach, en la Florida, y por llegar a Nueva York.

Community Notes ...
LJCD Standout Honored. One of La Jolla Country Day School’s most prestigious awards went to Cesar Don Juan, sone of Francisca Don Juan of Logan Heights.


Latino Voters Instilling Compassion In The New GOP

By James E. Garcia
The GOP is making headway with Latino voters these days. That's undeniable. But more than a few Latino politicos will tell you this is inherently bad.

Mensaje to all faithful readers of TEZOZOMOC SPEAKS, El Jefito has given the `palabra' that from here until the November elections are over with, this column will devote itself to bringing you information on the candidates, issues, and the campaigns.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Chapter X
By Jeannine Diego
"And you've only read two? I can't believe it. Sal! We have got to read the rest of the postcards, I mean, this is like… aren't you curious?"

Poet's Corner
Eating Ritz with Cream Cheese and Drinking Strawberry Kiwi Juice While Listening to Jazz
By Oyamel Gonzalez
Late as always, but we were there.
After moving all our healthy snackscheetos, fritos, salsa, cheese dip, crackers, cream cheese and some fruitalong with our torn tablecloth once again, we found the perfect spot.

Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego Organizes Major Contemporary
Latin American Art Exhibition
On view September 24, 2000 through January 7, 2001, UltraBaroque: Aspects of Post-Latin American Art explores the influence and impact of the Baroque on a broad range of contemporary artistic expressions in the Americas. The exhibition presents a critical reevaluation of the Baroque and its use as an important cultural metaphor in contemporary art.

Domingos Populares en Playas
Por Paco Zavala
Gran ambiente, algarabía, alegría y buen humor en los famosos Domingos Populares que se organizan semana tras semana en las Playas de Tijuana, para ser más exactos, en el Malecón.

Por Lucero Luna Campos
NOTIAMERICA - Pocos son los artistas que mantienen los pies sobre la tierra luego de haber alcanzado la tan ansiada popularidad, fama y reconocimiento que incluso, las convierte en divas. Casi todas, pierden la dimensión de lo qué es ser famosa hasta el grado de volverse groseras, antipáticas y presumidas, como el caso de las artistas juveniles mexicanas Alejandra Guzmán, Lucero, Paulina Rubio, Salma Hayek o Thalía, cuyas figuras ya no impactan tanto en el escenario o la pantalla chica, pero se sienten intocables y, si antes suplicaban una entrevista, ahora cobran hasta el saludo.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
Live Chicano Theater
Come down to beautiful Chula Vista for this special benefit performance of Luis Valdez's riveting play about a Chicano family's struggles between preserving their identity and trying to succeed in contemporary America. This is live Chicano theater at its best. Directed by William Virchis. 8 p.m., OnStage Playhouse, 291 3rd Avenue, Chula Vista. $10 with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Save Our Centro Coalition. Call 422-7787 for reservations.

Full Slate of Preseason Games this Week; American Bowl Returns to Tokyo
Thirty of 31 teams are in action this week…in big cities…small towns…and in Asia.

Aficionados de la NFL Seleccionan El Campeonato de la NFL de 1967, el Encuentro
de "El Tazón De Hielo", como el Partido Más Memorable Del Siglo
Grandes jugadores. Grandes directores técnicos. Grandes jugadas. Clima ártico. Todo ello se combinó para crear el partido más memorable del siglo, según los aficionados de la NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs Tony Gonzalez Masters The Game
Kansas City City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez has one simple goal: Master the Game. In the September issue of NFL Insider magazine, on sale August 15, National Editor Vic Carucci profiles Gonzalez who seems destined to become recognized among the league's all-time great tight ends.

Bullfight World...
by Lyn Sherwood
Another Big Day For Spaniard Antonio Barrera

Spanish Matador Antonio Barrera, the revelation of the 2000 Tijuana season, turned in another triumphant afternoon, last Sunday, winning three ears and leaving the ring upon the shoulders of the fans, according to Tijuana correspondent Gary Sloan.

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