April 30, 2004


“Cinco de Mayo” A Celebration of Mexican Honor!

Once again it rests upon us, the Mexican Americans, descendents of Spanish conquistador, native Indians, and later, descendents of multiplicity of racial groups that settled in the American continent, to recall and remind our fellow countrymen why “Cinco de Mayo” is more than an occasion to have a fiesta, to eat Mexican tacos, drink tequila and/or cerveza!

Unfortunately, “Cinco de Mayo” is shuffled aside as a minor event in the history of Mexico. Aside from Puebla, and a few other towns in Mexico, our Mexican compatriots tend to follow the example of the Norte Americanos, and use the occasion only to market their foods and liquor to Norte Americanos. It is important to remember that the battle of Puebla actually was a profound rejection by the wealthy, Aristocrats against the Indians, the poor, farmers and people who to them were commoners. The elitist of those times would have rather been under the rule of foreign aristocrats than be known as Mexicans! The French under Napoleon invaded Mexico because the Aristocracy and the Mexican Catholic Church asked them to save them from the likes of President Benito Juarez, a pure bred Indian, who was struggling to liberate the Indian population and liberate them from the virtual slavery that they suffered under the Aristocrats and the Catholic Church.

Presidente Benito Juarez was the President of what today would be the working class i.e. a DEMOCRAT. Unfortunately, the landowners, the wealthy, were the oppressors of the working class, which today would be the Republicans.

The Battle at Puebla pitted the well-armed French Army under the Command of the Marquis de Lorencez. He faced off against machete welding Indians and a poorly outfitted army led by General Ignacio Zaragoza. In a few days, the 10,000 French soldiers were beaten by 5,000 Mexicans i.e. farmers, Indians and loyalist soldiers.

The Battle at Puebla was similar to the American war for Iindependence in 1776. The Cinco de Mayo, 1862, was Mexico’s battle for Independence. If Mexico had lost the war eventually it would have become another Spain, France or Austria.

Why celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the U.S. when Mexico’s ruling class doesn’t’? It is important to keep reminding the Aristocratic ruling class forget that Americas People of Mexican heritage will never forget that independence and freedom has yet to come to Mexico. Embezzlement, patronage, graft, land is still owned by the wealthy few, exploitation of the peasants hasn’t stopped, the Indians are still the most oppressed people in the Mexican nation, and the working class is one of the world most oppressed. Five billionaires in Mexico control the nation!

What is needed is another Cinco de Mayo to bring Democracy, Liberty, and freedom to Mexico and its citizens!



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