Volume XXVIII Number 17 April 30, 2004

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Zapata statue unvield in Chicano Park

A flag waving ceremony took place on Chicano Park Day in honor of Sue Talamantez, Tony Marquez, Chris Sua, Yolanda Fajardo and Alex Gonzalez for their efforts and interminable service to the Barrio Logan and Chicano Park community.

The 8-ft statue of La Revolucion Mexicana leader of the early 20th Century, Emilio Zapata was unveiled Saturday, April 24 at the 34th Annual Chicano Park Day, created by Arturo Singh. Photos by RR Beltrán.

Before Corona Extra, There Was A Struggle for Liberation
By Raymond R. Beltrán
Little does the common San Diegan know about the history of what is being called Cinco de Mayo. In essence, what should be referred to as the Victory at Puebla, where 4,500 Mexican soldados proved a superior force against approximately twice as many French troops, has been summed up, 142 years later, as the day when Old Town San Diego beer guzzling, sombrero-wearing gabachos drink the worst Jose Cuervo has to offer and stare at señoritas spinning around in extravagant green, white and red ranchera dresses, serving up Rockin Baja Lobster’s beer bucket for almost twenty dollars a pop.

Mexico Stumbles in Attempt to Give Representation to its Citizens Abroad
Miguel Angel Báez
April 15, 2004 -- With much fanfare the Mexican government in 2002 began to create a network of “advisors” to represent the interests of Mexicans living abroad.

Maradona — Soccer’s Bad Boy Lives and Breathes Through the Media
By Marcelo Ballve
Whether to pity him, damn him, bless him or worship him, the media have always pursued Diego Armando Maradona. After the Argentine soccer legend was hospitalized suddenly on April 18 in Buenos Aires for respiratory and heart problems, there was an outpouring of concern in the Spanish-language press, which recalled his meteoric career.



Swan Song for Beloved Maytime Band Review Parade
National City’s Legendary Competition To End May 1 After 57 Years
San Diego County’s oldest and most esteemed parade will march off into the sunset this year. National City’s classic Maytime Band Review, the West’s biggest showcase of marching band music, is calling it quits after this year’s parade on May 1.

The Latino Electorate (1960-2000)
By John P. Schmal
The Latino electorate of the Twenty-First Century has become recognized as a powerful force that no political candidate in the United States can afford to ignore. Since the turn of the Millennium, one political analyst after another has stressed the fact that the Latino electorate can no longer be ignored and, in fact, may play a pivotal role in all future elections. Although their share of the electorate has been relatively small over the last half century, Hispanic voters, starting in 1960, have felt that they have could play an important role in the election of the President.

Hispanics Get News in English
By Amy Fagan
Most Hispanics living in the United States follow English-language news reports to some degree, especially likely voters, according to a survey recently released.

The Best the Filipinos and the City Could Have
By Romeo P. Marquez
After the demeaning setback wrought on the Filipino community by the overly ambitious lawyer-turned-politician-turned-swindler some years ago, Filipinos can now hope to regain whatever they lost in terms of respect and public esteem.

Local Police Enforcing Federal Civil Immigration Law:
A Clear and Present Danger to Public Safety

Washington – The Senate Immigration Subcommittee is holding hearings on controversial legislation that would compel state and local police to enforce federal civil immigration laws.

Twin Honors: Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz to Receive the “2004 Latino Spirit Award” from the California Latino Legislative Caucus and the Cinco de Mayo Labor Award
Los Angeles
-- Lalo Alcaraz, longtime LA Weekly editorial cartoonist and creator of the nationally syndicated daily comic strip “La Cucaracha” will be honored by the California Latino Legislative Caucus at the 3rd Annual Latino Spirit Awards at the State Capitol in Sacramento, California.

Estrellas de Cine, Estrellas Juveniles y Estrellas Comunitarias Recuperan el Cinco de Mayo de la Industria del Alcohol
Podrá ser de día, pero las estrellas brillarán en grande el 2 de mayo cuando los sandieguinos se reúnan para celebrar el Cinco de Mayo, un día festivo que presenta una oportunidad para descubrir las maravillas de la compleja y rica cultura latina.

¡Cinco de Mayo¡
May 5th marks the Mexican army’s victory over the French invaders at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. In the United States, the celebration of this battle has come to be known simply as the A Cinco de Mayo. Along with Mexican Independence Day on Sept. 16, Cinco de Mayo has become a time to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture.

Festeje el Cinco de Mayo con Ideas y Recetas Festivas
El Cinco de Mayo sigue siendo una tradición que invita a celebrarse en compañía de familiares y amigos. Es una magnífica oportunidad para darse gusto compartiendo el sabor y el sonido característicos mexicanos.

Healthy smiles for our children
By Karla Rodas
Healthy, childhood smiles are being wiped away everyday. Dental decay is one of the most common chronic infectious diseases among U.S. children.

Por Christina Cepero

Catástrofe ardiente: la prevención está en sus manos
¿Qué pasa cuando se reúnen un muchacho, su esposa y sus suegros que lo odian en San Diego?  Un desastre natural.

Profil Invites Type II Diabetes Patients to Take Part in a New Clinical Study
CHULA VISTA — Profil Institute for Clinical Research, Inc., an internationally renowned scientific research institute specializing in diabetes and metabolic disorders, is actively seeking Latino, African-American and Caucasian individuals to participate in its ongoing clinical trials.

Por Diana Gomez
¿Te sientes cansado de sufrir, de tener stress, no te alcanza el dinero, trabajas y trabajas sin lograr tus metas? ¿Tu crees que tu esposa(o) Hijas(os) suegra (o) y familiares deben de cambiar? ¿Tienes necesidad de que te escuchen, te respeten, te amen, y te apoyen?


“Cinco de Mayo” A Celebration of Mexican Honor!
Once again it rests upon us, the Mexican Americans, descendents of Spanish conquistador, native Indians, and later, descendents of multiplicity of racial groups that settled in the American continent, to recall and remind our fellow countrymen why “Cinco de Mayo” is more than an occasion to have a fiesta, to eat Mexican tacos, drink tequila and/or cerveza!

A Judge’s View: Reforming California’s Troubled Juvenile Justice System
By Judge Leonard Edwards
No one could watch the recently released videotaped beating of a youth in the “care” of the California Youth Authority without revulsion. The beating, following a rash of highly publicized scandals plaguing California’s juvenile justice system — from suicides to reports of youths being held in cages — is prompting citizens and policy makers nationwide to ask what suddenly went wrong and what can be done to reform juvenile institutions.

El Punto De Vista De Un Juez: Reformando El Problemático Sistema Judicial Juvenil de California
Por El Juez Leonard Edwards
Nadie podía mirar sin consternación la golpiza videograbada de un jóven que estaba bajo “cuidado” de las Autoridades Juveniles de California. La golpiza, ocurrida después de una serie de escándalos muy publicitados que plagan el sistema de justicia juvenil del estado—desde suicidios hasta reportes de jóvenes encerrados en cuevas—ha logrado que ciudadanos y políticos del país se pregunten qué pasó de repente y qué puede hacerse para reformar las instituciones juveniles.

Día de los Niños
April 30, 2004

WASHINGTON D.C. - The Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) join in the national celebration of children’s spirit, hope and promise, on El Día de los Niños.

Celebrate Freedom on Cinco de Mayo
By Assemblywoman Shirley Horton
On Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Americans across California commemorate the important victory of the small, loosely organized Mexican army over the invading French forces of Napoleon III at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. The occasion has become an important cultural and historical celebration of freedom both in Mexico and the United States.

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Anuncian la Realización de la Segunda Gran Celebración de Danza, Oración y Sanación
En Honor a los Ancianos, La Madre Tierra y el Gran Espíritu

Por Paco Zavala
Las diversas etnias autóctonas residentes hoy día en nuestra comunidad bajacaliforniana se complacen en hacer llegar a Uds. una cordial invitación para participar en un grandioso evento que están organizando las siguientes hermandades indias:

Fobia is alive and well
By Francisco H. Ciriza
Mexican Rock en Español pioneers, Fobia, played San Diego’s premier all-ages venue, the reincarnated Soma concert venue last week. The band, looking fresh and rather youthful, skillfully presented its more than 90 minute set of classic favorites and two new songs to the crowd’s delight. Fobia is currently playing select dates in support of its most recent release on BMG U.S. Latin, the

La salsa de Mozart y las rancheras de Beethoven
Por: Alexis Núñez Oliva
La música latina ha dejado de pertenecer al bando de los latinos, vistos como pobres e ignorantes por una buena parte del mundo desarrollado, para volverse el sonido en las capitales donde la moda y los perfumes son joyas de la exquisita sociedad.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Dice el dicho que no hay quinto malo, ojalá que el mes de mayo traiga ventura y prosperidad, eso deseamos para todos.

Cierran el Mes de Abril con Multiples Actividades Culturales en el Centro Cultural Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
El Centro Cultural Tijuana es una de las instancias mas fuertes que se dedican a promover, enfocar, apoyar, impulsar, crear y realizar actividades vinculadas con el quehacer cultural y el quehacer artístico.

Imperial Beach — Take three cities, two countries, and one people, bring them together through a three-day cross border cultural celebration, and you have a rare event. The first Fiesta del Río cultural celebration is open to all residents in San Diego and Baja region for three days. On Friday, May 14 the event takes place at the Tijuana Municipal Plaza. On Saturday, May 15, the only U.S. stop, will be at the Imperial Beach Pier Plaza and Tijuana River Valley County Park. On Sunday, May 16 the Parque Miguel Hidalgo in Tecate will be the final location.

This is Your Last Chance to Reserve A Space for Barrio BookFest 2004!
The deadline for vendor applications is Friday May 7, 2004. Applications post marked after May 7 will be returned.

Batallas entre minifaldas
“Mean Girls” asume la brutal presión estudiantil en clave de comedia

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Lindsay Lohan es la nueva Molly Ringwald. Después de su éxito con Freaky Friday el año pasado, la actriz pelirroja es la verdadera heredera de las trascendentes películas de adolescentes de los ochenta. Gracias a Mean Girls, Lohan se consolidará en el subconsciente de muchas quinceañeras como su nueva heroína en el cine.

Cuando hacemos a los molinos obedecer
Miguel Bosé entrega “por vos muero”

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Durante los más de veintisiete años de su carrera discográfica, Miguel Bosé ha tenido innumerables oportunidades para innovar y recrear los ritmos del pop en español. Consecuente con su cuasi noble linaje (su familia siempre se codeó con la forza artística del siglo XX) y con su agudeza de ingenio (presente en casi todas las oportunidades en que habla en público), Bosé demuestra que es capaz de aportar un legado importante a la música.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Reflections on the Last ‘Golden Age’
And a Lament For The Current “Bronze Age”

Every era has had its “Golden Age.” The most recent, in both Spain and Mexico, was that of the mid-60s through the mid-80s.

Navarro, Bojorquez Steal Heavyweight Thunder
By Fiona Manning
It wasn’t hard for 2000 Olympian, super-flyweight sensation Jose Navarro to steal the show Saturday night in the co-feature bout of the K2 Promotions world heavyweight card at Staples Center.

Alarcon’s Leadership Essential at Eastlake
By John Philip Wyllie
When Eastlake High School’s Elias Alarcon entered high school four years ago, he considered himself primarily a basketball player.

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