April 29, 2005

POS GENTE, now I know why it’s so hard to put out a newspaper. Seems there is never a quiet moment, especially in this town and county of San Diego. That el Alcalde de San Diego Dick Murphy, threw in the towel and gave up the Mayorship, was expected. It was just a question of when! Faithful readers, of Tezzy, knew that El Jefito had been after the Mayor for quite a while. Seems everyone, except the Republican Right Wingers, knew that the Mayor was in desperate straits!

ChiPols recognized that Mayor Murphy was not solely to blame for the terrible situation that the City of San Diego was in. He needed a lot of help to have the city so screwed up in such a short time. The Chamber of Commerce, the big Caciques of the corporate empires in and around San Diego, along with the totally inept Republican Party shares a big part of the blame for the chaos in the city’s financial problems. They all knew we had a weak Mayor on board who didn’t have the killer instinct to dump all the parasites that took advantage of his weakness.

Pregunta: How does los problemas of the City impact on nuestra Gente? Well the two or three multimillionaires that we have that are Latinos may get hurt. But we won’t know anything about it because they don’t have intercambio with La Gente trabajadora! Ya saben how it is in the old country (Mejico) los ricos don’t see or care for los pobres y los trabajadores.

Bottom line Gente, the loss of pensions, salaries, jobs, clinics, will increase the burden upon State and Federal government who will have to try and stem the lose of jobs. Our familias will pay the price. Unfortunately neither Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger nor President George Bush seems to care for the working class people. They’re too busy cutting out Social Security, pensions, salaries, schools, hospitals, clinics, and jobs!

Sorry to say Gente, este Indio was born in the 20’s, and struggled to survive through the big depression of the early 30’s and 40’s. It wasn’t very nice for Raza, Blacks and poor Whites, We starved! Mi Jefito, who was part Indigenous, managed to get a tough job with the Mission de San Fernando, because they knew he was an Indio, making mud bricks to rebuild the Mission Church. So, we ate for a while.

P.S. Memo to Mike Aguirre, City Attorney, Miguel no seas pendejo… Don’t even think of jumping into the cesspool that the Republicans would dearly love to push off on you. A Hispanic Mayor is just what they would love. Then, they would dodge all responsibility for the massive problems that will be confronting the city. They made the mess, now let them find a way out of it!

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