April 29, 2005

In Rusty’s Corner

By Rusty Rubin

Nice to see Antonio Margarito finally have a defining fight, cutting previously undefeated Kermit Cintron in round four and stopping him in round five. Maybe this will be the start of something big for Margarito, who has always had the potential to become a great fighter.

In the other fights of note, Calvin Brock used his good hand and foot speed to take a unanimous decision over the almost sixty pound heavier Jameel McCline. This is a fight the undefeated Brock needed to move up in class and establish himself as a fringe top ten contender at least for now. For McCline, who did knock down Brock early, his career will require a lot of work to salvage.

In the other important fight from Caesars, Shane Mosley got back on track, taking the measure of game, but outclassed David Estrada by unanimous decision.***

An interesting fight next weekend, that I personally wont bother to watch. I don’t care who he fights, John Ruiz is an embarrassment to watch, but I know there are enough heavyweight fans out there, (of which I am not one) so this fight will have plenty of other viewers.

Ruiz’ foe is James Toney, who I am not convinced is not very much more than a blown up middleweight. If I was watching the ‘action’ in the fight, I’d be rooting for Toney, mainly because I want to see Ruiz out of televised boxing. The WBA designated champion’s tactics may be fine for the dance studios but sure don’t belong in the squared circle.

This is not a fight I would wager on, simply because if I did, it would have to be on Ruiz, who I can’t stomach watching. I wish Toney the best, and if I was watching this match, I’d be rooting against my supposed wager. In short, I want Toney to win, but my pick is Ruiz. He’s just too big and strong for Toney, and NY does not have a referee strong enough and good enough to control Ruiz’ fouling as well as Stone’s cursing.

The pick here figures to be an easy win for Ruiz, who will get away with everything in the book. But I won’t bet on Ruiz and I won’t watch the fight.***

My good friend Stephen B. Acunto, who founded the American Association for the Improvement of Boxing, along with Rocky Marciano, now has his book “Champions Boxing Guide” available in Spanish. For details visit Steve’s website: AAIB.org

Agree or disagree, feel free to express your views.

Rusty Rubin is Managing Editor, of Ringsports.com, and author of “Off the Canvas”, a historically accurate view of American history and the social problems of the times, as witnessed by an 80-year old ex-champion. “Off the Canvas” takes you from the time of the Great Depression till the World Trade Center disaster and is a book that has been getting rave reviews. Copies are available at Ringsports.com

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