April 28, 2000


Q-Vo!! Echaron de menos a TEZZY??? Sorry gente, este Indio busy chancleando in the park with the other Indios. Viva la cultura! Happy to see so many taking credit for el Parque.

Remember "All the way to the Bay!!" Some of la gente del Barrio were taken in by Peter Chacon, you remember Pedro don't you? Ese político was joined by certain "líders' who joined Peter in trying to force la gente to settle for half a park! Tezzy called the number on shaking Peter (Half a loaf Pete). "We would settle only for the whole loaf and not HALF A LOAF! It is fun to see how memories dim in some folks. That's what is good about having a community record of the community. If it happened La Prensa recorded it. El Parque, El Bay Park, Los Murales, Neighborhood House, the Chicano Federation... It's all there.

"La Opinion" de Los is being swallowed by the L.A. Times. The April 17, 2000 edition of the California Newspaper Publishers Association Newsletter, of which La Opinion and La Prensa San Diego are the only Mexican American or Latino newspapers in California that belong, carried 27 Help Wanted advertisements for everything from editors to reporters to be hired by LA OPINION. Pero, this newsletter only goes to the membership of which 99% are Anglo media! No other Hispanic media is in their listing of media... That means all the positions will be applaid only by non RAZA! What is happening? Is the owner the L.A. Times going to eliminate all the Mexican American staff . Is La Opinion going to become a carbon copy of the conservative L.A. Times???


PREGUNTA: Is the L.A. Times going to have the "mother of all mother "down-sizing of Raza staff" and turn La Opinion into just another gringo newspaper? How about it Señorita Lozano!


Tom LaVault, former chingon of San Diego Democratic Central Committee, is back in town. Called al Jefito, letting him know he is back! Can't stand being in retirement. Tom was best leader the Democratic party ever had in San Diego. A meet will be held... on tap la politica and the current status of the party in San Diego.


Denise Ducheny, the lameduckee Assembly-person tried to make her last big score by selling out our beach fronts, our coasts, our wetlands to the developers! Qué tanto Denise... How much did they give you to get to try and sneak a bill through the Assembly? Were you enmotada or cuete when you tried this?


Another democrat, Valerie Stallings sold out the whole city to PADRE owner John Moores. For a measly $10,000, she sold out just before she voted $1 Billion dollar approval for the new Padre Ball Park and turning over massive chunks of San Diego free to those folks in ballcaps! Of course the two other Democrat floriados, Stevens & Vargas, and the Republican bimbos, did it for little or nothing. Jesus HOPE SUSAN GOT SEASON TICKETS AT LEAST!


Lydia Camarillo, the Democratic National Convention Chief Executive Officer and her Deputy Chief of Staff, Susan L. Porter came to the city by the polluted bay, to confab with El Jefito, La Prensa San Diego Publisher. Three hour pow-wow on upcoming Democratic (beauty) Convention, in the city of corrupt cops, and a Republican Mayor was held.


Que pendejada!! Los Bue-yes de San Diego, followed the lead of incompetent Bob Filner (D), and his stooge, Maria Salas, in working to split the MEXICAN-LATINO vote in the mayoral race in Los Angeles... Bob & Mary are blundering into the Los Angeles race that sees Antonio Villaraigosa (D), former Speaker of the House, in the race to become the city's first Chicano Mayor since the Bear Flag revolution. The two Mamones are supporting the move to bring in Congressman Javier Becerra to run against Antonio Villaraigosa (D) for the position of Mayor of Los Angeles!.. Great gente!... Nothing like splitting our vote in Los Angeles in order to get another Right Winger Mayor to rule over us, again, like Peones!!... The sad thing is they are involving Connie Puente Miller, owner of the Fundango Restaurant in Old Town, in their dirty tricks. This movida just shows some people don't care how they destroy peoples lives. Qué pasó con unity Sr. David Valladolid and Luis Natividad??? Perhaps Luis has been involved with George Stevens too long to really understand the game of politics. WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE VALLA-DOLID?


EduSpeak: "The National City Middle School Student body and surrounding community are rich in diversity. School programs activities and special events celebrate the many contributions of the cultures represented at the school."

Chereyl Dorris, Principal

By their own accounting 86% of the students are Hispanic (their label). Only 7% are Filipino, 3% are Black, and 4% are white!




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