Volume XXVI Number 17 April 26, 2002

FrontPage Stories

Irma Alvarez New Dean Southwestern College School of Business and Information Systems

By Daniel Muñoz

Southwestern Community College President Serafin Zasueta has announced the selection of Ms. Irma Alvarez to the position of Dean of Southwestern College School of Business and Information Systems. Ms Alvarez, a resident of Bonita announced that she is ready to assume her new position. “I want to help open the doors and offer more opportunities for all the business and vocational students at SWC.”

Irma Alvarez is a graduate of the School of Business at San Diego State University where she earned her secondary Level of Teaching Credential and immediately went to work administrating a Grant aimed at helping Hispanic women enter the workforce. At SWC, she instituted the Bilingual Office Procedures class, which is now the core of the bilingual classes, offered at Southwestern College. That bilingual component has become part of six programs in the School of Business and Information Systems including those in the medical field.

Ms Alvarez earned her Masters of Arts degree in linguistics at San Diego State University, and went on to become the Southwestern College Chair for Office Information Systems for two consecutive years. She became involved in writing numerous grants that resulted in SWC receiving numerous grants for the purpose of developing new programs and to equip computer labs. “I have had many challenges throughout my career that have given me the well rounded experiences to be able to carry out my new assignment as Dean of the School of Business,” stated Ms Alvarez.

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Cuba/México: ¿Quién Gana, Quién Pierde?
Por Jesus Hernandez Cuellar
La crisis política entre los gobiernos de Cuba y México, que comenzó en febrero pasado cuando el presidente mexicano Vicente Fox se reunió con disidentes cubanos durante una visita oficial a La Habana, escaló nuevos peldaños el 22 de abril, día en que Fidel Castro divulgó el contenido de una conversación privada con Fox.

Castro Divulga Conversación Privada Con Fox Sobre su Visita a Monterrey
En un fuerte ataque al presidente mexicano Vicente Fox, el gobernante cubano Fidel Castro dió a conocer el 22 de abril la grabación de una conversación privada entre ambos, respecto a la noticia de su viaje de última hora a la Conferencia Internacional de la ONU para la Financiación del Desarrollo, en Monterrey, México, en marzo pasado.

Texto de la Conversación Entre Fidel Castro y Vicente Fox
La siguiente es una transcripción de la grabación divulgada en La Habana por Fidel Castro el 22 de abril, de una conversación privada entre él y el presidente mexicano Vicente Fox sobre el viaje de última hora a México del caudillo cubano, para asistir a la Conferencia Internacional de la ONU sobre la Financiación del Desarrollo, en Monterrey, en marzo pasado:

Who Does The Work?
By David Bacon
BERKELEY — The recent decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Hoffman Plastics is not only another instance of class justice, or rather, injustice. The logic of Chief Justice Rehnquist makes it plain that the court’s majority lives in denial of the social reality millions working people face every day.

The Growth in Ethnic Media Usage Poses Important Business Decisions
By Pui-wing Tam
April 23, 2002 - Every morning, Jing Xu reads five newspapers. Of the five, only one is written in English. The others are in Chinese.

Bush Must Change Latin America Policy or Risk New Security Threat
By Francisco Jose Moreno and Alejandro Eggers Moreno
Unchecked, U.S. policy toward Latin America will jeopardize U.S. national security, with the threat coming not from across the ocean but from our own hemisphere. Washington’s response virtually supporting the coup against a freely elected president, Hugo Chavez, was the tip of the iceberg — worth examining for what it tells us about the need for a change of course on the continent.


“Three Heads Of San Diego County Community Colleges Speak Out Against Impact Of CalWORKs Cuts!”
Chancellors Augie Gallego of the San Diego Community College District, Dr. Omero Suarez, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District and Dr. Tim Dong, President of the MiraCosta Community College District, spoke out about the Governor’s proposed cuts to CalWORKs and the impact they will have on those working their way out of poverty.

Kindergarten Teacher Makes a Difference By Embracing Diversity
Everyday that Tony Gomez walks to his kindergarten class at Garfield Elementary in East Oakland, he appreciates the opportunities and responsibilities afforded by the uniqueness of our state’s growing cultural diversity. Passing this understanding on to his young students is a challenge Gomez is more than willing to take.

Maestro de Kindergarten Hace la Diferencia al Dar la Bienvenida a la Diversidad
Cada día que Tony Gomez camina hacia su clase de kiindergarten en la Escuela Primaria Garfield en el Este de Oakland, él valora las oportunidades y responsabilidades que presenta la singularidad de la creciente diversidad cultural de nuestro estado. Transmitir a sus jóvenes estudiantes esa forma de pensar es un desafío que Gomez está más que deseoso de aceptar.

United Farm Workers Co-Founder to Speak at UCSD as Finale to Month-Long Activities Honoring Cesar E. Chavez
Dolores Huerta, a pioneering voice for workers’ and women’s rights, will speak on Las Generaciones: Our Past, Present, and Future at 7 p.m. April 30 in Copley Auditorium of the Institute of the Americas at the University of California, San Diego. The event is free and open to the public.

Por Yhamel Catacora
El Color de la Globalización
La capital volvió a ser sede esta semana del evento que pone en relieve la mayor paradoja de nuestros tiempos, la preocupación de los ricos por erradicar la pobreza mundial.

Chula Vista Residents Invited to Share Their Vision For The Future
Chula Vista Vision 2020 Community Festival on April 27 also includes information fair, hands-on exhibits, great prizes and giveaways, kids activities and more.
On April 27, the Chula Vista Vision 2020 community festival will give residents their first opportunity to provide the city direct input regarding their needs, hopes and concerns about Chula Vista’s future. The community festival will feature three town hall-style discussions, an information fair, great prizes and giveaways, and a supervised kids’ zone. The Chula Vista Vision 2020 community festival will take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the campus of Chula Vista High School (Fourth Ave. and “K” Street).

Community Notes:
Young American Creative Patriotic Art Awards. “Win or Lose” says Olivia Solomon, it has been an enjoyable challenge for us to sponsor a student in our “Creative Patriotic Art Contest.”

South Bay Civil Air Patrol Members Receive Search and Rescue Training
Chula Vista — Four members of Civil Air Patrol South Bay Flight 67 received the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) rating of SAR Technician II on April 21, 2002 upon completion of a three-weekend training conducted in Camarillo, California over the past eight weeks.


Vatican Meetings Render Disappointing Outcomes
The anticipated meetings between Pope John Paul II, members of the Vatican Cu-ria, American cardinals and certain high-ranking bishops on the growing sex scandals have concluded. The deepening scandals, which have become headline stories throughout the world, are shaking the foundations of the Catholic Church. The anticipation of all Catholics was that these meetings would result in a strong response from the pope. Such was not the case.

¿Quién quedo mal? Los dos
Por Lic. Enrique Davis Mazlum
Con estas palabras se despidió el Presidente Fidel Castro el 21 de marzo de 2002 de la Cumbre de Monterrey: “Les ruego a todos me excusen que no pueda continuar acompañándolos debido a una situación especial creada por mi participación en esta Cumbre, y me vea obligado a regresar de inmediato a mi país”.

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
An Open Letter
To: Senator Edward Kennedy
U.S. Senate
Washington, D.C.
Re: Nomination of Miguel Estrada

I am of Mexican extraction, born in Los Angeles, and have been actively involved in the Mexican American and Latino communities for more than forty years.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

“Señorita Extraviada: Missing Young Woman”
A Documentary by Lourdes Portillo
By Yvette tenBerge
The young woman’s silhouette fills the screen; tinkling piano keys accompany shots of women as they walk along the dusty streets of a Mexican town, of a pair of sandals arranged in a store window and of the stocking-clad legs of school girls. As the scenes pass by, the voice of Lourdes Portillo, an award-winning, Mexican-born filmmaker comments: “I came to Juarez to track down ghosts.”

Grupo Teatral Dionisio to present “Doña Criba”
Grupo Teatral Dionisio, a dynamic theater group founded by the students of Cal State San Marcos, is producing and performing 𠇍oña Criba,” a play in Spanish (with English subtitles) that represents a Mexican town in the outskirts of Mexico City during the early 1980s. The play will be performed on May 3rd and 4th, 2002 at 7:00PM at the Avo Playhouse in the city of Vista. (tickets $5.00)

“Sereno” Nuevo Disco de Miguel Bosé
Por Pablo de Sainz
El nuevo disco de Miguel Bosé se puede resumir en dos conceptos: madurez y libertad.

“Lotofire” Diversidad Musical en Voz de Ely Guerra
Por Pablo de Sainz
Aunque la televisión en Español ha convertido a cantantes mediocres en reinas del pop, tales como Thalia y Paulina Rubio, la verdad es que las cantantes mexicanas serias y comprometidas con la música, tienen mucho más que ofrecer que una cara bonita y una serie de fotografías sexies.

Ely Guerra With Her New Album “Lotofire”
By Pablo de Sainz
Although Spanish-language television has turned singers into pop queens, such as Thalia and Paulina Rubio, the truth is that serious mexican singers who are committed to music and have much more to offer than a pretty face and a series of sexy photographs.

Desea ser unicamente el actor Oscar Araón
Por: Paco Zavala
Oscar Araón Torres Vidal, es un jóven actor proveniente del sureste, radicado y formado en Tijuana egresado del Instituto Teatral “ Andrés Soler”.

Calendar of Events . . .
by Berenice Cisneros
USD Choral Scholars Perform Zarzuela
The University of San Diego Choral Scholars and members of San Diego Baroque, La Monica and the San Diego Opera perform Zarzuela! Friday, May 3, at 2 p.m., at Universidad Iberoamericano in Tijuana, Mexico. The program, presented free of charge, is zarauela (Spanish operetta) and Villancicos (Spanish sacred songs) with an instumental ensemble of historical musicians.

Kinky, Conjunto Electrónico del Norte de México
Por Pablo de Sainz
“¿Cuál quiere que le toque?”, esta es una de las frases que se escucha en “Cornman”, primer sencillo del nuevo disco de la banda electrónica Kinky.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
El mes de mayo en todo México es un mes cargadito de festividades, veamos.

El Animador de Rodolfo Santana en un montaje escénico
Por: Paco Zavala
Con un excelente reparto se pondrá en escena la extraordinaria obra teatral del autor venezolano Rodolfo Santana “El Animador”. En el reparto le corresponden los roles a los actores Carlos Puentes en el papel de Carlos y Daniel Serrano en el de Marcelo, con una participación especial del informante de televisión Fernando del Monte.

Nationally Top Ranked Barons Take Aim at Perfect Season
By John Philip Wyllie
At the start of the current high school softball season, Bonita Vista High School was ranked tenth in the county. Since that time, the Barons have simply been winning, and winning, and winning. Now 23-0, the Barons have not only risen to become the county’s number one team, they are also ranked number one nationally. Two of the players behind this dramatic rise are Mexican-American stars Monica Hanono and Andrea Pino.

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