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Volume XXIII Number 16 ~ April 23, 1999

FrontPage Stories

Summer Cruise Report

A Dream Comes True On The Tranquil Seas of The Spanish Main

By: Dan Muñoz

It was five in the morning. Still sleepy and groggy, I groped my way to the kitchen and poured two steaming cups of coffee. One for me and one for my wife. This was the day that we would leave our earthly cares in San Diego and escape on our very first Caribbean cruise!

"Come on Dad... Mom! We have to catch the 8:55a.m. flight to Miami," shouted our eldest child, Phyllis. Well, we were not about to miss our "love boat" that was for sure. After all, we were going `only' because our children had plotted to send Mom & Dad on a 12 day Caribbean cruise in celebration of our 50th Wedding Anniversary.

It is Bon Voyage for Dan and Lydia Muñoz as the prepare to leave on their Caribbean adventure.

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A 23 Year Old At High School Shooting — "They Were Just Never Good Enough"
By Lyn Duff

Kosovo to Pinochet — The Last Act of National Sovereignty Now Being Played
Out On the European Stage
By Andrew Reding

Border Business Officials Take Tariff Complaints to Washington
By Michelle Mittelstadt

Noticias de Mexico


Conflictos Etnicos y Religiosos: Tema de Foro Estudiantil en la Universidad Estatal
de San Diego
By José A. Alvarez

First Ladies of Border Areas Attend Children's Summit
By Michelle Koidin

San Diego Police To Begin Tracking Race-Based Stops This Summer
The Associated Press

Mexican Students Shut Down Nation's Largest University
By Adolfo Garza

Population Diversity Requires More Minority Registered Nurses

Get a Mammogram: Do it for Yourself, Do it for Your Family

Rompiendo las Barreras Económicas Para Mejorar la Salud de los Senos Mamarios

The San Diego Foundation is One of Six Selected for National Program to Improve
Ethnic Relations

County Bar Names La Raza Member as Public Lawyer of the Year

Vista Rape Suspect Sought

Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Por Javier Sierra
Una Visita a Nuestro Orgulloso Pasado


Et Tu Brutus (Ducheny)

Las Escuelas Necesitan Oir las Voces de los Padres y las Madres También
Por David Hernández

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

Latino Heritage Shines in San Francisco's Annual Cinco de Mayo Festival

The World Music Series presents Conjunto Hueyapan - The best Son Jarocho music of Mexico

At The Movies: 'Goodby Lover'
By Christy Lemire

Calendar of Events
By Berenice Cisneros

Ventas De Boletos Para La Copa Mundial Femenina Exceden Expectativas y Son
Puestos a la Venta Publico en General

Higuita, quiere volver al arco de Colombia
Por: Esperanza Palacio

Bullfight World...
by Lyn Sherwood
Castañeda Shows His Mettle

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