April 23, 2004

Time for a Change, Jill Galvez, Announces her Candidacy for Chula Vista Elementary School Board

By Perlita R. Dicochea

Jill Galvez officially began her campaign for Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD) School Board upon last week. “My number one priority is to keep class sizes down and maintain a high quality of education overall. We need to make decisions that focus on our children,” Galvez asserted at the endorsement meeting with the Chula Vista Educators, a local chapter of the California Teachers Association.

. Galvez is running for seat four against incumbent Patrick Judd, a CVESD board member since 1988.

“16 years as a board member is just way too long,” Galvez maintains, “People lose passion for their roles. More importantly, people lose touch with the things that are important to teachers, parents, and our kids.”

As a parent of two children in the CVESD, as well as a volunteer in the district and Chula Vista community at large, Galvez believes she will serve as a voice for parents, teachers, and children on the school board.

Jill Galvez presenting "10,000 Years of Chula Vista History," created by Dr. Peter Watry, to students at Greg Rogers Elementary in Chula Vista. The presentation was created and sponsored by volunteers with the Chula Vista Heritage Museum.

“If I win in November, I will be the only board member experiencing the environment and programs in the district. This makes me more accountable to my peer group,” Galvez said. “I am someone that parents and teachers know and that they will feel comfortable approaching,” Galvez furthered.

Galvez is a retired businesswoman, which frees her day-time hours for volunteerism and potential school board responsibilities. “I have more time than other working board members to talk to teachers and really get to know the environments our children are learning in,” Galvez said.

This is not Galvez’ first run for school Board. In 2002, when no else stepped up to the plate to challenge the incumbent, Galvez on the last day of filing took on the challenge. Despite the last minute filing and a minimum budget, her campaign resonated with the voters and she received an impressive 46% of the vote. Galvez is confident that this fact, the recent endorsement of the California Teachers Association, and that she is starting much earlier with her campaign she will win the seat.

This year’s election promises to attract many voters because of the presidential election. This also means the campaign will be a lot more expensive. “I am noticing the difference between my campaign last year versus this year. I am already getting many more volunteers. My experience in 2002 helped build my reputation,” Galvez explained.

Beyond her involvement on parent committees in the CVESD, Galvez is on the Board of Trustees for San Diego Junior Theatre, a volunteer with the Chula Vista Heritage Museum, and on the executive committee for Crossroads II, a twenty-year-old local organization that facilitates public participation in local governmental decision-making.

Galvez visits elementary schools throughout Chula Vista as a volunteer presenter of “10,000 Years of Chula Vista History,” written and sponsored by the Chula Vista Heritage Museum. Complete with photos, flags, and cultural artifacts, Galvez presents four to six times a week from February to June about Chula Vistas roots in Kumeyaay Native American, Spanish, and Mexican cultures with influences from Japanese and other immigrants.

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