April 23, 2004


Pres. Bush’s War on Terrorism Blindsided by Hispanic Nations

The withdrawal of more than 1300 troops out of Iraq by Jose Luis Rodriquez Zapatero, the new Spanish Prime Minister, whose Socialist Party handedly won the March 14 General Election, just three days after the Madrid train bombings, came as a shock and surprise to President Bush and his war administration. It was not to be the only surprise that would cause concern at the White House. Shortly there after, Honduras announced it would remove its 369 soldiers from Iraq and bring them home. Not surprisingly, the Dominican Republic announced this week that it also was withdrawing its 300 troops from Iraq! All in all nearly 2,000 troops will be leaving Iraq.

Much has been said about the war on terrorism and the dangers that the American homeland is in. The primary focus for America has been the war in Iraq. However, after the 9/11 attacks in New York City, it seemed reasonable to expect that security of the American homeland would have a high priority. We couldn’t depend that the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans would provide sufficient barriers against terrorist attacks on our homes, towns and cities.

Incredibly, America has been exposed to enormous risks as we have no protection whatsoever against infiltration by terrorist who can land unnoticed anywhere in the continent (from the tip of Alaska to the borders of Argentina and Chili). We are totally exposed, as it is an easy trek to cross the borders between Canada and the U.S. Our northern flank is open and inviting terrorist attacks. On our Southern flank, we are exposed to attacks by terrorist landing on any Latin American country on the American Continent or the Caribbean. There are no protections to stop anyone from crossing into America on our Southern Borders. Check with La Migra as to how easy it is.

The question I have for the brain trust in Washington is: Why have we failed to bond with all the countries on the Southern Flank and the Caribbean to forge a massive protective curtain that will protect all of the Continent? Why haven’t we forged links with Canada to close the borders to all individuals that could pose a threat to countries in our continent? Why haven’t we forged links with Mexico to prevent the movement of terrorist across our Southern Border or terrorist that may come across the Spanish Main to attack all of Latin America?

The lack of support from Spain, Honduras and the Dominican Republic is further evidence that the American government still does not realize that with out the support of the Hispania, Latinos, Mexicans and all the countries on the American Continent and the island countries in the Caribbean, we, nor they, will ever be safe from terrorist attacks.

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