Volume XXIX Number 16 April 22, 2005

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Finding beauty in the midst of it all

By Geneva Gamez

Recycled garage doors, combined with old pieces of wood piled one on top of the other, coupled with metal sheets and worn out tires, translates to the high percentage of homes found south of the border. Add a rusted fence to the distance between Mexico and the U.S., and it won’t be difficult to understand the grave poverty that unites the inhabitants of these homes with the divisional fence that stands prominently between “us” and “them”.

This is why Maria Teresa Fernandez’s work makes perfect sense. Deteriorating shacks, made out of anything and everything, on the verge of collapsing are brought to life by the simple gesture of a blooming flower coming through a peeping hole in the door. A lock on a slanted door recovers value to the home that may otherwise just be a forgotten space. Recycled tires become whimsical elements within forced passages leading to the entrance of these homes.

Playas-San Diego by Maria Teresa Fernandez

“Architects by Force” is Fernandez’s three-year personal project turned into a series of photographs evoking life out of the dead, and color out of the dull. It’s a series intended to show the aesthetics of the unaesthetic and more than that to admirably respect those who are architects by force yet unaccredited for their creations.

Fernandez’s photographs depict a dialogue between form and material, patterns and texture; this combined with the wild range of colors, creates a cacophonous dialect.

“These factors confirm the notion that a piece of discarded material is no longer a piece of trash,” emphasizes the artist, “the colors, the patterns, and the textures conjure up the vitality and imagination required to convert trash into a home,” she says. Not to mention the ingenuous added battle to find anything that serves as a potential shield against the forces of nature.

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“A disability is not an inability”
A local writer’s disability hasn’t stopped him from succeeding. One of his essays was selected top-prize winner in a state-wide competition from the California Council for the Humanities.
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
Alex Montoya was born in Colombia as a triple amputee: He was missing both of his arms and one of his legs.

Red, White and...BlueLatinos.org
By Dan Reyes
SAN JOSE — With his launch of BlueLatinos.org, San Jose native Jose Quinonez has set the stage for the next generation of Hispanic/Latino political organizations.

Opposition Grows Against Central America Trade Agreement
By David Bacon
PUERTO CORTEZ, Honduras — When the Honduran Congress took up ratification of the Central American Free Trade Agreement last year, over a thousand angry demonstrators filled the streets of Tegucigalpa. Congress ratified CAFTA anyway, but the crowd was so upset that terrified deputies quickly fled.

Rep. Solis Continues Fight Against CAFTA as Latino Opposition Continues to Grow
Vows to Work with Concerned Organizations to Consolidate the Growing Majority of Latinos Against CAFTA
Washington D.C. — Congresswoman Hilda L. Solis (CA-32) vowed to continue her efforts to expand a fast-growing majority of Latino voters in the U.S. and in Central America that oppose the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), a controversial trade deal between the U.S. and the Central American region. Congresswoman Solis also pledged to work overtime to create a more unified opposition to CAFTA among Democrats in the House of Representatives and within the Latino community.


By Mary Jo McConahay
Joy, consternation, and for some, outright shock is reverberating among Catholics worldwide at the first sight of their new pope in his red robes, Benedict XVI. The most conservative regard the German Joseph Ratzinger as their champion, with his influential rock-hard stands against gay unions, cloning and the ordination of women, and against any dismantling of the firewall between Catholicism and every other religion in the world. Liberals regard him as medieval, a threat to theological exploration of sexual ethics, pluralism and a Church for the third millennium.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Marcianos y terroristas
Durante años, diez para ser precisos, trabajó como técnico de mantenimiento en una compañía de aviación cerca del aeropuerto Piedmont Triad International. Fue piloto naval y tenía licencia como piloto comercial de la Administración Federal de Aviación. Es más, tenía una segunda licencia federal como mecánico aeronáutico.

Foro de educación ACORN
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Apoyar la educación de sus hijos es el mejor regalo que los padres les pueden dar. Pero apoyarlos no solo significa llevarlos a la escuela, es necesario que los padres se involucren en la toma de decisiones que afectan al futuro de la educación de sus hijos.

ACORN Education Forum
By Luis Alonso Pérez
Supporting a child’s education is the best gift a parent can give. But supporting them means doing more than driving them to school, it means getting involved in the decisions that affects the future of the student’s education.

First Person
Commanding Words
By Heriberto Escamilla
A few weeks ago, I accepted a friend’s invitation to attend a temazcalli, (from the Nahuatl temaz for “bath” and calli for “house), a sweat lodge. Using steam for cleansing or purification is of course, not new or unique to the Americas, but it was a common practice among the indigeneous people of North and Central America. The temazscali was traditionally used for therapeutic or healing purposes. Accompanied by ritual, prayer, song and music it becomes a ceremony.

Por Karina Hurley Flores
La ayuda que necesitas tiene un número telefónico
Mexicanos, colombianos, salvadoreños, dominicanos... Si bien provenimos de países distintos entre sí, con costumbres y estilos de vida diferentes, los inmigrantes en este país tenemos algo en común: todos hemos atravesado el difícil proceso de adaptación al llegar a este país, adecuándonos a un nuevo estilo de vida, un nuevo porvenir y por supuesto, un nuevo idioma.

Acompañando a los pobres
Dorothy Granada es directora de la Clínica Maria Luisa Ortiz, en Mulukuku, Nicaragua. Su trabajo ha ayudado a la comunidad destrozada por la guerra a tener un mejor futuro.
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Cuando Dorothy Granada llegó a Nicaragua hace 18 años, el país, estaba destruido debido a la Guerra Civil y al reciente desastre causado por un huracán.

Award Winning Chicana Poet to Perform at UCSD 
“I was born a humanitarian. I was raised in poverty, racism,” says Gloria Velásquez, award-winning Chicana poet and novelist, professor and performer. “I was raised with nothing, absolutely nothing, and when I look at my life today, I think a ‘milagro,’ a dream come true.”

Southwestern College Looking for Women to Protect the Environment
Chula Vista — Southwestern College (SWC) student Lorena Yescas is so concerned about protecting the environment, she is doing something few women do: pursuing a career in environmental technology.

Hispanic Caucus Recognizes Earth Day’s 35th Anniversary
Environment Growing Concern for Latino Community
Washington, DC — On April 22, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) commemorates the 35th anniversary of Earth Day and reaffirms its commitment to environmental justice.

¡Sexo, Sexo, Sexo!
Por Alejandro Alvarado Bremer
El tema más controversial que ocupa en estos tiempos de cambio a la Iglesia Católica es el sexo, no solo por los escándalos que han lastimado penosamente su reputación en todo el mundo sino también por su posición frente a problemas que directamente o indirectamente están vinculados con la sexualidad, como el aborto, el uso de preservativos, la homosexualidad o el matrimonio en el sacerdocio.

Se va un Líder
Por Pastor Luis García
Independientemente del credo religioso al cual uno pertenece, es indudable la trascendencia del liderazgo del Papa Juan Pablo II en el mundo.

When Sleepless Nights Become Dangerous
By Tracy Nelson
Ever woke up in the morning and felt just as exhausted as when you went to bed? For about nine percent of the U.S. population, and up to 25 percent in the elderly, this isn’t a one-time occurrence: it’s an ongoing reality. These people suffer from a sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea literally means ‘no breath’ when sleeping. Sufferers of obstructive sleep apnea experience temporary and repeated blockages of the throat resulting in snoring, choking, shortness of breath and frequent awakening. In the morning, these individuals complain of tiredness and excessive sleepiness.


We Have a POPE! Latinos Wonder
As the world’s eyes looked towards Vatican City, their attention riveted on a tall chimney pipe on top of the Sistine Chapel. If the smoke was white, a new Papa (Pope) had been selected. If it was black, the selection of who would be the next leader of the world’s billion Catholics, would await another day. Latinos, Hispanics, Mexicans, in a word, nuestra gente, all prayed for a Pope that would understand our people.

Hispanic Legislators Oppose Governors Redistricting Plans. Labeling them as Self Serving!
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s initiative to dramatically change the redistricting rules is in trouble if it hopes to qualify for a special election. This of course does not mean the initiative is dead, But, by not qualifying for a special election definitely puts a crimp in the governor’s plan to have the districts redrawn in time for the 2006 or 2008 elections.

National City Spotlight:
A Public Convenience or the Necessity of One?
By Ted Godshalk
In typical California style we recently had a small earthquake nearby and took it in stride with barely a notice. Just as I was noting that no controversies had crossed my desk in over a week, the City Council met to consider an alcohol-related issue. Like a deep underground fault line, there are tensions simmering below the surface.

The passing of a legend: Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales
Jorge Mariscal
When in the summer of 1968 President Lyndon Johnson’s Attorney General stood up before an audience of Chicano, African American, Puerto Rican, American Indian, and poor white activists, he had no idea he was about to receive a knockout punch delivered by a former Mexican American flyweight contender. When the stocky man with a moustache rose to ask his question, Attorney General Ramsey Clark dismissed him by saying he would not take questions until after his statement. Refusing to be silenced, the man stood again and forced Clark to listen to what he had to say.

The Truth About Education Policy
By Adam Chavarria
In recent weeks, much has been said and written about the president’s commitment to Hispanic education. Most of the comments have been positive. However, there also have been some misunderstandings of the policy and its implications. It is high time we examined what the state of Hispanic education truly has been over time and why it must be changed.

La Política y el Papado
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Dejemos a Dios en el cielo y observemos el nuevo nombramiento del Papa con los pies plantados en la tierra. En todo caso, seamos concientes, racionales y objetivos. Entonces entenderemos que, como en Washington o en cualquier institución de poder, en el Vaticano también la política juega un papel importante. Así, la designación de Joseph Ratzinger –ahora Benedicto XVI— se debe más al resultado de un proceso político interno que a la disposición de la divina providencia.

Politics and the Papacy
By Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Let’s leave God in heaven, and let’s begin to look at the appointment of the new Pope down from earth. In other words, let us be more rational, conscious and objective individuals. Then we’ll realize that, just as in Washington or in any other institutions, the bottom line in the Vatican is also politics. Thus, the election of Joseph Ratzinger –now Benedict XVI— is the result of an internal political process rather than the divine power of the Holy Spirit.

Orale! How lucky can we get here in San Diego! We are known nationally for our Baseball stadium, PETCO PARK, with our famous PADRES, that can’t seem to beat the DODGERS. Now, we are known Nationwide for having one of the three worse Mayors in the entire nation, Mayor Dick Murphy! Boy have we got bragging points when we go visit friends and family throughout the country!

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We All Are “The Victim”
By Carlos von Son
The theater’s impact is felt in all its power with outstanding performances. Drama students at Cal State San Marcos are currently reviving the power of theater. Directed by Marcos Martínez, the talented drama students are now playing “La víctima” [The Victim] at the university campus. The drama group La Esperanza of Santa Barbara wrote the play in 1976. Spanish is the presentation’s language; and the actors offer information in brief historic summaries both in English and in Spanish. However, the non-Hispanic-language audience does not find understanding the plot difficult, nor feeling the emotions transmitted by the passionate actors.

Todos somos La víctima
Por Carlos von Son
El impacto del teatro se deja sentir con toda su fuerza con actuaciones como las que efectúan actualmente los estudiantes de teatro en Cal State San Marcos. Bajo la dirección de Marcos Martínez , estos talentosos estudiantes representan la obra “La víctima” en el campus de la universidad. La obra fue escrita en 1976 por el grupo de Teatro La Esperanza de Santa Bárbara. Se presenta en español, y los actores ofrecen información en breves resúmenes históricos tanto en inglés como en español . Sin embargo, la audiencia que no sea hispanohablante no tiene dificultades en entender la trama, y menos aún en sentir las emociones que nos transmiten los apasionados actores.

SDSU’s Teatro Alto theatre group presents: A Bowl of Bordertown Beings
Photos and text by Luis Alonso Pérez
Rebelliousness is contagious. Sometimes it’s passed on from one generation to the next, but it takes a new shape with the restlessness, courage and frustrations of new dissidents.

Grupo Fantasma just one of the groups to highlight Chicano Park Day
By Francisco Ciriza
The groundbreaking Latin collective musical outfit, Grupo Fantasma, will be one of the featured highlights of this year’s 35th annual Chicano Park Day, which will be held on Saturday, April 23, 2005, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, at the historic park, located in the heart of Barrio Logan just south of downtown San Diego.

Por Septima Vez se Presenta la Muestra Internacional de Danza “ Cuerpos en Tránsito 2005”
Por: Paco Zavala
Tijuana es hoy día una ciudad cuyo nombre suena fuertemente en los escenarios internacionales del arte y la cultura, por las diversas demostraciones que diariamente se dan en el contorno de los diversos escenarios de la ciudad, introduciendo los cambios sustanciales que la juventud aporta vinculados con las inquietudes provenientes de la fuerza con que estos se manifiestan.

Señorita Extraviada, Missing Young Women
In a collaborative effort to raise awareness about the human rights violations that are being committed against women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico the UCSD Cross Cultural Center, the Voz Alta Project and the San Diego Independent Media Center join audiences and communities for the showing of the film Señorita Extraviada, Missing Young Women by Lourdes Portillo. Local artist Andi Brandenburg will install an alter paying tribute to the missing and murdered women of Juarez. The alter will be installed in the UCSD Cross Cultural Center lecture hall.

Canalizando a Harry y a Sally
“A lot like love” maneja muchas similaridades a la premisa del clásico de los ’90.
Por Jose Daniel Bort
1990, Nora Ephron produjo un “splash” de vitalidad al genero de la comedia román-tica cuando puso junta la historia de dos treintañeros neoyorkinos que juraban no comprometerse nunca y mantener su amistad mientras poco a poco se iban enamorando en “When Harry Met Sally”. Era un muy necesario empuje al género y la película será recordada como la comedia romántica para adultos más emocionante de la década.

Estoy mucho más tranquila
Jennifer López se siente muy orgullosa de su nueva película “Monster-in-Law”
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Sin la otrora necesidad de poner una coraza alrededor suyo, así se presentó Jennifer López lista para enfrentar las preguntas sobre su nueva película con otro icono del cine mundial, Jane Fonda.

Beltran Making Waves in Mexico & the U.S.
By John Philip Wyllie
Voted its 2004 Freshman Swimmer of the Year, Sasha Beltran made an immediate impact for the Bonita Vista Barons last season while leading the team to a Mesa League Swimming Banner. Having already turned some heads earlier this season at the Sundevil Invitational in Rancho Penasquitos, Beltran appears poised for another record setting campaign.

“Dust to Glory” a Movie About the Baja 1000
Highlights National City’s McMillin Family
By Kelley Dupuis
Andy McMillin loves Mexico.