Volume XXVIII Number 15 April 16, 2004

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Questions Concerning Military Recruitment

By Raymond R. Beltrán

Reported Tuesday, the battles in Najaf have cost the lives of 70 U.S. troops this week. It was also reported that the Iraqi death toll is ten times that number. During the ever escalating occupation of Iraq, daily development newspaper reports exhibit the names, ages and hometowns of dead soldiers. Beside the names, which at times exhibit a variety of ethnicities, is the age factor, which more often than not seem to be between 19 and 25.

Not only is this not just a coincidence according to local activists, but it is said that this type of pattern is due to recruiting techniques used by armed service recruiters.

Rick Jahnkow and University of California, San Diego Professor Jorge Mariscal, members of Project YANO (Youth and Non-Military Opportunities), have been collecting data to provide high school students with alternative information, they say, to combat the influx of military recruiting propaganda targeted to young, and the majority of, minority teenagers who are about to graduate.

Military propaganda such as this has covered the four corners of Highland Ave. and Division St. in National City. Photo by RR Beltrán.

“The country can’t come to better itself if it doesn’t think critically,” says YANO’s Project Coordinator Rick Jahnkow. “That means that young people in the country have to be taught to think critically. Ask questions, we encourage that.”

Among the many grievances YANO has with military recruiting is the “money for college” myth. It is no myth that the media being directed toward civilians paints a picture of free college money, but YANO members raise questions of what it takes to actually get it.

What is known as the Montgomery G.I. Bill offers recruits thousands of dollars in college money, but YANO divulges that in the first twelve months of service, beginning on a recruit’s reporting date, the recruit’s pay is docked $100 a month, which is then transferred to an education fund. In the event that a recruit decides not to go to college, the money remains non-refundable and the recruit doesn’t see a dime of it. Project YANO makes claims that the military ultimately benefits from the “contribution” and that these types of details should be divulged to possible recruits off the bat.

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Let’s Forget “The Alamo”
(Editor’s Note: The movie “The Alamo” is a flop at the box office, but this hasn’t dissuaded our wrtiers from talking about the movie. Here we present two different relfections on the “The Alamo”)
By Ruben Fierro
For many Mexicans here in the U.S and Mexico,there is no event in Mexico’s history worse to be reminded of than the siege of that dilapidated mission-turned-fortress-turned-tourist attraction in San Antonio,Texas. Any discussion about the big budget production “The Alamo” that was released on April 9, has been about how it’s a new and improved version of past depictions of that battle. This time we see that there were Tejanos, i.e., Mexicans born in Texas, fighting alongside the “Texians” at the Alamo. We see that Travis, a Texian version of a born-again boyscout, and tough guy Bowie had slaves with them during the siege. It also appears that Davy Crockett did not go down swinging, and that no line was drawn on the sand by Travis for the fearless to step over.

Movie The Alamo Provides Clue for Racial Unity
By Joe Ortiz
I saw the movie The Alamo over the weekend and walked away with something I have always known. Half way through it, an extremely important message concerning racial unity was uttered by one of the actors, and many people will probably miss it.

WWII vets to be honored with memorial in Washington
By Laura Pack
WASHINGTON — Four thousand gold stars –each symbolizing at least 100 fallen Americans– stud the granite wall to honor those who never came home.



Property Rights Champion Hernando de Soto Wins Friedman Prize for Liberty
WASHINGTON — The Cato Institute announced today (April 1, 2004) that the winner of the second biennial Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty is internationally recognized economist and property rights activist Hernando de Soto.

Wal-Mart Loses a Battle, But Why Was It Allowed to Fight?
By Jeff Milchen
Wal-Mart Inc. executives aren’t used to losing, but the world’s largest corporation took a beating from citizens in the Los Angeles suburb of Inglewood. The company’s ballot initiative, which would have negated Inglewood City Council’s rejection of Wal-Mart’s proposed “Supercenter,” was crushed by voters last Tuesday despite Wal-Mart spending a mind-boggling $220 for each “yes” vote it received in the working-class city. Unknown additional funds were spent on a barrage of image ads in the region featuring black and Latino actors, reflecting Inglewood’s population.

Bush-Cheney ’04 Announces National Hispanic Steering Committee
Arlington, VA — Bush-Cheney ’04 launched its National Hispanic Steering Committee at a rally in Orlando, Florida. Regional events of the Viva Bush Coalition will follow, starting with a rollout in Kansas City, Missouri.

Organizan las Celebraciones Para “El Día del Niño”
Por: Paco Zavala
¿Quién representa la alegría del hogar? ¿Quién es lo más hermoso que existe en un hogar? ¿Quién disfruta de todo el cariño y los mimos de mamá y papá? ¿Por quién hay que guardar sigilo, silencio y no gritar? ¿A quién se le ama más que a nadie? ¿A quién se le cuida con esmero y dedicación? ¿Por quién hay suma preocupación cuando se enferman? ¿A quién se le encomienda a Dios en ausencia y en presencia?

Por Karina Hurley Flores

La ayuda que necesitas tiene un número telefónico
Mexicanos, colombianos, salvadoreños, dominicanos... Si bien provenimos de países distintos entre sí, con costumbres y estilos de vida diferentes, los inmigrantes en este país tenemos algo en común: todos hemos atravesado el difícil proceso de adaptación al llegar a este país, adecuándonos a un nuevo estilo de vida, un nuevo porvenir y por supuesto, un nuevo idioma.

Community Notes:
Southwestern College Helps Protect Children from Dental Disease
National City—Sources of cavities, oral health, problems with plaque, teeth protection, and general dental safety are a few of the many topics that will be addressed during a free dental workshop for parents sponsored by Southwestern College’s (SWC) Family Resource Center and its Dental Hygiene Program. The workshop will take place Wednesday, April 21 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. at the National City Collaborative Family Resource Center, 304 West 18th Street, adjacent to Kimball Elementary School. Free childcare and parking will be available to workshop participants.

Cluninary/Food Page:
This week we feature: Spring Grilling -- Enjoy


President Vows to Continue War in Iraq At Any Cost!
Señor Presidente, perhaps, you would have been more correct to have said: “The war in Iraq will continue no matter how many, poor and middle class servicemen, are killed.” Or, have you not noticed that the children of the wealthy once again are “missing” in action. The children of the “elite” once again get a free ride. But that isn’t new. From the time of the founding of this nation, the children of the “privileged class”, with some notable exceptions, are exempt from military service. Their wealthy, powerful parents either bought the privileged for their children to not serve or they paid for others to serve in their place.

Sweetwater Unified School District Failing to Meet the Needs of Chula Vista Students
The Growth Management Oversight Commission for the City of Chula Vista recently released their preliminary findings. The report, a review of quality of life issues, stated that the Sweetwater Union High School District, the largest secondary school district in the nation, is not keeping up with the needs of the community. “Great disparities are self-evident in the quality of maintenance, air conditioning, accessibility to technology, erosion of recreation space to relocate able classrooms, ratio of functional restrooms per student and cafeteria capacity”, stated the report.  

El Problema de la Gasolina
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
La avalancha histórica de los precios de la gasolina, que se han disparado recientemente desde $1.50 dólares por galón a principios del mes de febrero hasta $2.34 –está proyectada en $3.00 dólares para el Día del Trabajo—, ha generado un proceso de enjuiciamientos políticos. Todos señalan el dedo acusador, nadie asume responsabilidad de una problemática que, hasta hace poco, era latente. Hoy, los precios elevados de la gasolina se han convertido en un problema serio para el mercado, dado que puede alterar las tasas inflacionarias de los artículos de consumo y los bienes de servicio, ya que muchos dependen de sus derivados. La situación requiere, sobretodo, de la tutela del gobierno federal, la asistencia de los gobiernos estatales, así como también la solidaridad de las empresas petrolíferas y la colaboración de la ciudadanía en general, que finalmente son los beneficiarios directos de los derivados del “oro” negro.

Planning for our future
By Ron Morrison
More than one year in the making, the draft Regional Comprehensive Plan for the San Diego region is now available for public review. The plan will serve as the foundation for connecting land uses, transportation systems, infrastructure needs, and public investment strategies for the San Diego region.

Guaranteeing Democracy
Help America Vote Act (HAVA)

By Congressman Charles Gonzalez
Our predecessors in Congress fought for the right of every American to be able to take part in our democracy. Thanks to their efforts and those of countless others, Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This was the first step in positive reform for our nation’s voting system. Eliminating literacy tests and other legal barriers that had for too long denied minorities the right to vote, showing that a true democracy was ever evolving and that the law must change with the times. While the challenges we face today are different than the ones then, the goal remains the same - to guarantee the cherished right to vote for all Americans.

El “Esmeralda”: el buque escuela de la muerte y la tortura de la Armada de Chile
Por Germán F. Westphal
El 11 de septiembre de 1973, el general Augusto Pinochet derroca al gobierno constitucional chileno del Dr. Salvador Allende en un sangriento golpe de estado. Durante los 17 años de su dictadura, somete a Chile al imperio del terrorismo de estado, el más vil de todos los terrorismos en la medida que se ampara en el uso de la autoridad. Según datos oficiales, durante este período fueron brutalmente asesinadas por agentes del estado chileno unas 3.197 personas. Esta cifra incluye 49 niños entre 2 y 16 años, 126 mujeres —algunas de ellas embarazadas— y una cincuentena de extranjeros entre los cuales hay varios ciudadanos brasileños, uruguayos y argentinos.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Letting Pedro Pietri speak appreciated
I write to express my deepest gratitude to both La Prensa and journalist Raymond Beltran for having the vision and heart to interview poet, playwright, and civil rights activist

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Barrio BookFest Combats the Lack of Independence
By Raymond R. Beltrán
“At one time during the Chicano Power Movement, there was a tremendous amount of press during the sixties and seventies with all of its limitations, whether that meant logistical or material, or [technological],” says RPA (Raza Press Association) member Ernesto Bustillos. “In San Diego alone, there were three or four progressive papers, and most universities had a newspaper or a magazine . You don’t see that today.”

“TIERRA Y LIBERTAD” is the theme of the 34th Annual Chicano Park Day on Saturday, April 24, 2004, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, in historic Chicano Park, located in the Barrio Logan community, south of downtown San Diego. This family celebration is free and open to the public.

Una Estrujante Historia en “Morir en la Paz”
Por: Paco Zavala
En el vasto mundo de la escritura existen libros, si muchos libros escritos y creo que todos tienen o persiguen un objetivo, cuando menos el que alguien los lea; es la idea fundamental de los autores.

Book launch to tell untold stories of Filipinos in U.S. Navy
By Earl S. Duka
NATIONAL CITY — The book launch on May 8, 2004 of Dr. Riz A. Oades’s Beyond The Mask: Untold Stories of U.S. Navy Filipinos is not only a milestone in the U.S. Filipino American military milieu. It’s also the first of its kind. And the venue to see it is the Admiral Baker Clubhouse, 2400 Admiral Baker Rd., San Diego.

El final de la novia
Tarantino expone lo que le faltó en la primera parte de Kill Bill

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Lo hizo de nuevo. Tarantino brinda un film lleno de poesía, humor, agresión y transgresión, esta vez con el diálogo como su mayor forté. Sin embargo, la primera parte de Kill Bill, (Vol. 1) complementa y reafirma a la segunda parte, de la misma forma que las fresas a la crema, el arroz a las habichuelas o las velas a la cena romántica. Se puede cenar íntimamente sin velas, pero la gran mayoría lo hace porque funcionan mejor juntos.

El secreto de los Tigres del Norte
36 años marcando el paso de la historia musical

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Los hermanos Hernández tienen la fórmula mágica en sus manos, esa que produce millones de dólares gracias a su trabajo. Pero no es precisamente toda la atención a los detalles que imponen en sus producciones discográficas, o la extensa gira de conciertos por toda América y Europa. La magia la consiguen en su recóndito de San José, en la parte Sur de la bahía de San Francisco, que muchas veces ha sido comparada con la encarnación del cielo en la tierra. Allí tienen Los Tigres su pedazo del Olimpo.

Los Tigres Del Norte Release New CD “Pacto De Sangre”

By Francisco Ciriza
Norteño scene veterans, Los Tigres Del Norte, continue in their role as the peoples’ band. Their new release on Fonovisa Records entitled “Pacto De Sangre” contains fourteen new songs and debuted atop Billboard Magazine’s ‘Top Latin Albums’ list according to data from Nielsen SoundScan for the week ending the 17th of April, 2004.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Como tenemos poco que comunicar, después de la Semana Santa, ponemos manos a la obra.

Calendar of Events...
By Berenice Cisneros
M Buterfly at Diversionary Theater
** M Butterfly tells the incredible true-life story of a French diplomat brought to conviction for espionage by a bizarre twenty-year affair with a Beijing Opera diva. Not only had the French diplomat failed to recognize that this lover was a spy; he’d also failed to recognize that “she” was a he. All performances are at Diversionary Theatre located at 4545 Park Boulevard in San Diego. Opened March 20 and continues through May 2. For ticket purchases call 220-0097 or visit us online at www.diversionary.org.

Milka Duno: “Me gustan los retos fuertes’
PorNiky Pauli
Con voz suave y pausada, explica que por su mente nunca cruzó la idea de convertirse en piloto de carreras de autos. Lo suyo era estudiar, estudiar y estudiar. Pero un día, sin más ni más, el camino le cambió gracias a una llamada telefónica en la que le proponían un reto. Y un reto es algo que la venezolana Milka Duno no puede ignorar.

Sanchez Takes on a Leadership Role
By John Philip Wyllie
It is fairly unusual for a sophomore to captain a high school athletic team, but then Chris Sanchez is no ordinary athlete. As a Bonita Vista High freshman last season, Sanchez broke the school records for the 100 meter backstroke and the 200 meter freestyle. Now the brightest star for the defending Mesa League champions, Sanchez hopes to help coach, Steve Wiggs lead the Barons to back to back championships and on to CIF competition.

Jacob “Stitch” Duran: A Boxer’s Dream
By Fiona Manning
They call him Stitch.

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