April 15, 2005

Q-V0 Gente... How are we? Seems that with the death of El Papa... it feels triste around this town and the world. The world somehow ya no está igual. Sadness pervades our thoughts (pensamientos) and our feelings (sentimientos) are burdened with the thoughts (pensamientos) that in the end, we all must leave this life... No sé, if this Computer contraption can sense that somehow something is not well with our lives anymore.

Mi cuate Herman Baca, is in Colorado attending another funeral which impacted rather sadly upon our Gente. Corky Gonzales, who devoted the majority of his adult life to struggling against the Anglo system which discriminated so much contra our gente, also chose to depart this life after devoting the major part of it trying to bring equity, happiness, and security to millions of people who happened to be of Mexican descent. Corky, you join a good friend of our Gente, el Papa Juan Pablo II, who knew the pain and struggle to bring to his people, the Polish people, who were close to his heart, yet also found time to accommodate and bring to millions of others a profound faith close to God. When you encounter Him, as I know you will find peace in your soul and follow His foot steps in Heaven.

La Prensa San Diego held an office party, this past Wednesday celebrating the 19th year of employment of Maria B. Delgado, who has been our master linquist, en Español e Inglés, computer expert and our spiritual soul mate throughout the past 19 years (since 1986)! Not bad for a past student of the MAAC Project!

Somehow, for as hard as we try, La Prensa gets no monetary support from Business advertisers (could they all be Right wing Republicans?). We get a lot of platitudes from our Gente and the so call DEMOCRATS (who love our liberal stance) but who give all the dough to the Right wing Union Tribune (in advertising) who kicks their butts every chance they get! Go figure!

This leads me to let all you folks who love La Prensa San Diego and would dearly love to keep us printing to call our new Marketing Director, J.D. Hawk, who is from the Villaseñor familia. Real nice guy, and wants to do his best to keep his job and help El Jefito keep printing. Give him a call at 619-336-0370!

Chao Gente!... Tezzy

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