April 15, 2005

Open ended: Project presentation and a chat with artists from InSite05

By Luis Alonso Pérez

The curtain was lifted, making public the artistic projects that will make up the 2005 edition of the international contemporary art event InSite, it was during simultaneous binational exhibition in Tijuana and San Diego under the name final abierto / Open Ended. North of the border, it was inaugurated on April 1st, in the Athenaeum music and arts library in La Jolla. South of the border it was inaugurated on Friday, April 8th, in the Baja California Institute of Culture of Tijuana.

The Open Ended exhibit’s objective is to present to the Tijuana and San Diego public, a showing of the theoretical framing, the creative process and the plans in development for the projects that make up the InSite05 program, such as: museum exhibitions, projections, live video and sound events, on-line projects, dialogs, conferences, presentations, exchange games, open archives, publications, shows, TV broadcasts, and urban interventions.

The InSite project was born in 1992 with the objective of promoting new artistic languages by regional artists, trough interventions in public spaces in Tijuana and San Diego. It’s growth has been constant, since it’s beginning it has achieved to commission more than 150 projects, it has counted with the participation of more than 40 institutions and 200 artists, obtaining international recognition as one of the most important contemporary art events.

The next InSite edition takes the curatorial topic of Bypass, with the objective of “searching for alternate situations of flux and interconnectivity experiences” according to its organizers. Since late August until late November, the results will be presented for the artistic residences, theoretical encounters and artistic project production of more than 100 participants, carried out trough two years by artists, theoretic, curators arquitects and promoters from around the world. Attaining as a final result, an interdisciplinary program with four main components: public interventions, scenarios, conversations, and an exposition called Sitios Distantes (Distant Places).

The public space interventions have been and still are the most important component of the event. They consist in creating art that involves public spaces and occasionally the spectators. For this edition of InSite, Osvaldo Sanchez has been appointed as curator for this component, and around 25 artistic projects have been commissioned to artistic creators from around the world to intervene in what they denominate “the area’s public fabric”.

The artistic practices called interventions consist in artistic representations that stand for new forms of expressing the “public speech”, such as on-line digital art, live video and sound presentations, as well as collective archives for open consult.

The component called conversations consists in promoting debate and theoretical reflection trough conferences, workshops and dialogs between social researchers, university lecturers, artists and curators.

Sisitios Distantes (Distant Places) is the name of the artistic project that consists in fulfilling an exhibition through two local museums: the Tijuana Cultural Center and the San Diego Museum of Art, each one contributing with half of an exhibition that shows projects from more than 50 artists from Sao Paulo, Caracas, Buenos Aires, New York, and Mexico City, in Disciplines such as photography, video, painting, and installation, among others.

The InSite project for 2005 has been in gestation since 2003. It has been in operation trough residences for artists, artistic project collaborations, social research, and the elaboration of educational programs that promote public participation in the development of the projects.

The event will be inaugurated the 26 of August in the cities of Tijuana and San Diego. It will last until the 13th of November of 2005. To know more about InSite05 visit the web page at www.insiteo5.org

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