April 13, 2001

I am hoping you can give me the opportunity to express my First Amendment Right

I am a resident of Lincoln Park and I was very upset to see the new billboard put up on our street, 47th and Market. It was an advertisement to a gun show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Now why in the world is this put in our neighborhoods?

As I drove to the tortilleria I saw another billboard at 25th and Market. Now it doesn't take a brain surgeon to understand why we are being targeted. I think it's a shame and very sad that with the latest tragedies, that have been happening in the schools, with guns, that these advertisements are allowed to be put up.

Our neighborhoods are always being put down, but isn't it something that the kids that are going crazy shooting at classmates are not Hispanic or African American. We must be doing something right even if we are considered a poor neighborhood?! These are labels that are put on us by the rich people.

I can't believe that the only invitation we receive personally from the Del Mar Fairgrounds is to a gunshow?! We never get a big advertisement like that to the horse races or to the 4th of July Fair. I was told that people who place billboards have a right to the First Amendment, well I do too! And I don't appreciate this invitation to our people and our kids!

Get out of our neighborhoods!

Bevelyn Bravo

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