Volume XXVII Number 15 April 11, 2003

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Barragán y sus guerreros de hojalata

By: Mariana Martinez

Mediodía del viernes.

Después de media hora tratando de encontrar donde estacionarme corro por los edificios del Palacio Municipal llenos de gente malhumorada por pagar impuestos.

Mely Barragán con “monos-mofle”

La verdad es que hasta ahora ésta es la imagen de tortura al mencionar el Palacio Municipal: ruido, trámites y burócratas.

Al llegar al patio del Palacio Municipal escucho música, y luego observo una mampara pintada de azul turquesa que dice el nombre de la exposición: Guerreros por Mely Barragán.

Por todo el patio se ven hombres de hojalata, mezclados entre las filas, fueron creados de imaginación y mofles.

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SARS and the Global Village
By: James Santiago Grisolía, MD
SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is a new illness, apparently caused by a new version of a common cold virus. The first cases occurred in Southern China last November, but in recent weeks have spread to Hong Kong, and then rapidly to the U.S, Canada, and other countries. According to the World Health Organization, as of April 7 there are 2,601 cases, so far with 98 fatalities. In the U.S., 148 cases are under investigation.

SARS y la Aldea Global
Por: James Santiago Grisolía, MD
SARS (Siglas en inglés del Síndrome de Insuficiencia Respiratoria Aguda) es una infección nueva, aparentemente producida por una versión nueva del virus del catarro común. Los casos iniciales se registraron en el Sur de China en noviembre 2002, pero últimamente se ha difundido rapidamente a Hong Kong, Estados Unidos, Canadá, y otros países. Según WHO (Organización de Salud Mundial), hasta el día 7 abril, hay 2,601 casos mundiales, con 98 muertos. Dentro de Estados Unidos, 148 casos quedan bajo investigación.

Border 2012: Environmental Protection and Public Health Agreement Signed by Mexican and US Authorities
By: Mariana Martinez
April 4 marked the signing of the Border 2012 Plan by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Deputy Administrator Linda Fisher and Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAP) Undersecretary Raúl Arriaga.

Firma del Plan Fronterizo de Protección Ambiental y Salud Pública Frontera 2012
Por: Mariana Martinez
La mañana del 4 de Abril del 2003 por fin se firmó el Tratado Frontera 2012. Un plan a 10 años que busca la protección del medio ambiente y mejorar la salud pública a lo largo de la frontera entre México y Estados Unidos.

Charter Schools Suffer From Ill Prepared Teachers, Unequal Funding Reform Experiment May Reinforce Achievement Gaps, New Study Finds
The nation’s ballooning number of charter schools rely heavily on uncredentialed teachers, fail to acquire federal monies intended to aid low-achieving or disabled children, and display the same finance disparities that beset regular public schools, according to an unprecedented study to be released today (April 8, 2003).


Books, Not Bombs – Students Protest A War On Education
By: David Bacon
SACRAMENTO, Calif.—A new protest movement is happening in California as bombs fall over Iraq. Young people, who complain that their future outlook is shrinking to military service after high school, are taking to the streets.

March 31, 2003

Chicana Playwright to Discuss Route from Undocumented Person To Acclaimed Professional
Josefina Lopez, Chicana playwright and co-screenwriter of the award-winning film, Real Women Have Curves, will speak on Real Women Have Courage: From San Luis Potosi to Hollywood at 7 p.m. April 23 in the Price Center Theatre at the University of California, San Diego.

Spring Break in Rosarito isn’t what it used to be
It’s Spring Break Season again, but don’t expect too much partying in Rosarito beaches this year. Some locals say the war and the fear among Americans to leave the U.S. are contributing to the low attendances.
By Pablo De Sainz
During last year’s Spring Break season, Javier Urrea made an average of $80 a day as a waiter at a club in Rosarito. This year, however, he’s not even making half that amount.

Desolador el Spring Break en Rosarito
De nuevo es temporada de Spring Break, pero no esperen mucho reventón en las playas de Rosarito este año. Algunos miembros de la localidad dicen que la guerra y el temor entre los estadounidenses están contribuyendo a las bajas ventas.
Por Pablo De Sainz
Durante la temporada de Spring Break del año pasado, Javier Urrea hizo en promedio $80 dólares al día como mesero de un antro de Rosarito. Este año, sin embargo, no está sacando ni la mitad de esa cantidad.

Physicians Describe Chemical and Biological Emergency Prepardness
Scripps Foundation to Host Free Seminar Featuring Emergency Planning Advice from Scripps Chula Vista Epidemiologist
As the United States continues its war against terrorism, many South Bay residents worry about the threat of a nuclear, biological, chemical, incendiary or explosive attack within county borders.

Por Diego Alvarez
Información médica por teléfono
En servicios de salud, los hispanos somos un grupo en desventaja. Primero por los elevados costos de la salud en los Estados Unidos, y segundo debido a la barrera del idioma.

Business Notes:
Funding Sources for Regional Development Workshop
The Small Business Development & International Trade Center (SBDITC) cordially invites you to the Regional Workshop “Funding Sources for Regional Development with the NADB and the BECC”.

San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Offers Scholarships to San Diego Students
The San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SDCHCC) is pleased to announce scholarship availability to San Diego County students. Applications for the program are now available to graduating high school students, students currently attending college and/or students in need of financial assistance.


The Militarization of Everyday Life
Latinos on the Frontlines, Again
By Jorge Mariscal
Since the early years of the American war in Southeast Asia, Latino communities have argued that their youth have been disproportionately placed in harm’s way. When Dr. Ralph Guzmán published his study in which he argued that between 1961 and 1967 19.4% of combat casualties in Viet Nam were Mexican American (only 10% of the population of the Southwest at the time), Chicano and Chicana activists used the study to mobilize against the draft and ultimately against the war.

Latinos en el frente de combate, una vez más
Por: Jorge Mariscal
Desde los primeros años de la guerra estadounidense en el sudeste asiático, las comunidades latinas han argumentado que su juventud ha sido puesta en peligro de manera desproporcionada. Cuando el doctor Ralph Guzmán publicó su estudio en el que afirmó que entre 1961 y 1967, un 19.4 por ciento de víctimas en combate en Vietnam fueron mexicano-estadounidenses (sólo un 10% de la población del sudoeste en esa época), activistas chicanos y chicanas utilizaron el estudio para movilizar contra la conscripción y en última instancia contra la guerra.

Por qué aún necesitamos acción afirmativa
Por Andrea Guerrero
Como estudiante de Leyes, estuve en la última clase de los beneficiados por acción afirmativa en la Universidad de California, Berkeley. En 1996, el Estado de California pasó la medida que prevenía la práctica de acción afirmativa en sus universidades. Desde entonces, el número de admisiones de minorías en los recintos universitarios más competitivos se desplomó.

La Guerra siempre sigue! Did you know that there are 40,000 Iraqi Americans (give or take a few illegal crossers) living in the middle of San Diego County? Many of them arrived here thanks to the efforts of former Assemblyman/Senator Waddie Deddeh who is of Iraqi origins. Many of today’s small businessmen owe their ability to establish a small business to the efforts of Waddie Deddeh, who is retired from the political arena (in a sense). That many of the Iraqi businesses are located in the Mexican Barrios is an indication of the hospitality by Mexican Americans to live in harmony with other cultures and nationalities.

The Public Forum … El Foro Publico
Good News 
A historical meeting took place at the City of Carlsbad offices. For the first time migrant farm worker advocates met with growers, city officials and others to plan long term (called “temporary” for political reasons) housing for 150 Carlsbad farm workers. The plan was initiated by Officer Keith Blackburn of the Carlsbad Police Dept., along with Carlsbad Housing officer Debra Fountain. But it is the direct outcome of grassroots organizing and protests from migrant farm worker advocates.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Barragán and her tin-man
By: Mariana Martinez
Friday. Midday.
After half an hour trying to find a parking spot, I do.

Southwestern College Presents “Los Vendidos” and “Soldado Razo” Luis Valdez’s Plays
CHULA VISTA — Southwestern College’s School of Arts and Communication and the College’s Education Center at San Ysidro are proud to present “Los Vendidos” and “Soldado Razo.” The two Luis Valdez early plays will be performed April 11-13, 2003 at the San Ysidro Multicultural Complex, 4350 Otay Mesa Road in San Ysidro.

Macuilxochitl's Kiva
A Conversation with Chucho Merchán
By Francisco Ciriza
The following is the first in a series of writings based upon a personal interview with Chucho Merchán an accomplished Latino musician and wonderful human being. He is currently the bassist in Mexico’s rock outfit Jaguares.

Invitan a Participar a los Poetas Mexicanos en los XXXIII Juegos Florales Nacionales.
Por: Paco Zavala
En el panorama del arte y la cultura en la república mexicana este movimiento se da en la actualidad en cualquier rincón del territorio mexicano.

Visita Tijuana “Chamalú”
Por: Paco Zavala
La tan cacareada globalización que con su arribo ha traído beneficios y para algunos (que son muchos) pobres, perjuicios, ha destapado una serie de vertientes desconocidas, que con el impulso de infinidad de conceptos y elementos se perciben hoy día con naturalidad.

Calendar of Events.....
By Berenice Cisneros
Mexican Imagery on Paper
Back from Tomboctou Gallery and Imports will present “Mexican Imagery on Paper.” This is an exhibit showcasing original Volantes or broadsheets, Mexican Cinema lobby cards and old Cinema movie posters.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Haremos una somera reseña de algunos acontecimientos culturales que se están desarrollando en Tijuana.

Gonzalez Plays a Key Role in Breakers Win Over Spirit
By John Philip Wyllie
Monica Gonzalez, a central defender on Mexico’s national team paid a visit to San Diego last Saturday. The 5’10” former Notre Dame star, now a starting center back with the WUSA Boston Breakers, played a key role in inflicting an opening night defeat upon the hometown San Diego Spirit.

Lopez Playing a Key Role in Barons Title Quest
By John Philip Wyllie
Bonita Vista High School’s third ranked softball team won 33 games last season, but the one game they lost is the memory that players such as senior Dionne Lopez cannot put out of their minds.

Julio Gonzalez: “I Have Become The Man To Beat!”
By Fiona Manning
Julio Gonzalez, California’s superstar light heavyweight contender makes a most welcome return to the ring on Friday night – unfortunately for his legion of local fans, his Telefutura bout takes place in snowy Chicago so they’ll have to be content with watching it on TV.

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