Tezozomoc Speaks...

Que lastima!!! It didn't take long for the Republicans to get back to their conservative self. Republicans took a wippen in the last elections, particularly with the Hispanic vote. In knee jerk reaction elected Rod Pacheco to lead them back to the promised land. Now Pacheco has been booted out, seems the conservatives didn't like him. Will the last Hispanic Republican please turn out the lights when you leave?


Word out of Saco was that Pacheco didn't take enough shots at Villaraigosa, particularly with Villaraigosa's support of the gay community. Villaraigosa had it right when he said you can put a Hispanic as the leader of the Republicans but that doesn't mean that Hispanics would come a runnin. Or as that old Chicano Baca would say: `you can't make chicken soup, out of chicken shit.'


El jefe received invitation from `San Diego's Women Leaders' to join Cong. Bob Filner for breakfast, collecting monies for his race in 2000. Host committee lists just about every Democratic woman imaginable, except one, Assembleyperson Denise Ducheney. Ducheney is being termed out and is looking for a seat to run for, so far has been stonewalled by the power structure. Could it be that she is eyeing Filner's seat, and this is his way of cutting her off? Quien sabe!


Sorry to hear that Lupe Acuña, publisher of the Calexico Chronicle is unable to keep it going in the desert. Their feisty editor, Hildy Carrillo Rivera, has moved on the Chamber of Commerce and Lupe is looking to sell the paper. The Chronicle has been a thorn in the side of the establishment and is respected within the community; maybe it's time La Prensa expands?


Este Indio is wondering where is John Wayne when you need him. Los homeboys snatched by the Serbs and we haven't gone in there to get them out. Doesn't exactly encourage you to join up if they aren't going to care of their own. Besides what were three soldiers doing out there by themselves in the first place; where was the rest of platoon?


Grand Jury came out with a report on leaks with Grand Jury testimonies and findings. Seems someone at city hall leaked a Grand Jury report to a lawyer in support of the downtown ballpark during the campaign. Grand Jury was peeved that the lawyer had the info. Been investigating City Hall for the past three months to find out where the leak occurred, came up with nothing expect city hall was sloppy, nothing new there. After reading the report on the investigation nowhere did this Indio see where the Grand Jury asked the lawyer where the report came from? Seems I would have started there!


NAFTA-SHAFTA: Been noticing billboards around town demanding that Bud bottle their beer in American made cans. To save pesos Anheuser-Busch moved the operations to Mexicali. Now the SHAFTA: Governor Davis has come up with $312,000 of your tax dollars to retrain workers who used to work at Ball Corp., who used to manufacturer beer cans. Hey, how come Anheuser-Busch didn't retrain, they're the ones saving millions through NAFTA.


Have to applaud the Governor for joining the Holocaust Lawsuit for the slave labor during the Nazi holocaust. The Governor wants just compensation for the labor stolen from them. After this suit is settled then the Governor can go after Agri-business which perpetrated slave labor conditions; does the Bracero program ring a bell? The Mexican workers were forced to work under inhumane conditions, forced to live like animals, then the migra was called the day before payday. That was labor stolen from them. Of course it was not just Agribusiness; there is the garment industry, tourist industry, etc. Just compensation, that is all they want.


El Jefe Sr. is cruisen the Caribbean. Sure he will come back with some wild sea stories and plenty of pictures of the islands.


Till then see-ya.

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