Volume XXV Number 14 April 6, 2001

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Montoya a little overwhelmed, but excited to be playing for the Spirit

By John Philip Wyllie

A couple of years ago, Erin Martinez Montoya could have used a good genealogist. Her inability to provide documentation of her Mexican ancestry caused her to miss out on the greatest single women's sporting event of all time: the 1999 Women's World Cup. Fortunately for Montoya, she is getting a chance this year to display her abilities on a soccer field in another history-making event: the inaugural season of the women's professional soccer league or WUSA.

Erin Martinez Montoya, forward for the San Diego Spirit.

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Hispanic Leaders Fight to Correct Census Undercount
By Yvette tenBerge
Hispanic organizations and Latino leaders joined this week in condemning United States Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans for his decision to allow state governments to use unadjusted Census 2000 data in their redistricting processes, a move that could cost Californians billions of dollars in federal funds.

Hispanics seek increased representation, and Republicans are very eager to help
By Eduardo Porter
April 2, 2001 — More than 80% of the Hispanics in Congress and in state legislatures are Democrats, so those attending a recent seminar for Latino officials took notice here when a Republican National Committee representative waltzed up to the podium and offered to help elect more of them.

NAHJ Está Alarmada que el Porcentaje de Periodistas Hispanos que Trabajaron en
Diarios Bajó Ligeramente Durante 2000
— La National Association of Hispanic Journalists (Asociación Nacional de Periodistas Hispanos) está alarmada que el porcentaje de periodistas latinos que trabajaron en diarios en inglés bajó ligeramente durante 2000, según la encuesta anual de salas de redacción de la American Society of Newspaper Editors (Sociedad Americana de Editores de Periódicos) publicada el 3 de abril.

Breaking Rank With Latino Allies, USHCC Endorses Bush Tax Plan
By James E. Garcia
— In an era of sea changes for the Latino community, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is starting to make waves.

Workers and Unions on the Tamaulipas Border
By Greg Bloom
Alma was employed in a Reynosa maquiladora for three years soldering electronic components with lead-based material until she fell sick with lung disease and could no longer continue working. It took her three months to recover during which time she received no compensation for what she considered to be a work-related ailment. When she went back to her union to get a new job she was placed at a different company—again in soldering. Believing that she would die from continued exposure to the fumes that resulted from her work she made the difficult decision to permanently quit the maquiladoras.

Noticias de México...
El Presidente llama al pueblo de México a no dejarse engañar con información falsa
Miente quien diga que la reforma grava a los pobres, advierte Fox
Analizar con "racionalidad e inteligencia" la propuesta de reforma hacendaria, pidió el presidente Vicente Fox uesada a los dirigentes, diputados y senadores de todos los partidos políticos; al pueblo de México, en tanto, solicitó confianza y no dejarse engañar ni permitir que se le sorprenda con "información falsa" sobre la iniciativa.


Jorge Burgos, March "Citizen of the Month"
Last summer, Jorge was attending a friend's barbecue when the host emerged from the house holding her infant son frantically calling for help. The child was not breathing Jorge immediately grabbed the child and began administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while another partygoer called an ambulance. After spending several days in intensive care, the child was released. Doctors determined that without Jorge's actions, the child would not have survived.

Conference to Convene Experts to Address Diversity in Healthcare
Meeting the health care needs of an ethnically and culturally diverse society and correcting disparities in healthcare delivery will be discussed at a national conference, "Enhancing Diversity in Healthcare Delivery and Education: Needs and Strategies," scheduled May 3-5 at Shelter Pointe Hotel and Marina in San Diego.

New Organization Addresses Mental Health and Substance Abuse Needs of
Latino Community
As the health care needs of the emerging and growing U.S. Latino population begin to receive the attention of policy and decision-makers, mental health and substance abuse realities of Latinos are still lagging in visibility and importance as other diseases are.

Verizon Grant Helps Bring Long-Distance, Online Tutoring to Gompers
Secondary School
Middle school students at Gompers Secondary School in the San Diego Unified School District can now see, hear and talk with tutors online while doing their after-school math and science assignments.

Cerrando la Brecha Digital: La Nueva Campaña ConnectNet/Conectado, Hace Uso
de Herramientas Divertidas y Cautivadoras, Para Conectar a la Juventud Con la
Computadora y la Internet

Washington, D.C. — Hoy día, una incomparable coalición de bibliotecas, fundaciones, organizaciones no lucrativas, y compañías de los medios de comunicación e Internet han lanzado la campaña Connect-Net/Conectado, la campaña nacional más comprensiva para ayudar a cerrar la brecha digital. Capacitación en el uso de computadoras, significa oportunidad económica para nuestra próxima generación.

HACU and IBM Form An Alliance to Narrow Educational Achievement Gap;
Better Prepare Hispanics for Careers in the Computer Industry

WASHINGTON, D.C. April 4 - - The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) and IBM today announced an alliance designed to recruit and better prepare Hispanic students for a variety of careers in the computer industry.

Sweetwater District Convenes Prop. BB Bond Oversight Committee
The Sweetwater District Board of Trustees has appointed a nine-member advisory panel to monitor the implementation of Proposition BB, Sweetwater's $187 million school bond passed last November. The oversight committee includes residents from every district community as well as representatives from the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, the local development industry and postsecondary education.

Cal State San Marcos Student Receives Leadership Award
Ramon Nava, a senior at California State University San Marcos, has received the Region II Student Leadership Award from the National Orientation Directors Association (NODA). Nava, a double major in Liberal Studies and Spanish who lives in Escondido, received his award Feb. 24th at an awards luncheon in Los Angeles.

Entries Sought From High School Artists for Congressional Art Competition
Congressman Bob Filner is encouraging all high school art students in his district to pick up their paint brushes, sketch pads or cameras and begin creating a winning work of art to enter in the 50th District's Congressional Art Competition —An Artistic Discovery 2001.

Pacific Bell Foundation Seeks Applications for Community Enrichment Program
For the first time in the San Diego area, the Pacific Bell Foundation is making available $350,000 to community groups who develop innovative programs that use new technology for educational, economic and community development issues.

SDCHCC Offers Scholarships to San Diego County Hispanic Students
The San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SDCHCC) is pleased to announce the awarding of scholarships to San Diego County Hispanic students. Applications for the program are now available to 2001 graduating Hispanic high school students and continuing college students who need financial assistance.

U.S. Bank Crea Equipo Comunitario Bilingüe
Equipo identificará las necesidades bancarias de la comunidad hispana en el área
Sur de la Bahía en San Diego
U.S. Bank, ha creado un equipo en el área sur de la bahía de San Diego que identificará las necesidades de servicios bancarios que se requieren en esa zona. El equipo tendrá sus oficinas en la esquina de la calle 3ra y Oxford en Chula Vista y es completamente bilingüe. Con una participación activa ofrecerá una información completa y detallada sobre los productos bancarios en el sur de la bahía.

Women's Hall of Fame: Giving Local Latinas the Chance to Be Counted
By Yvette tenBerge
Members of four, local women's organizations met on Friday, March 30 to launch the formation of the San Diego Women's Hall of Fame and to announce their hopes that the community will participate in nominating the first five women to be inducted.

Community Notes:
12th Annual San Diego Urban League Career Fair
More than 100 employers expect to attract some 4,000 potential employees to fill executive, management, professional, technical, administrative, clerical, trade and apprenticeship openings across the county.

Coca-Cola Comienza la Búsqueda de Estadounidenses Que Sean Fuente de
Inspiración Para Que Porten la Llama Olímpica
¿Quienes son fuente de inspiración? Tal vez sea un maestro que le enseñó a no darse nunca por vencido, o un padre que simplemente lo inspira compartiendo su sabiduría y su bondad. Coca-Cola le brinda la oportunidad de demostrar su aprecio por esa persona especial de su vida nominándola para que lleve la Llama Olímpica —uno de los símbolos que representan la mayor fuente de inspiración en todo el mundo.

Encienda Una Vela
Mons. Jim Lisante
Usted Es Quien Elige
El comienzo de cada año parece ser el tiempo indicado para mirar hacia adelante. Pero muchas veces la gente mira también hacia atrás —hacia recuerdos felices y también experiencias no tan felices.


Spy Plane Caper Classic Keystone Cops
The U.S. Navy's spy-plane pratfalls near China's coastal waters are at best humorous. At its worse, dangerous to our nation's health. Could this kind of caper have been approved by the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet and, by extension, the Pentagon?

The British Are Here, The British Are Here!
By Raoul Lowery Contreras
In Arkansas, newspaper columnist Paul Greenberg was fired by the "liberal" station management from his local Public Broadcasting radio station for doing "conservative" commentaries. I call this the "Greenberg problem."

La Película "Traffic" y Vicente Fox
By Lourdes M. Davis
Si se comparan las críticas recibidas por la película "Traffic" en México, con las críticas recibidas en los Estados Unidos, se podría llegar a la conclusión de que se trata de dos películas completamente diferentes. Sin embargo, estamos hablando de la misma película, pero simplemente los críticos presentan su punto de vista de acuerdo con su propio entendimiento y creencias.

El Sueño de Timothy Mc Veigh
Por Pablo Padula
El próximo 16 de Mayo Timothy Mc Veigh va a cumplir su sueño dorado, y el más perverso de todos: transformarse en un martir de su causa. Ese es, sin duda, el máximo galardón que se le puede entregar a un asesino fanático como él.

Este Indio is LISTO (ready) to tackle the enemies of "Mother Earth".

Duke Energy, of North Carolina, (President G.W. Bush's friends) was forced to abandon a hydropower Dam on the Macal River in the small country of Beliz, by outraged "tree huggers", from Canada and the U.S. Duke Energy saw no problem in destroying a major river, rain forest, and thousands of endangered species.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Festival de Danza Contemporánea en San Diego State University
Por Paco Zavala.
La noche del día 7 del presente mes de Abril a las 8.00 pm., la Universidad San Diego State, presentará ante el público al Grupo de Danza "Minerva Tapia" compuesto de seis miembros, con nuevos montajes y con nuevas coreografías, saltará al escenario este grupo con el fin de deleitar al respetable asistente en esta noche.

Symposium Examining Challenges of Migrant Labor to be Held April 17 as Part of
Month-Long Cesar Chavez Celebration at UCSD
A symposium examining the challenges facing migrant farm workers and their struggle for equitable working conditions will be held April 17 in Deutz Conference Room of Copley International Conference Center at the University of California, San Diego.

Rosas del Desierto Con Soraya y Sting
Por: Paco Zavala
Indudablemente que una de las más apasionantes de las artes es la música, arrastra en su trayectoria y proyección un torrente de emociones y pasiones contenidas muchas de las veces, otras desbocadas y exteriorizadas, con una pasión y una entrega arrebatadora.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
Michael Jordan to The Max
A 45-minute giant-screen IMAX film that celebrates the personal attributes that have made Michael Jordan more than a basketball champion, but also a hero who trascends borders, cultures, age and gender. Michael Jordan to The Max will open April 6 and will continue through the summer at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park.

En Escenarios
Por Arnoldo Varona
Además de su prolongado idilio, en estos días de abril, la feliz pareja formada por el cantante Luis Miguel y la diva Mariah Carey tienen mucho que celebrar.

Bullfight World...
by Lyn Sherwood
Two Ears Cut In 2nd Tijuana Corrida

Well, with the Mexico City season over, bullfighting now moves to the frontiers and certain interior plazas, such as Aguascalientes.

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