Volume XXVI Number 14 April 5, 2002

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North County Latinas Association Moving Nuestras Mujeres Adelante

By Yvette tenBerge

Nancy Arellano, 17, is not your average high school student. For the past year and a half, she has worked as a Peer Provider Health Educator at Vista Community Clinic educating young girls and women about everything from pregnancy prevention to parenting. Despite her busy schedule, she has managed to maintain a 3.83 grade point average at Oceanside High School and has been accepted to four universities, including UCSD and UC Riverside.

Nancy Arellano, Oceanside High School

Amanda Cisneros, 13, is a sixth grader at San Marcos Middle School. She has a hard time deciding whether to become the President of the United States, to pursue an acting career, or to achieve world peace and has, therefore, decided to aim for all three. No slouch herself, her report cards are filled with “A’s and A minuses.”

Miss Arellano and Miss Cisneros are just two of the 15 Latinas between the ages of 12 and 18 to receive scholarships - $100 savings bonds for middle school students and $600 savings bonds for high school students - from the North County Latinas Association (NCLA), a group of professional women whose mission is to encourage “young Latinas to stay in school, graduate and be prepared for the opportunities which lead to a successful career.”

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Mexico decries U.S. Supreme Court ruling on migrant work benefits
By Conrad Fox
Mexico City, April 2, 2002 -- The Mexican Embassy in Washington delivered a strongly worded rebuff to the United States government on Monday following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that could curtail the rights of undocumented migrant workers.

Farmworking Women a Hidden Force
VISALIA - Despite the fact that women represent “almost 50 percent of the population that holds farm worker or related jobs, there still exists plenty of discrimination towards us,” said Milly Treviño Sauceda, executive director of the Farm Worker Leaders Inc. Women farm workers face “lower wages than men, we are not allowed to hold certain jobs men can, our work is more often pert-time, and we do not have access to vacations, medical insurance, or any other type of benefits,” added the leader of more than 500 farm workers in California who are affiliated to the organization. The organization is now beginning to represent people in Washington, Texas, Wisconsin, Alabama, Kentucky, and Florida.

First Person
Beaches and Bombs — An American Daughter Embraces Puerto Rico
By Melanie Feliciano
When U.S. Navy planes resumed dropping nonexplosive bombs this week on the firing range in Vieques, I felt compelled for the first time to protest on behalf of my Puerto Rican hermanos y hermanas. Having written for Latino-focused media in the past, I wasn’t completely ignorant of the struggles between the people of Vieques and the U.S. Navy.


Will They Hear Our Views?
By Amelia Komp Cerna
It is reassuring to know that doctors use scientific research findings to improve the health care they provide to us. The best research findings occur when the study participants are from a variety of cultural, social, educational, and economic groups. In fact, members of the well-educated white population are far more likely to volunteer to take part in research studies than members of any other group, including Hispanics. Although this produces important results, it raises the question of whether these discoveries can be used with confidence among members of our community since we tend not take part in research studies.

The El Paso Youth Risk Behavior Survey: Children in Danger
by Greg Bloom
A youth risk behavior survey conducted among 7th and 8th graders from El Paso County in 2001 looked at tobacco, alcohol and illegal drug use, weight, body image and exercise issues, television viewing habits and the use of safety devices like seat belts and bike helmets.

AAOS steps up efforts to attract women and minorities to orthopaedics
ROSEMONT, ILL. - “Diversification and qualifications can and should be successful partners,” stated Vernon T. Tolo, MD, newly elected president of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons during the 69th Annual Meeting in Dallas, this past February.

The Maya Are Coming
By Milan Gagnon
Centuries ago, the Maya, one of the worlds’ most advanced civilizations and architects of some of the hemisphere’s most magnificent cities, abandoned their urban lives and took refuge in the jungles and forests of Mexico and Central America. Today many Maya are returning to city life far from their historic homes, putting down roots from San Francisco to Toronto.

Cal State San Marcos Receives César Chávez Day Grant to Engage Local Students in Community Service
United Farm Worker President and Award-winning Author to Pay Tribute April 10

Ex-Señorita Bolivia Forma la Organización Latinos Unidos
Sonia Montero de Falcone de Scottsdale AZ, ha establecido Latinos Unidos, una organización nacional para posicionar la unidad y últimamente para introducir a los Latinos en los diferentes estratos sociales de Norteamérica.

Six Local Teachers to Receive Highest Honors For Ethnic Minorities From National Health & Physical Activity Organization
Reston, VA — Six San Diegans will receive the Ethnic Minority Community Service Award from the American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness (AAALF) for their excellence in the fields of Physical education, athletics and coaching during the organization’s annual convention in San Diego next week. The award honors physical educators, coaches and athletic administrators living in the host city of the organization’s annual convention who have made significant contributions to their communities. More than 100 professionals around the country have received the award since it was initiated in 1987.

Al Igual Que E.T., Todos Queremos ‘Llamar a Casa’
Hace veinte años, personas alrededor del mundo acogimos al cariñoso extra-terrestre que se perdió en la Tierra y nos identificamos con su sincero deseo de llamar a casa. Mientras E.T. y su amigo Elliott tuvieron que trabajar duro para crear una tecnología capaz de conectar a E.T. con sus seres queridos, los consumidores de hoy tienen la capacidad de contactar a su familia y amigos desde cualquier lugar y a cualquier hora, gracias a los avances en tecnología de telecomunicaciones como el e-mail, la mensajería instantánea, y los teléfonos celulares entre otros.

Por Diego Alvarez
El Papa del cambio de siglo
Recientemente el Cardenal Norberto Rivera, Arzobispo Primado de México, desmintió versiones difundidas que aseguraban que el Papa Juan Pablo Segundo pensaba renunciar al trono de primer jerarca de la iglesia Católica y representante de Cristo en la tierra. “Quizá haya gente interesada en que el Papa se muera” añadió el Cardenal.

Community Notes:
Community Honors Labor Rights Leader César Chávez With Street Name
Community members will gather at the Crosby Avenue at Main Street in Barrion Logan on Friday, April 5, at 10 a.m. as the city unveils the street sign, César E. Chávez Parkway, in honor of the labor rights leader.

Encienda Una Vela
Mons. Jim Lisante
Alguien que vale la pena conocer
¿Pensó alguna vez en alguien del pasado que le hubiera gustado conocer? El otro día leí un artículo de Bill Gallo, reconocido dibujante deportivo y columnista del periódico Daily News de Nueva York, sobre uno de sus héroes. Se llamaba Thomas Aloysius Dorgan, y también había sido dibujante deportivo y escritor. En las primeras décadas del 1900 sus iniciales “Tad” llegaron a ser famosas, y es así como se le conoció. Dorgan poseía un verdadero arte en el uso de la ilustración y el lenguaje.

¿Hacia Una Iglesia Sin Sacerdotes?
El tremendo escándalo que se ha desatado en Estados Unidos con el sinnúmero de dizque sacerdotes acusados de pedofilia es el resultado lógico de la llamada modernización (aggiornamento) de la Iglesia, que empezó a partir del Concilio Vaticano II, de 1962-65.


President Bush Moves Towards a Political Solution on Middle East
The President for the first time actively engaged the country in seeking political solutions in the deteriorating Middle East crisis. In a Statement made April 4th at the Rose Garden, the President went, placing the United States on record supporting the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people for a Palestinian state and the need for Israel and Palestine to live in peace. At the same time, the President called for Israel to withdraw from Palestinian cities and end all military strikes. He also stated an end to all suicide bombings must take place. To the surprise of his most hawkish supporters, the President ordered Israel to stop its incursions into Palestinian controlled areas and to withdraw its forces.

Chismes de mi Gallinero:
Une Poco de Respeto — A Little Respect Please
By Julio C. Calderón
Las Gallinas are pondering a question – “What will happen if you organize a party, but forget to send out invitations?” – a simple question sure enough. Certainly, it is one that will keep the gallinas busy as they go about scratching the ground. I will elevate the question for the politicos – What happens if you organize a campaign, but forget to inform the voters?” This would be an unthinkable mistake for any political consultant. But it is one that is continually repeated by campaigns – Democrat and Republican. The Latino voter always goes uninvited to the dance.

Declaring and Waging War: The U.S. Constitution
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Excuse me for asking an indelicate question in the midst of war, but where does President Bush derive the power to send the United States into war against another nation? The question becomes increasingly important given that the president has indicated that once the Afghan War has been brought to a conclusion, he intends to use U.S. military forces to attack other sovereign nations.

Ending English Monolingualism?
By Domenico Maceri, PhD
Ambassadors from France, Germany, Italy, and Spain recently criticized the sad state of teaching foreign languages in Great Britain. According to the diplomats, British companies would not lose some contracts if their employees had strong skills in foreign languages.

Q-VO Gente... Cómo estamos... Had a nice Easter? How about the César Chávez celebration? En pasando, la tele showed a parade in honor of Chávez (en L.A.). Only problem - the cameraman showed only Black marchers. No Chicanos...Wassup man??? Even the Tele ignores us on our own holidays!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

El Don de la Timidez
Por: Paco Zavala
La timidez, en este estupendo libro del Dr. Alexander Avila es tratada desde un punto de vista acusioso, analítico, revolucionario, modernista que intenta y trata de ayudar a las personas que de alguna manera viven esta circunstancia.

Se Estrena en EE.UU.
“Y tu Mamá También”
La película mexicana “Y tu Mamá También”, del director Alfonso Cuarón, se ha estrenado en Estados Unidos con notable éxito de la crítica y con aires de ser una saludable continuidad del cine mexicano de hoy.

Cal State San Marcos Theatre Professor Stages Poetry of Award-winning Latino Writer
With California State University San Marcos students and local community actors, Professor Marcos Martinez is bringing to the stage the words of Latino poet Jimmy Santiago Baca in a show that Martinez hopes will inspire young students to follow their creative dreams.

Luis Fonsi – voz, talento e inteligencia...
Por: Felix Castillo
Un joven apuesto, brillante y profundo esta conquistando el mercado internacional de música pop con calidad escrupulosa y emoción – ¿de quién se trata?

Tosca, en la escena
Por: Paco Zavala
El pasado día 30 de Marzo presenciamos en el Civic Theatre de San Diego, la puesta en escena de la Opera “Tosca” con música de Giacomo Puccini y librero de Giacosa e Illica, obra basada en la obra de Victorien Sardou.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
En Tijuana, ciudad de contrastes y de polémica la Cultura también sufre sus tambaleos y sacudidas que en ocasiones parecen terremotos. Hace algunos días la conversación en algunos centros conectados con estas actividades se comentaba el cambio que cada tres años se realiza en esta dependencia encargada de manejar todo lo correspondiente con estas actividades en el municipio y así continuarán con estas conversaciones que en nada beneficiarán a la Cultura y las Artes, ya que en estos comentarios nada se decía que fuera positivo, sino más bien destructivo, considero que Tijuana se merece un mejor trato, pero son otras vertientes las que hay que usar para lograrlo además de mucho trabajo.

Elio Espino, Productor Californiano, Seleccionó a “Manoyo” Para el Rodaje de “Quinceañera”
Por Félix Castillo
En días pasados la casa productora angelina “Manoyo Productions” se trasladó con su bien integrado equipo cinematográfico a la ciudad de Oxnard, Ca. para la realización del videoclip de “Los Pioneros”, bajo la coordinación de Elio Espino representante de esta exitosa agrupación. En esta ocasión, se contó con el talento de producción y dirección de Ramón Navarro y Félix Castillo quienes lograron plasmar en imágenes esta linda canción juvenil: “Quinceañera”. Seguramente, Quinceañera llegara muy pronto a ser un absoluto favorito del público grupero… 

Calendar of Events . . .
by Berenice Cisneros
High Voltage ‘Godspell’
This musical has a special place in the Lamb’s Players’ repertoire. Godspell will play April 3 through May 19. Godspell explodes the gospel of Matthew in a high-voltage, inventive retelling of a familiar yet surprisingly radical story. Playing on the Lamb’s Players Theatre resident stage at 1142 Orange Avenue in Coronado. Tickets are $18 - $38 and are available by calling the Theatre’s Box Office at (619) 437-0600.

Iapala-Carrera Battery Powers Unbeaten Barons
By John Philip Wyllie
Undefeated in their first 16 outings, Bonita Vista High School’s softball team has triumphed over an impressive list of the county’s top teams while getting off to its best start ever. Among the contributors to the team’s success this year, are a pair of Mexican-American athletes, Vanessa Iapala and Briana Carrera. While this pitcher-catcher tandem has played on some good teams together during their four years of varsity softball, they have never seen anything quite like this.

Latino Legends in Sports launches Luis Tiant Website
Latino Legends in Sports, publisher of the on-line magazine latinosportslegends.com, announced its launch of the official website of former Major League pitcher and Hall of Fame candidate, Luis “El Tiante” Tiant (Eltiante.com).

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