April 2, 2004

Chispas! Where there is a will there is a way! State Senator Denise Ducheny finally noticed that there is a fence or two along the Mexican-U.S. Border! She is finally raising her mighty political muscle and declaring war against the last 3.5 miles of the triple border fence that ends at the ocean’s edge! Horale, Denise, where were you a few years ago when the Migra and the Federal Government went bonkers and began to fence out the Mexican and other assorted Latino populations South of our borders? Where do you think Señor Sharon got the idea to fence off all the Palestinian Citizens from the mighty nation of Israel? If it’s good for America it must be good for the Jewish nation!

César Chávez must be turning over in his grave. San Diego County, a bastion of Chicano support for César Chávez in his struggles to bring dignity, respect and a living wage to all the farmworkers in California, most of who were Mexican and Filipino, did not have a single Veterano/a of that epic struggle, in a prominent role in the César Chávez Memorial Parade!  The Grand Marshal is a Black (Ken Msemaji) who got his spurs in the spirited Black movement. He will be a Grand Marshall along with Fahari Jeffers (a Black) who happens to be Msemaji’s wife! Neither is a Chicano/a nor a farm worker. Nowhere were they known for participating in the struggles of the Farm Workers! The sole representative, as a Grand Marshall, will be 9-year-old Austin Noah Marquez, a neophyte TV child actor!

Que INSULTO. The queen of the parade is a Kumeyaay Indian young lady! With all the beautiful Chicanas/ Señoritas that grace our city, Pedro Anaya Jr. the lider of the Commemoration Committee couldn’t find one single Latina to be the Queen of the parade?

Chispas, I hope the U.S. Army likes what we say in La Prensa San Diego! Seems they forgot all about freedom of the press, civil liberties etc. in Iraq. The U.S. Army closed the most popular newspaper in Iraq because they didn’t like what they said! Way to go Guys! Just don’t move to San Diego County!

PREGUNTA: Why was Condoleeza Rice ever appointed by President Bush to be his National Security Advisor? Just what were her credentials? What a duo. On the one hand, the Commander in Chief of all the armed forces is a President who couldn’t even serve in the National Guard who then chooses, as the nations National Security Advisor, a person who is totally unfit to advice the President on how to war against terrorism! Does it look like she is going to be the scapegoat for all the missteps the President has taken in his war on terrorism?

Closer to home: Our very active City Council Man Ralph Inzunza apparently not satisfied with all the publicity he is receiving for supporting the Strip Clubs and trying to change our City’s rules to allow Vegas type Nightclubs has now decided to remake himself politically and resurrect himself as a liberal Democrat! Inzunza will co-host a radio

Talk show with Enrique Morones on KURS 1040AM radio. Morones joined the Mexican station KURS after he was let go by the PADRES and shortly after he petitioned for duel citizenship with Mexico. This should be a marriage made in heaven (?)

Governor Schwarzenegger in one swipe chose to ignore California’s Mexican/Mexican American contributions to making the state of California what it was and is. California and the nation have an enormous debt for the contributions of the Mexican, Hispanic/Latino populations in the founding, development of this nation. To ignore that heritage in the design of the 2005 Quarter was a pointed rejection of our heritage.

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