Volume XXVIII Number 13 April 2, 2004

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USD Holds 15th Annual Social Issues Conference Under Theme “Freedom in America? War, Peace, and Justice”

By Perlita R. Dicochea

Under the theme “Freedom in America? War, Peace, and Justice,” the University of San Diego’s Social Issues Committee (SIC) organized the 15th annual Social Issues Conference that included a series of workshops and keynote lectures. Several hundred students, faculty and staff, and local community members were in attendance for what SIC co-chair Kyla Lackie, a junior sociology major, considered the 20-year-old organization’s “biggest ever conference.”

While the conference theme was inspired by 9/11, lectures and workshops addressed a trajectory of social issues including the struggle for a living wage, the challenges faced by American Indian studies, war and disarmament, and the quality of life on the U.S.-Mexican Border.

Sherman Alexie

Organized primarily by undergraduates with supporting faculty and staff, the workshops offered inspiration for USD students’ personal, academic and career goals. “I was inspired by the Take Action workshop,” said Le. “It was great to see a USD graduate seven months after graduation with an impacting career in a Catholic-based political action organization.” Le was referring to the presentation by Aisha Taylor, USD Class of ’03, who lobbies and networks for the National Catholic Social Justice Lobby.

Nicole Calantas, a first-year biology major, was moved by visiting scholar Dr. David Abalos of Seton Hall University. “College is supposed to be a time of questioning and (Abalos) made both questioning and change seem like realistic goals,” Calantas said.

Abalos likens each individual’s life journey to a series of acts and scenes. He explained that the keys to transformation are consciousness, which one may begin at any point in one’s life, and a place for individuals to tell their stories. “If you do not tell your story, you will be destroyed,” Abalos stated. According to Abalos, telling your story means facing one’s self as well as being true to others. He added, “The greatest immorality is for you to lose yourself or for one to allow other people lose themselves” particularly in romantic relationships.

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Spectators attend 9-11 hearing for a variety of reasons
By Marta Lillo Bustos
WASHINGTON – Tears ran down April Gallup’s cheeks as she listened to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld testify this week before the commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorism attacks.

Record Gas Prices May Foreshadow Coming Shortage
By Alejandro Eggers Moreno
U.S. gasoline prices reached their highest mark ever on March 23. Meanwhile, oil giant Royal Dutch/Shell just slashed its petroleum reserve estimates by 20 percent, after a massive accounting scandal. While the soaring prices at the pump have the public worried about another 1970s style oil crisis, waiting in line might ultimately be the least of our concerns. An increasing number of prominent petroleum geologists — including many former oil company employees — have warned that official estimates of available global oil reserves are dangerously over-exaggerated. They may well be right.

Recordando a César Chávez
Por Ruben Fierro
Cada vez que voy a visitar familiares en Los Angeles paso por el East Los Angeles Community College en donde fuí alumno. Nuestra familia residió en esa vecindad por un número de años después de inmigrar de México. El colegio está situado en la Avenida César Chávez así llamada en su honor. Anteriormente esta avenida tenía el nombre de Brooklyn Avenue, así designada posiblemente debido la gran proporción de personas de ascendencia judía que vivían en el distrito de Los Angeles llamado Boyle Heights .



Making Way for the Gateway of the Children
By Raymond R. Beltrán
“Usually people wait until their retired to learn about gardening,” said Glo Andrade watching over the neighborhood children planting flowers under a statue of César E. Chávez. “This is when they should be learning about this stuff. This is when the children should know to be a part of the cycle, the giving and receiving.”

From the Zoo to the Bullring and Beyond
By Scott J. Robinson
Before my first breath of air, bullfighting was in my blood. My 21 year-old mother was two months pregnant, blonde, beautiful, and performing at every bullfight that she could. She finally heeded my father’s pleading, and I was granted my breath of air.

• La Corte Internacional de Justicia de la Haya (CIJ) encontró que en la mayoría de los casos de mexicanos condenados a muerte hubo una violación por parte de Estados Unidos a sus obligaciones internacionales respecto de los derechos individuales que deben ser respetados, como el de informar a una persona que es detenida sobre su derecho a recibir asistencia consular, así como el de garantizar el derecho del Estado Mexicano a proteger a sus nacionales.

Southwestern College’s Angélica Suárez Named to National Advisory Council of Community College Student Success Project
Project to Define & Evaluate Factors that Influence Student Success
Chula Vista—Southwestern College’s (SWC) Dr. Angélica Suárez knows community colleges from every angle. She was a community college student, staff member, faculty, and currently is an administrator. Suárez’s knowledge of these higher education institutions led to her recent selection to the National Advisory Council of the Community College Student Success Project.

Early Detection, a foreign idea to Latinas
By Karla Rodas
Early detection of cancer can save lives. Latinas are less likely to reap these benefits. One reason is lack of health insurance. Another not so obvious reason is misinformation or lack of knowledge.

Por Christina Cepero
La inmigración y la política: Cuanto más cambian las cosas
Durante el año pasado, el gobierno de los Estados Unidos realizó varios cambios que afectaron al sistema de inmigración. Estos cambios, tanto negativos como positivos, confirman el viejo dicho “Cuanto más cambian las cosas, más siguen igual.”   


Is it time to shift gears in Iraq?
Everything we have been told about Iraq, everything we have been led to believe is wrong! The pictures of four American civilian Security employees of Blackwater Security Consulting, an American Contractor, who were hired to provide security for food deliveries in Fallujah, were photographed hanging from a bridge, after having been killed with hand grenades, burnt and dragged through the streets of Fallujah. It is now clear that certain elements of the insurgents are willing to commit untold barbaric despicable acts upon Americans, whether military or civilian. These are acts that go way beyond any beliefs of the Islamic religion or any other religion in the world.

The War on Clarke
By Larry C. Johnson
Richard Clarke must be wondering if explaining what the United States did not do in the war on terrorism is more dangerous than actually fighting the terrorists. Clarke, the former terrorism czar for both Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, is now being vilified by a host of Bush officials, including Dick Cheney and Condeleeza Rice, as a liar.

Buenas intenciones, mal tino
Por Jorge Mújica
Uno de esos diputados con iniciativa, el perredista de Michoacán Francisco Mora Ciprés, anda promoviendo un nuevo programa Tres Por Uno. Propone el michoacano un programa productivo y de inversión que involucre a los gobiernos federal, estatales y municipales, para aprovechar un porcentaje de los casi 15 mil millones de dólares anuales de remesas que envían paisanos que trabajan en Estados Unidos a México.

An Open Letter
Let us celebrate César Chávez
March is the month that we celebrate the birth of a great man who forever changed the face of the labor movement in the United States. In addition, this month has traditionally been a time to honor California’s Women of the Year for their important contributions to society. We also face the ongoing challenge of seeking to help those in our communities who have become addicted to drugs or alcohol so that they may have the opportunity to recover-this month and year-round. We have much to be thankful for in our Golden State, but there are many issues that we need to be aware of, including the unfortunate and shocking occurrences of hate crimes.

Chispas! Where there is a will there is a way! State Senator Denise Ducheny finally noticed that there is a fence or two along the Mexican-U.S. Border! She is finally raising her mighty political muscle and declaring war against the last 3.5 miles of the triple border fence that ends at the ocean’s edge! Horale, Denise, where were you a few years ago when the Migra and the Federal Government went bonkers and began to fence out the Mexican and other assorted Latino populations South of our borders? Where do you think Señor Sharon got the idea to fence off all the Palestinian Citizens from the mighty nation of Israel? If it’s good for America it must be good for the Jewish nation!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Teatro Guerillera Takes the Stage
By Raymond R. Beltrán
“Are you tired of finding abandoned belongings in your back yard? Are you tired of your front yard being subject to drug traffickers? Are you just tired of illegal aliens? I know I am. My name is Edward James Olmos, and you might remember me from every single Chicano movie ever made. And I’m here to talk to you about a product that’s about to hit the markets soon. It’s called ‘Migra.’ It’s a multi-immigrant gathering and removing agent. This thing works in a variety of different functions. Now first of all, it’s voice activated ...”

Esta es una Singular Pregunta: ¿Por qué ellos tienen miedo y ellas no?
Por: Paco Zavala
Creo que en el correr de la vida y su contemplación en todas las etapas de la misma, el hombre define muchas situaciones circunstanciales con tino y otras tantas con desatino sin igual, pero... ¿por qué se da ésta situación tan inestable?

Primer Premio Iberoameriano de Composición Musical “Rodolfo Halffter”
Por: Paco Zavala
La composición es una obra científica, literaria o musical. Ahora bien, toda obra de arte, bien sea plástica, fonética o musical, exige del artista deseoso de expresar sinceramente, su idea o pensa-miento, tres periodos laborales absolutamente distintos y a los cuales denominaremos: concepción, disposición y ejecusión. El primero de estos se subdivide en dos operaciones fundamentales diferentes: Una sintética y otra analítica. Ej: para el músico sinfonista esto significa establecer los grandes lineamientos y el plan general de la obra de que se trate y fijar sus elementos constructivos que forjen los puntos esenciales del plan a desarrollar.

Jaguares on tour
By Francisco H. Ciriza
Having sold out six concerts between the Los Angeles and Anaheim House of Blues concert venues this past week, top-selling Mexican rock band, Jaguares, has added one more show to their tour before leaving the greater LA area. After the show, which will take place at the Anaheim HOB on Tuesday April 6, 2004 at 8p.m. the band will continue on the latest of its tours as well as prepare for the release of its first official DVD on May 20. The group has chosen to donate the proceeds from the April 6th show to East L.A. Classic Theatre (ECT) and its Beyond Borders: Literacy Through Performing Arts program.

El Sol Andaluz
David Bisbal a la caza del mercado Hispano

Por Jose Daniel Bort
De mediana estatura, flaco como un palillo y con los famosos rulos en el pelo que solo crecen, David Bisbal parece un fosforito a punto de explotar en chispas. Carismático sin esfuerzo, hinca sus colmillos en las gracias de las jovencitas, que le agradecen la atención con esmeradas sonrisas.

Amor al Horror
Guillermo del Toro hace una labor paterna de Hellboy

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Al principio de Hellboy, el profesor Bruttenholm descubre a una criatura roja, extraña, que hace sonidos peculiares y poseedor de una mano derecha superdesarollada. El profesor lo salva del fuego aliado y lo cuida a traves de los años, hasta que se convierte en un gigantón rojo con modales de plomero, capaz de acabar con cualquier cosa que se le ponga por delante.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Iniciamos la primera semana del cuarto mes del año, meditando y con un recogimiento espiritual muy grande porque el próximo domingo 4 de abril inicia la Semana Santa o Semana Mayor y para los creyentes del cristianismo de todo el mundo este periodo de tiempo representa una de las celebraciones más significativas del año.

Calendar of Events...
By Berenice Cisneros
** San Diego’s Gallery Saccade will present an exhibition of Northern California artist Marques Vickers Flamenco and Figurative dancer series entitled “Art Jondo: Rhythm in color”, February 27-April 10. Vickers’ dancers are a contemporary articulation of the human figure integrating abstract color fields with intense brushtrokes reflecting the movement and grace of a dancers rhythm. Vickers’ work has been exhibited and profiled internationally and is part of several individual, public art and corporate collection.

Corona and Armas Team Up for Mexico and Trojan Softball
By John Philip Wyllie
Having shared last year’s South Bay League championship with Hilltop High, the Castle Park Trojans are back better than ever hoping to claim sole possession this season of a second consecutive league title. Pitcher, Mari Corona and first baseman, Crystal Armas, both seniors, are again being counted on to make major contributions for the Trojans. Their involvement in softball however, won’t end when they don their mortar boards and robes in June. Corona and Armas will extend their careers as members of the Mexican National Softball Team.

Carlos “Famoso” Hernandez: Boxing’s Most Wanted Man
By Fiona Manning
In a sport where fighters will do almost anything to get the big fight, the big payday, the biggest fish; Carlos “Famoso” Hernandez is in the unusual position of being boxing’s most wanted man.

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