April 01, 2005


Two years without my Aztec Warrior

By Fernando Suarez del Solar

Today marks two years since our beloved son Jesus Alberto, our Aztec Warrior, was killed in Iraq, killed by Bush’s greed and corruption, killed by an illegal cluster bomb made in the United States. It has been two years now that my wife suffers daily because she misses his smile, his embrace, and his kiss. It has been two years that our precious grandson Erik does not feel his father’s presence, his love, and his wisdom. It has been two years that my daughters have missed his teasing, his advice, and his warmth. It has been two years that I have wept every day as I relive his story speaking to thousands of young people across the nation about how he died and how he was deceived by an immoral and corrupt system of military recruiting.

It has been two years that I have waited for his return, for a miracle that would bring him to our door smiling and at peace. The same door through which three uniformed men entered two years ago to give us the horrible news that he had died. The same door through which he left to fulfill his destiny, through which our grandson passes only to see still photos of his father and not understand why those photos do not move and speak and play with him. Our grandson does not understand and so I ask myself if he will understand someday that his father was victimized by an immoral war and that he was used by people like Bush for their own interests. I hope to God that someday my grandson will understand and still not hate but forgive and love his fellow man as his father loved humanity. 

Yes, today it has been two years that my eyes have not been dry because I still see his cold grave and the sorrow suddenly explodes in my heart as I imagine his body lying cold under the earth. But today marks the greatest miracle because today we recall the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. And I believe in the resurrection of my son Jesus Alberto because his spirit and soul is present in millions of people around the world who are filled with love and hope. Yes, my son lives in the hearts of the millions who love peace and in the youth who seek a brighter future. My Aztec Warrior lives because all of you, my friends and my enemies alike, have remembered him as an example of courage, of love, and of life.

My Jesus Alberto lives in my heart and in my thoughts and in my actions. He will never die because he taught me something profound. Just as another Jesus gave his life for us two thousand years ago, my son gave his life to show us that the road to peace is not war and that all children deserve to live with more light, more hope, and more justice. My Aztec Warrior left home two years ago and we have placed his body in the earth as a seed of a new fruit called Peace.

His being, his spirit, his energy, and his immense love lives and will live forever, fighting for peace and justice.

  Thank you to all my friends whom I have come to know during these difficult two years. Without all of you, your advice, your criticisms, and especially your sincere love, I could have never survived this great loss. Within you I see my son exhorting us to struggle together to stop the killing in Iraq, to stop the crimes being commited against innocent children, to insist that his brothers and sisters in uniform return home to their families now.

Fernando Suarez del Solar’s son, Jesus Alberto Suarez del Solar, died in Iraq March 7, 2003. 

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