May 22, 2009

We saw where Steve Padilla, ex-mayor of Chula Vista, is interested in the Port Commission position. Sounds good to this indio. If we remember right, he had the Gaylord project on track until he lost the mayor’s race, plus he has coastal commission experience which would serve him well.

Speaking of ex-politicians, the name Juan Vargas is once again at the top of the list for who is running, once again. Word is out that he will indeed challenge Mary Salas for the seat now held by termed Denise Ducheney.

Another ex-politician looking down the road: Luis Natividad who quit his council seat with National City is said to be considering a run for his old seat once his part-time gig with 2010 census count is up.

Nick Inzunza, the Inzunza who sits on the Tijuana River Valley Water Board, the board with no responsibilities because they have no water, is going around calling candidates for the district 8 seat not to run and he will offer them a job on his staff. Not getting many takers…

Qué pasó with the local media glorifying ex-heron dealer, who escaped from prison and evaded the law for 30 years and after finally getting caught and serving a reduced prison term is getting a hero’s welcome back home??? If this was some homie or homegirl they would have demanded she serve the full sentence if not add on more time and she wouldn’t have gotten a heroes welcome home. It must be good to be born white. All is forgiven….

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