May 15, 2009

CV Mayor Cox being raked over the coals for recent gaffes, including the dismal showing on Prop. A where less than 10,000 voters out of 106,000 in the city followed her lead and voted yes. She must have known she was in trouble when her husband, Supervisor Greg Cox, donated $500 to the Lincoln Club which then sent out a flyer opposing Prop. A.

Least we forget Mayor Cox had accomplices in city council persons Rudy Ramirez and Pamela Bensoussan (who was already forming an oversight committee for when the proposition passed) so between the three that figures each was only able to convince about 3200 votes apiece to follow their lead. Qué lástima, coattails not very long!

Port Commissioner Mike Najera came out like a lion fighting to remain Port Commissioner but went out like a lamb. Lawyer for Najera turned in a resignation letter to the city council before the meeting started, but failed to tell any of the dozen or so supporters who showed up on his behalf. They left thinking they won. Amigo, what happened?????

Este Indio has had to cut down on the tobacco para mi pipa and on the tequila, reduced to drink fermented water; it’s tough out here, so este Indio is scratching his head when he sees that the Sweetwater Union High School District under the leadership of Superintendent Jesus Gandara, is paying Southwestern College thousands of dollars to host their graduation ceremonies???? Qué pasó? why does this guy continue to spend outside of the district for their events??? What’s wrong with the dozens of stadiums in the district????

Hijole, we still remember the Gandara extravaganza when he welcomed staff and teachers from summer vaction at the mega church where he put on his multimedia show. Excuse back then was that the school bleachers were too uncomfortable for the teachers…. wonder why they need to host the graduation at Devore stadium???

Our condolences: Charlie Samarron who passed away this week. He is remembered by the Chicano community and as Chairman of the San Diego Chapter of the American G.I. Forum. Rest in Peace!

Roberto Martinez of the American Friends Service Committee is under hospice care. Our prayers go out him and his family. The Mexican Consulate in San Diego is gathering information to honor Roberto for all his work with immigration and on border issues.

A bit of fun news: The Foodnetwork was in town this week to film a Throwdown with Bobby Flay. The Network called La Prensa to suggest authentic Mexican chef for the show. They were pretty sneaky about the intent of the show, not to spill the beans about the Throwdown, so they said it was about the real story of Cinco de Mayo and authentic Mexican food!!! Anyway we hooked them up with Chula Vista chef Marcela Valladolid. As soon as we find out when the show will air we will let you know.

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