May 15, 2009

Paradise Creek Cleanup

It was a beautiful day for some outdoor activity; therefore, the National City Rotary Club got together and conducted a clean up at Paradise Creek in National City. Even though the Rotarians are hard workers, they had some help from some of the kids from the ROTC Program thanks to Colonel Bob Jackson. Also, some companies donated some heavy equipment to make the clean up a little easier and more efficient. Hawthorne Rent-It donated a Skip Loader which was driven by Bob Chalfa from RLC Equipment, Inc. EDCO Waste & Recycling Services donated some trash bins to dispose of all of the trash that was gathered that day. The National City Rotary Club would like to extend its gratitude to all of the people and businesses that were involved in this city clean up. It is people like this that will make National City a more beautiful place to live in.

Article by Marco Topete

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