Volume XXXIII Number 20 May 15, 2009

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San Ysidro celebrates 100 years of border legacy

By Pablo Jaime Sáinz

San Ysidro is turning 100, and the border community is celebrating with a big party, the type of party they used to host years ago during the Mexican Independence day, or Fiestas Patrias, celebrations here.

As a part of the Centenial Celebration is the sharing of historial photos collected from the residents. Pictured here is the 1945 3rd grade class of San Ysidro Elementary.

The celebration will be on Saturday, May 16, with a festival to commemorate San Ysidro Day, in honor of San Isidro Labrador (or Saint Isidore the Laborer), patron saint of this community located in southern San Diego.

“Here, every year the day of San Isidro is very special, but this year, in which we are celebrating the centennial, is even more special,” said Manuel Paul, who grew up in San Ysidro and is now superintendent at the San Ysidro School District.

At the festival, which will take place from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Larsen Field, 455 Sycamore Ave., performers include Vilma Díaz, La Voz Original de la Sonora, Tiranos del Norte, and Explosión Norteña. Also, several local groups will perform, such as Rayo Norteño de Joe Serrano, Los Ingratos, Mariachi Diamante, and Joel Higuera y sus Compas.

Organizers expect some 5,000 people at the festival, which will include food, prizes, contests, kids’ zone, and car shows.

The festival is part of a series of events to commemorate the centennial of the foundation of San Ysidro, which includes a fair and parade in august.

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San Ysidro celebra 100 años de legado fronterizo
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
San Ysidro está cumpliendo 100 años desde su fundación, y la comunidad fronteriza lo celebrará con un fiestononón, de esos que se hacían hasta hace unos años durante las fiestas patrias.

A Year Later, Iowa Raid Haunts Immigrants
By Marcelo Ballvé
Editor’s Note: On May 12, 2008, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided a meat processing plant in Postville, Iowa, and arrested 389 immigrants. The raid involved hundreds of agents, helicopter support, and had a multi-million dollar price tag. Veronica Cumez, one of the undocumented workers, recalls that day and talks about its aftermath with reporter Marcelo Ballvé .

Inside Obama’s Hispanic strategy
By Jonathan Martin
TEMPE, Arizona – To get an idea of just how much effort the Obama administration is putting into retaining the support of the Hispanic community, click on the homepage of Eduardo Sotelo .


Guerrillas, Narcos, Washington, and the Ghosts of 1910
Frontera NorteSur
A new twist with unpredictable political consequences has emerged amid the shifting battle fronts of Mexico’s narco war. Sometime last weekend and somewhere in the mountains of southern Guerrero state, a group of at least 20 armed men presenting themselves as a column of the Revolutionary Army of the Insurgent People (ERPI) appeared before Mexican reporters.

Reaparece La Guerrilla en el Sur de Mexico ... Siete Años Después
Dicen Guerrilleros Combatir a Capos del Narcotráfico
Por Sergio Flores Hernández
ACAPULCO- Con rostros bajo un paliacete, uniformes con camuflaje, blandiendo “cuernos de chivo” algunos y otros escopetas, una veintena de guerrilleros del Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo Insurgente aparecieron este fin de semana en una zona boscosa de la sierra de Guerrero, luego de casi siete años de no tener presencia armada en Guerrero.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
El Dinero es el Dinero
Es sentido común, y más en tiempo de crisis, tratar de hacer los menores gastos posibles y ahorrarse unos centavos a como de lugar. Será por eso que en dos estados de gringolandia, controlados ni más ni menos que por el Partido Republicano, se están suavizando las medidas en contra de los inmigrantes sin papeles.

Celebrating Birthdays with a Purpose
By David Valladolid
Official birthday celebrations for American icons are often an opportunity for a day off from work or school, and possibly a parade, but they are also what we call “teachable moments.” Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday this past January coincided closely with the inauguration of our first African American president and provided the perfect platform for reviewing our nation’s difficult history and relationship with race. In March, the celebration of Cesar Chavez’s birthday reminded us of the struggle of mostly Latino and Filipino farm workers to achieve basic dignity in the fields of California and taught thousands of school children the meaning of “Si Se Puede.” 

DHS secretary says 2010 budget needs more money for border, anti-terror efforts
By Kimberly Colander
WASHINGTON - Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napoli-tano defended the depart-ment’s proposed budget for next year to two congressional committees Wednesday.

Lara Looking to Stamp Out Lupus
By John Philip Wyllie
Cassie Lara made an impression at Bonita Vista High School. Whether it was in the pool competing in the breast stroke as part of the Barons 2007 Mesa League champion Swim Team or on the sidelines as an enthusiastic cheerleader, Lara gave it her all. And she was always there for her teammates. Last Saturday, many of those same teammates turned out at De Anza Cove to return the favor.

Housing Commission names Maria Velasquez to newly created position of VP Community Relations
Maria Velasquez, a recognized San Diegan who has garnered community and professional awards for her contributions in community outreach, public affairs, and television news, has been named to fill the newly-created position of Vice President of Community Relations for the San Diego Housing Commission.

The Mercado Report:
Tired of using credit cards
Por Humberto Caspa
Wall Street groups are really forgetful. Their greed for easy cash has gotten the country upside down, on the verge of an economic calamity, left millions of workers without jobs and on the fringe of desperation. Their behavior has not changed a bit. They continue to throw stones at Americans taxpayers. This time credit cards users are their new victims.

National City Middle School Breaks Ground on its $16.4 Million Modernization Project
National City Middle School (NCMS) marked the start of a new beginning in a landmark groundbreaking ceremony. National City Mayor, Ron Morrison, presented the school with a proclamation declaring the day “Proposition O- National City Middle School Day.”

Paradise Creek Cleanup
It was a beautiful day for some outdoor activity; therefore, the National City Rotary Club got together and conducted a clean up at Paradise Creek in National City. Even though the Rotarians are hard workers, they had some help from some of the kids from the ROTC Program thanks to Colonel Bob Jackson.

¡No Se Deje!
Por Lic. Jess J. Araujo
Corte Suprema de Estados Unidos Decidirá Apelación de Inmigrante
La Corte decidirá si los abogados de los inmigrantes deben decirles que entrentarán deportación si se declaran culpables de crímenes serios

Editorial and Commentary

Props 1D, 1E and 1F
Two weeks ago, we reviewed State (budget) Propositions 1A, 1B, and 1C. Our recom-mendations on 1A, 1B, and 1C follow this editorial. This Tuesday is Election Day, so we will take a look at the three remaining propositions, 1D, 1E, and 1F.

Poor People and California’s Propositions
By Herman Baca, President
With Tuesday’s special election, California voters will vote whether or not to raise taxes to supposedly address the state’s $42 billion dollar hemorrhaging deficit. With California being the most heavily taxed state in the U.S. with one of the highest unemployment rate (over 10%), the question for voters and especially poor people is: how should we vote?

No Mas Postvilles
Por Maribel Hastings
La mención del 12 de mayo de 2008 la hace llorar. La madre guatemalteca es una de los casi 400 arrestados por autoridades migratorias en la planta Agriprocessors de Postville, Iowa el 12 de mayo del año pasado. Es una de los pocos que aún no son deportados. El pasado jueves le quitaron el localizador electrónico (GPS) que llevaba en su tobillo “pero no me han dicho qué va a pasar conmigo”.

Sierra & Tierra: Una Lección Tóxica
Por Javier Sierra
Al acercarse a cualquiera de las cuatro plantas petroquímicas que rodean la Escuela Secundaria César Chávez, se hace cada vez más claro el tintineo. Y al llegar a cualquiera de ellas, nos damos cuenta que el concierto de campanillas proviene de las cientos de etiquetas de aluminio adjuntas al laberinto de tuberías que forman las instalaciones.

Take Action to Prevent Elder Abuse
By Assemblymember Marty Block
Elder abuse is often a “silent” crime that can produce victims too embarrassed to acknowledge they were harmed. This abuse can take many forms—financial abuse through insurance fraud, scams that cheat the elderly out of their pensions, severe neglect or outright violence from family members or caregivers. Preventing elder abuse is the duty of every Californian, and we all must do our part to ensure that loved ones are free to live out their golden years without the fear of financial, psychological or physical harm.

CV Mayor Cox being raked over the coals for recent gaffes, including the dismal showing on Prop. A where less than 10,000 voters out of 106,000 in the city followed her lead and voted yes. She must have known she was in trouble when her husband, Supervisor Greg Cox, donated $500 to the Lincoln Club which then sent out a flyer opposing Prop. A.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
My wife is from Michoacán state. We’ve bought a home in the small town of her birth. I love everything about the quiet little place. Even her mother is kind to me, as if I were her son. The food is incredibly good. The puerco is killed that morning and the taste is like nothing you ever find north of the border. The federales stare me down, but so what? They mean well. Besides, they rarely come around. My wife’s village is old Mexico at its best.

House of Guitars Packs the House
Chula Vista High School Guitar Festival Draws Performers from Across San Diego
Over 60 guitarists, concert lights, microphones and standing room only crowds – this wasn’t a show at Cricket Amphitheater or at the House of Blues – it was the Chula Vista High School House of Guitars Festival 2009. Featuring performances by the Chula Vista High House of Guitars, the Southwestern College Guitar Ensemble, Mr. Jerry McCann and current and former students of the School of Creative and Performing Arts, the event was a sampling of music from all genres.

Latino Art Student Wins Film Competition
When most people think about college students pulling an all-nighter, they imagine young party animals cramming for a test the next morning. But a team of 11 art students at Platt College, San Diego School of Art and Design, gave new meaning to the term when they won first place in “48 Hours of Madness” film competition, sponsored by Best Fest Ameri-ca. Latino Marco Delgadillo, 20, was one of the members of the winning team.

CV’s Rosas Takes to the Hill at Petco
By John Philip Wyllie
For the last four years Jorge Rosas has spent most of his time behind the plate for the Chula Vista Spartans. In those four years as the varsity catcher he has developed into one of the top backstops in the Mesa League. Last Saturday, Rosas was asked to leave his comfort zone and take the mound for the Spartans, but it wasn’t just any mound, it was the one that Jake Peavy, Chris Young and Heath Bell throw off of at Petco Park.

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