May 8, 2009

Neighborhood House Association Responds to Flu Outbreak

The Neighborhood House Association (NHA), San Diego County’s largest multi-purpose human services agency, helps thousands of individuals and families in San Diego everyday improve their quality of life by providing health and other vital social services. Because of its commitment to outreach into all sectors of the community, NHA has taken steps to help combat the spread of the influenza virus during this critical time.

To do its part in addressing the 2009 flu outbreak, NHA has:

· Constructed a crisis management team and initiated a crisis management plan, based on information available on the outbreak from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

· Added to its website, www.neighborhoodhouse. org, links to information on the prevention and diagnosis of this terrible illness. These links, provided by DHHS and the CDC, are being continuously updated with the most accurate information.

· Thoroughly cleaned any of its sites where staff and/or children may have contracted a Type A strain of the flu virus.

· Maintained constant communication with the County of San Diego Health Department and Children’s Hospital to keep abreast of the newest information on the outbreak.

· Provided information to its more than 800 employees on preventing and diagnosing the flu, as well as provided anti-bacterial lotions for use by all staff at its offices and nearly 100 Head Start centers.

In addition, NHA encourages all staff, clients and the community to make sure they follow appropriate health protocols for preventing the spread of illness, including washing their hands frequently, covering their mouth when they cough and staying home from work if they have flu-like symptoms. NHA clients, staff and the community are encouraged to visit for links to regularly updated information on the prevention and diagnosis of swine flu.

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