May 1, 2009

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Now, as I was saying....

With the problems of the drug cartel violence at the border, and the desire of the Hurtado brothers to tear down the “beautiful bullring by the sea” to be replaced by a shopping center—plans that were not allowed to proceed, as the plaza de toros is an official historical landmark—bullfight seasons in Tijuana have been hard to come by.

However, it seems that the Hurtados have leased their bullring to Mario Alberto Bustamante, who reportedly plans to present a season of seven corridas de toros, beginning May 24.

On that date, six bulls of Monte Cristo will be presented to Rejoneador Gaston Santos and matadores Fermin Spinola and Pepe Hillo.

On June 14, at least according to plans, six bulls of San Isidro will be offered to Fernando Ochoa, Jose Maur-icio, and Manuel Gonzalez “Monteyita” who will receive the Doctorate of Matadorship. It is strongly suggested that aficionados from north of the border should park on the U.S. side and take a bus from the parking lot to the downtown terminal, where they will board another bus that will take them to and from the plaza de toros.


Due to the death of correspondent Gary Sloan, Bullfight World is searching for a new Tijuana bullfight reviewer. The requirements are simple: write the truth and refuse to solicit or accept bribes from toreros, gan-aderos, or empresarios. There is no gender preference, but honesty, integrity, and taurine knowledge are paramount. Pay is zero. Reviews must be submitted by e-mail to Lyn Sherwood, in English, no later than the Monday following the corrida.

Those who may be interested in the position should write to Lyn Sherwood at


There are plans under way to present a bloodless bullfight in Las Vegas and to feature a top name Spanish matador.

Bullfight World is somewhat skeptical about the plan. The last time that a bullfight was held in Las Vegas, the advertising theme was, “At last, the bull has a chance!.” Such nonsense!


Los Aficionados de Los Angeles will celebrate its 60th anniversary, June 13. Those who are interested in attending the dinner and party should contact Jimee Petrich at (310) 474-0188.

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