March 27, 2009

Escuchen los hombres: wish it was an April’s Fools joke but no way – everything you buy will now cost one cent more. Come April 1 new state tax goes into affect and it will cost you more to buy a car, a lot more, so now is the time to buy if you were thinking about. No April’s fool here.

National City, La Mesa and those other cities that have raised their taxes recently to balance budgets they will be paying close to 10% a penny more than everybody else. A penny doesn’t sound like much but it adds up over time.

Chula Vista city council race heating up already and the candidates can’t officially declare until July. Humberto Peraza has been out scooping up all democratic endorsements he can muster. Jill Galvez has been out right behind him counting on her community connections to come through.

The other person in the race, Pat Aguilar has been using her position as president of Crossroads II to do her politicking. Crossroads II which has only dealt with land use and development issues has now ventured into supporting the 1 cent tax proposal, a proposal submitted by Aguilar, to hosting happy hour, paid for/with some of the big name developers and local businesses. If it looks like politicking, acts like politicking, it usually means politicking is going on.

Pues no actual campaigning can take place until July, but there are always ways around those pesky rules.

Pearl Quinones got the support Assemblymember Lori Saldana and has decided to challenge Ben Hueso for 79th Assemblyseat. Local democrats and labor tried to clear the way for Hueso to run unopposed but it didn’t work. Should be an interesting race!

A federal jury ruled that TV astrologer Walter Mercado breached a contract with promoter Bill Bakula that gave Bakula ownership of the Walter Mercado trademark. Mercado apparently signed a contract giving up the commercial right to his own name throughout the universe and into perpetuity. Guess Mercado didn’t see that coming in the stars!

Bureaucrats you got to love them: A deportation hearing has been scheduled for Nasin Mauricio Rivera, a Salvadoran immigrant who died last August. Despite the fact that a copy of Rivera’s death certificate was presented to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, officials stated that the copy was not sufficient and are proceeding with the case.

On a sad note, we end this column with the death of Bea Estrada last Sunday morning. She passed away at 3:15 am peacefully in her sleep. Our prayers go out to her family.

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