March 27, 2009

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Employee allowed to set city policy 

March 16 an employee of the City of Chula Vista, who does not live in the city, has worked for the city less than 5 years and has previously shown his total lack of respect and concern for the residents by negotiating in secret with a developer, was allowed to set city policy on an issue of concern to all the residents of the city. He wrote a letter in the city’s name to the California Energy Commission. He interpreted several ordinances and a General Plan policy in a manner, which deprives all residents of the protections they were written to provide.

Many of us live near light industrial zones. The protection of these ordinances and policies was critical to our peace of mind, property values and well-being. The last sentence in this letter is particularly upsetting, because we had thought that the city wanted to get rid of the Southbay Power plant. Apparently, it and all other power plants are now welcome in the city. Getting rid of the Southbay Power Plant would require six 100mw peaker power plants at the very least. Everyone’s neighborhood is now in jeopardy.

The city’s new policy: “The City acknowledges its regional responsibility to site energy generation facilities within City boundaries and is committed to working with the CEC and power generation developers to that end.” Come one come all Chula Vista will not enforce any ordinances or policies that might prevent your project.

This is a totally unacceptable policy. If staff are to set policy why not get rid of the council, their city attorney and all their expenses and save a couple million dollars? Interpreting ordinances and the General Plan as well as setting long-range energy policy should not be staff decisions. Never in public have these matters been discussed by the council. This is another example of the perfidy of council members Castaneda, Cox and McCann and why the residents cannot trust the council majority.

Theresa Acerro
Southwest Chula Vista Civic Association

A few facts for Ortega:

Regarding Commentary: Dictators in our Back Yard, By Israel Ortega, published March 20.

Please let me put forward three facts:

1- Chavez, our beloved constitutional President, didn’t amend the constitution, we, the free and happy citizens of this land of grace, did.

2- Latin America is not and will never be your backyard any more.

3 Your comments Israel, reflect a huge misunderstanding of Venezuela’s reality, a poor sense of social awareness and an overwhelm personality lacking the proud of your Latin roots.

Ricardo Guridi
Via email


Politicans and Unions should support the right to work for the whole working class

I attended a luncheon recently put on by the United Domestic Workers Union. Erik Fer-nandez of CSEA, Lourdes Y. Borboa (young college grade from Mexico who majored in marking and working on Tony Young’s staff,) Marietta Castell, Luz Muzio, and Councilperson Todd Gloria (to name a few) were also was in attendance.

While MAPA is generally a Supporter of all Union Actions, and I am in support of the workers’ right to work & make a more livable wage (as is clearly needed in the case of wages paid to home care providers in San Diego County) - the actions and behaviors (taken as a whole) of union activities and the activities and polices supported and put into place by Union endorsed political Candidates has had, in the United States of American, over the last 40 years, and over all negative effect on the super-majority of our working class population. 

Things such as Union Exclusive Contracts seem to encroach on the basic premise of the workers right to work. As well it seem that less than 15% of our North American Working class and less than 7% of the Latino Working class populations (in our nation) are members of a union. The Unions and the Politico they give the workers endorsements to MUST clearly support the whole of the working class or risk the futher fragmentation of this group (working class) causing a condition of conflict in the working class which will continue to be fragmented and divided us.

Gregory Morales
San Diego

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