Volume XXXIII Number 13 March 27, 2009

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That’s a Wrap: Coverage on the 16th Annual San Diego Film Festival

By Jose Guzman

Seats became a hot commodity at an annual Latino film festival that rolled through San Diego this March.

At least 18,000 people attended the 16th annual San Diego Latino Film Festival to see approximately 165 films. But films were not the only attraction at the 11-day film festival where attendees found themselves not only surrounded by movies stars and independent film directors but also submerged in the Latino culture itself.

Latin art was displayed and music was played in the lobby of UltraStar Cinema, Mission Valley, where the festival took place. Ethan van Thillo, creator of the festival, said that such an event brought Latino culture from all over the world to one place where people could experience it.

Special Guests at the film festival, Angelica Blandon and Adal Ramones.

“More importantly, I think it shows the diversity of the Latino films, Latino culture,” said Van Thillo. “It’s great to have four screens here at the movie theater where you can see different types of films like films from Peru, Chile, Argentina, documentaries and shorts.”

During the event, attendees had chances to interact with the film makers through question-and-answer sessions. It was not uncommon to see famous Latino movie stars sitting in the audience. Among some of the stars, Barbara Mori, known for her role in the soap opera “Ruby,” attended. Also, Latino actor Demian Bichir attended. He has been recently recognized by American movie-goers for his role as Fidel Castro in recently released, “Che.” This along with other stars such as Rafael Amaya, Karime Lozano, Maya Zapata, Ana Serradilla and more spoke to audiences at the festival.

Ana Serradilla, star of Latin America’s version of Desperate House Wives, said this was her second year attending the festival. Last year she said she enjoyed the heart-felt connection she established with the audience. This is one of her favorite things about the festival, she said. And like Serradilla, connecting with the audience seemed to be on the minds of a lot of other film stars and movie makers. Producer Simon Brand said the festival allowed him to transcend the critics and see exactly how his film, “Paraiso Travel,” connected with a live audience.

San Diego Prepares to Celebrate César E. Chávez Holiday With Annual Breakfast & Parade
Plans are well underway for this year César E. Chávez Commemorative Events, as the late United Farm Workers founder and civil rights hero is honored with a series of events throughout the region, including is the 11th annual César Chávez Breakfast and Parade. March 31st is a state holiday in honor of the man who along with Dolores Huerta founded and made it his life work to organize farm workers to attain livable wages and humane working conditions.

The Silver Lining Behind California’s Gloomy Economy
By Annette Fuentes
Editor’s Note: California’s unemployment is high and job loss continues, as the national economic crisis takes a heavy toll. But reports of the state’s demise are greatly exaggerated and the state’s future prospects are golden, according to a March analysis from the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy in Palo Alto. Center director and senior economist Stephen Levy talked with NAM Editor Annette Fuentes about why he is hopeful about California’s future and what Sacramento must do to realize the state’s golden opportunities.

Hilltop Middle back in the business of fundraising thanks to Marine Group Boat Works

Smiling popsicle customers at Hilltop Middle (pictured left). This new freezer replaced two, twenty-year-old, broken down freezers that had occasionally melted and ruined the inventory. The Hilltop Middle F.L.A.G.S. program wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the Marine Group Boat Works on the Chula Vista bayfront.

Pictured on the right: Carmen Espinoza, Jill Galvez, Rebecca Garcia, Sammy Carillo, Jackie Chapa, Andrea Garcia, Alejandra Garcia are pictured enjoying popsicles in front of the brand new freezer donated by Leah Yam and Todd Robert of the Marine Group Boat Works of Chula Vista to Hilltop Middle School.


Clinton visita Mexico durante un periodo de crisis en ambos lados de la frontera
Por Mariana Martínez
La visita de Hillary Clinton como secretaria de Estado a México ha dejado ver las múltiples tensiones que existen entre los dos países: la discusión de si es México un “estado fallido”, la lucha contra las drogas, el muro y las recientes declaraciones del presidente Obama que apuntan a proteger la frontera de Estados Unidos con más soldados.

The Border’s “Agent Orange” Controversy
Frontera NorteSur
In the Vietnam War, the United States sprayed vast tracts of land with the chemical defoliant Agent Orange as part of a counter-insurgency strategy aimed at removing forest cover for Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces.

Colocan Cristo Sobre Un Acapulco Violento Por Narco
Prepara Iglesia Colocación De Un Cristo Con Vista Panorámica
Por Sergio Flores Hernandez
ACAPULCO - A 640 metros sobre el nivel del mar, con una espléndida vista a la ciudad y las bahías de Acapulco y Puerto Marqués, será colocado un Cristo que traiga la paz a este puerto y el resto del estado de Guerrero, asolados por hechos de violencia, principalmente derivados del narcotráfico y la delincuencia organizada.

Program to Help Latino Seniors In Cyberspace
By Sam Hassan
A recently launched nationwide program will aim to help elderly Latino/Americans get comfortable in cyberspace in an effort to overcome one of the widest gaps in the so-called “digital divide” between those who are able to access and use the Internet and others who are not.

The why’s and how’s of local Internet news
How media outlets like ours are banding together to participate in the San Diego News Network
It’s no secret that many consumers now rely more on the Internet for news and information than traditional media. The renowned Pew Research Center made that official earlier this year. However, at the same time, audiences consider newspapers more valuable than before. The very same report said that print publications actually increased slightly in popularity.

EMPLEOS VERDES - Asegurando oportunidades para todos
Por Adrianna Quintero
La economía verde se está convirtiendo rápidamente en un mantra nacional y global que lleva con él la promesa de sacarnos de esta espiral de degradación económica y ambiental. Ahora con la ley de estímulo económico los trabajos verdes se están volviendo una más cercana realidad. Programas de entrenamiento serán creados para asegurar que trabajadores reciban la preparación necesaria para ser parte de esta nueva economía verde.

Por Viviana Avila
¡Al mal tiempo buena cara!
Nada alentadoras son las noticias en materia laboral. Cifras del Departamento del Trabajo de Estados Unidos dan cuenta de la pérdida de 646,000 mil empleos más en la segunda semana del mes de marzo, en medio de una crisis que afecta especialmente a la comunidad hispana.

The Reality Behind the Reality Star’s Cancer Death
By Tamika Felder
British reality star Jade Goody, who rose to stardom overseas by exposing nearly every aspect of her life to a hungry media audience, has recently died, with the media in tow, of cervical cancer. She was only 27 and has left behind two young sons, ages four and five.

Physical Fun in the Water
By Lona Callavera
San Diego is known for its great annual weather. With the summer months fast approaching, swimming can provide a fun, affordable, healthy, and cool family activity for individuals of all ages. Chronic diseases are on the rise and the obesity epidemic is reaching astronomical levels. Recent reports suggest that forty percent of California Latino adults are overweight, with nearly thirty percent of us being obese. Swimming is a great way for children, adults, and older adults to get our needed physical activity. Strength-based activities, or resistance training, and cardiovascular activities are both important components to a physical activity routine. Resistance training helps the body build and strengthen muscles, while cardiovascular training helps keep the heart healthy. Swimming combines these two important types of physical activity, creating an efficient entire body workout.

Assemblymember Mary Salas Urges Students to Apply for the 2009 Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Summer Conference
Assemblymember Mary Salas announced that applications are now being accepted for the 27th Annual Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project (CLYLP) Summer Conference and urged students to apply. The deadline for filing applications for the youth conference is Monday, April 13, 2009.

Community Notes:Women Entrepreneurs (WE) Business Forum, April 8
The City of Chula Vista is sponsoring its first Women Entrepreneurs (WE) Business Forum on Wednesday, April 8, from 3-5 p.m. at the Chula Vista Woman’s Club, located at 357 “G” Street. At the forum, established business owners and women interested in starting their own company can get expert advice, receive assistance, and engage in networking opportunities.

Editorial and Commentary

Minutemen freeway sign an insult to the Hispanic community
Few in San Diego County noticed this week’s Caltrans announcement that they couldn’t find a legal reason to ban the Minutemen from California’s Adopt-A-Highway program. The Adopt-A-Highway program provides free highway advertising in exchange for the clean-up of stretches of California’s highways. For the Hispanic community, knowing that the Minutemen will claim to control and support stretches of highways in California is an insult. How much news coverage would hate group sponsorship of California highways have gotten if Caltrans allowed the KKK to post a sign on Martin Luther King Highway? What if a Nazi group adopted a stretch of Highway near La Jolla?

Chula Vista’s Prop. A means fewer jobs and more local businesses closing
By Ed Herrera
Few families have not had their foundation shaken by the economic recession that has left working family’s jobless and jobless families homeless. Even then, Chula Vista politicians have expedited a mail ballot initiative that will raise the sales tax rate to amongst the highest rate in the county at almost 10% threatening Chula Vista families, jobs, and businesses—Proposition A. While Chula Vistans are losing their homes and losing their jobs, businesses are closing down, left and right, East and West in Chula Vista. Chula Vista businesses, big and small, offer jobs and stimulate our local economy. Businesses bring in revenue to the City’s General Fund that helps pay for the public services we need and enjoy such as our libraries, Police, Fire, Parks, and recreation centers. A sales tax increase makes products and services more costly and discourages consumption (people from shopping and spending money).

The Perils of Protectionism
By Israel Ortega
A war with our neighbors to the South has broken out. Not a conventional war of armies, firepower, or weapons, but a trade war. And although we may be spared the violence of a shooting war, a trade conflict poses a serious threat to our economy — and in these dire times we cannot afford to put U.S. jobs and exports at greater risk.

El Sueño Americano
Por José R Uzal
A los corredores de bienes raíces les encanta difundir el mito del sueño americano, el cual definen como el llegar a ser propietario. Hoy en día, al comenzar a perderse las propiedades, los mismos corredores de propiedades acusan al sueño de haberse convertido en una pesadilla. Nada más lejos de la verdad.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Público
Employee allowed to set city policy 
March 16 an employee of the City of Chula Vista, who does not live in the city, has worked for the city less than 5 years and has previously shown his total lack of respect and concern for the residents by negotiating in secret with a developer, was allowed to set city policy on an issue of concern to all the residents of the city. He wrote a letter in the city’s name to the California Energy Commission. He interpreted several ordinances and a General Plan policy in a manner, which deprives all residents of the protections they were written to provide.

Escuchen los hombres
: wish it was an April’s Fools joke but no way – everything you buy will now cost one cent more. Come April 1 new state tax goes into affect and it will cost you more to buy a car, a lot more, so now is the time to buy if you were thinking about. No April’s fool here.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Readers: In honor of April Fools’ Day, I’m turning over the column this week to those who think America can stop the Reconquista. Following are the winners of my challenge to Know Nothings a couple semanas back asking people to explain in 100 words or less how they can hate the illegal Mexican while loving the legal one without mentioning culture. What’s most hilarious about this contest was that I had to immediately deport at least three-quarters of the entries to the trash because they exceeded 100 words. When I hold contests for wabs, they almost always follow the letter of the law. ¿Comprende English, Know Nothing cabrones?

First Person:
Arms 2 short 2 read
By Al Carlos Hernandez
Poor vision snuck up on me like credit card interest when you make the minimum payment. While inattentive, you keep paying a nominal amount every month but the principal doesn’t go down, negative debt accumulates, and the next thing you know you’ve paid eight grand for a 500 dollar washer you bought at Sears. Once it’s paid off it no longer works.

Rinden Merecido Homenaje a Mujeres Rockeras en Abril
Por: Paco Zavala
Tuve la oportunidad de entablar amena charla con parte del elenco que participará en un evento de “Reconocimiento a las mujeres que abrieron caminos de libertad a través de la música y letras” del rock, que realizará la organización de Acanto y Laurel en el Centro Cultural Tijuana en la Sala de Usos Múltiples el próximo jueves 2 de abril a las 7:00 pm.

Luna Excited to be Part of the New Sockers
By John Philip Wyllie
For fans of indoor soccer the long wait is almost over. The San Diego Sockers have resumed operations and will field a team at the beautiful soon to be completed Del Mar Arena as a member of the Premier Arena Soccer League. The season officially begins in November, but fans will gain their first glimpse of the new Sockers when they play an exhibition game against a club from Mexico in June.

Lopez-Cox Likes Leadership Role with Sol
By John Philip Wyllie
With no games scheduled for the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team until May 20 defender Stephanie (Lopez) Cox is focusing her energy on getting her new team organized and off the ground. Cox will be teaming with the planet’s best female footballer (Marta) and former San Diego Spirit stars Aly Wagner and Shannon Boxx on the Los Angeles Sol of the Women’s Professional Soccer League. Naturally, she is excited about her latest endeavor.

TJ, Mayor Ramos happy to be hosting Tijuana Thunder
By Steve Galindo III
In the midst of the carnage that continues to plague the mean streets of Tijuana, the city’s Mayor Jorge Ramos, along with the Convention and Visitors Bureau have been working diligently on ways to lure U.S. tourists and their dollars back to the chaotic city.

Disfruta Ellison Estancia en el CAR de Baja California
TIJUANA, Baja California — El arquero norteamericano Brady Ellison aseguró que su estancia en el Centro de Alto Rendimiento de Baja California fue satisfactoria, además de que su participación en el Grand Prix Mexicano fue importante dentro de su agenda de competencias de este 2009.

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