Volume XXXIII Number 12 March 20, 2009

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40 Years of Youth Liberation

By Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez
New America Media

In my class, History of Red-Brown Journalism & Communications, at the University of Arizona, I see the future mayor of Tucson. I see it in her eyes. In another student, I see the next Sandra Cisneros. I hear it in her Xochitl In Cuicatl – in her poetry and song. I also see the next Ruben Salazar. In others, I’m not sure if I’m seeing Malcolm X, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta or Barack Obama. In still others, I see temixtianis or great teachers, members of the noblest profession.

These same students are found in every corner of the nation. Some of them are former students of Raza Studies at Tucson Unified School District. Others are direct descendants of the 1969 Chicano Youth Liberation Conference, convened by Denver’s Crusade for Justice. Others are members of Movimiento Estudiantli Chicano de Aztlan or MEChA, also founded 40 years ago.

I can proudly say that I was part of that movement in its incipient Stages. Not as a founder, but simply as a youngster who was swept up in this youth liberation movement. I was not even Chicano, but what one of my students terms a Mexican Mexicano. I never got be a Mexican American, much less Hispanic. In spirit, this volcanic political eruption was akin to the Mexican Independence Movement of 1810 and also the Mexican Revolution of 1910. We rebelled, not simply because of a war or because of the daily denigration in the schools, the streets or the factories, in the cities and fields; more than anything, we rebelled against dehumanization.

Often missing from history’s pages is preeminent American-Indian scholar Jack Forbes, who was part of the founding of another movement in the early 1960s: Movimiento Nativo Americano or the Native American Movement, which at its core called upon people of Mexican, Central and South American origin to reclaim their Indigenous roots. This was the antecedent for the Chicano Movement.

And now, we know that Mexican youth in this country had actually rebelled in the previous generation, creating the Mexican American Movement. Pioneer University of Southern California journalism professor Felix Gutierrez, whose parents were part of this national organization, recalls that they did not use acronyms in those days. But they, too, fought for their human rights.

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Border Militarization Deepens
Frontera NorteSur
The assignment of Mexican military personnel to civilian law enforcement duties along the Mexico-US border is growing by the day. In Tijuana, Baja California, Mayor Jorge Ramos Hernandez named three military men to key policing positions this week.

Spirited Supporters Cheer Obama During OC Town Hall
President Fields Questions About the Economy, Immigration
By Kenneth Kim
COSTA MESA, Calif. – With the ailing California economy and controversy over AIG bonuses as a backdrop, President Barack Obama kicked off a two-day trip to Southern California to rally public support for his economic policies aimed at pulling the country out of the current economic crisis.

CBP demanda a Union Pacific por casos de tráfico de drogas
Por Mariana Martinez Estens
El gobierno federal ha entablado dos demandas, en contra de la compañía de trenes Union Pacific por 37 millones de dólares, bajo el argumento de que la compañía permitió el tráfico de drogas a Estados Unidos por medio de sus trenes transfronterizos y ahora se niega a pagar las multas.


Crisis en los medios en español
Por Eduardo Stanley
La palabra crisis se escribe igual en inglés y en español. Y los medios de comunicación en ambos idiomas la sufren por igual.

School Matters: Putting an Accent on Latino Students’ Needs
By Carolyn Goossen
Editor’s Note: In his education speech last week, Obama urged a renewed focus on public education reform, and spoke of how Latino students are “dropping out faster than just about everyone else.” However, he and his administration so far have yet to tackle the issue of English learners in this country, says Patricia Gándara, a professor of education at UCLA, and co-author of “The Latino Education Crisis: The Consequences of Failed Social Policies.” Gándara spoke to NAM education editor Carolyn Ji Jong Goossen about the new administration’s education agenda, and the challenges of educating English Language Learners.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Terroristas Verificados
El tema de la inmigración, la documentada y la que no tiene papeles, volvió a discutirse en el país esta semana. Nomás que pa’ no variar, es una discusión en contra, y no a favor. Esto pasando mientras el movimiento inmigrante no tenga una propuesta propia por la que todo el mundo pueda luchar, en vez de esperar propuestas chafas de los Demócratas y los Republicanos.

A Chicana/o Studies Archive at SDSU: An New Regional Resource
Responding to the growing need to know more about our region’s largest ethnic group, San Diego State University has established a Chicana and Chicano Studies Archive collection. This Archive will be a repository of rare materials relating to the founding and growth of Chicana/o Studies in the San Diego-Tijuana border region.

Eastlake High Students Win Regional Robotics Competition
Team TitanBOT Now Headed to Atlanta for Nationals
In only their second year of existence, the team of robotics engineering students from Eastlake High has claimed the title in the regional FIRST Robotics competition.

Southwestern College to Honor Cesar E. Chavez
5th Annual Scholarship Breakfast Awards Ceremony to be held on March 27th
The Southwestern College Chicano Latino Coalition (ChLC) will be hosting the 5th Annual Scholarship Breakfast Awards Ceremony in tribute of Cesar E. Chavez. The event will feature Keynote Speakers: Adela C. Garcia, former SWC Foundation President and David M. Villarino-Gonzalez, CEO/President of Farmworkers Institute of Education and Leadership Development (FIELD); Master of Ceremony: Rick Najera, award-winning writer, actor, director and producer; musical entertainment by SWC professor, Dr. Jorge Pastrana. Art exhibit by visual artist Roberto Salas.

Hispanic Business Leaders to Gather for 15th Annual Legislative Conference
SACRAMENTO, CA — The California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (CHCC) will host its 15th Annual Legislative Conference on May 12, 2009 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sacramento, California.

Winning Our Fight against Obesity
By Vince Vasquez
San Diego may be known for its active lifestyles and recreation-friendly environment, but a new survey reveals that our local Latino community may be confronting a looming public health epidemic. New steps taken today can bring our families closer to a healthier, brighter future.

Nutrition and Physical Activity Prevents Diseases in Latinos
By Disly Juarez
This month we celebrate National Nutrition Month. This is a perfect time to think about our own diet and make nutritional and physical activity changes to improve our health. Many of you might think that you are in optimal health because nothing seems to hurt, right? However, according to a survey by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke ranked in the top 5 leading causes of death in the Latino population. So you might ask, “Why do I have a high risk for these diseases and what can I do to prevent them?”

Doula “Birth Assistant” Trainings Scheduled
Project Concern International’s (PCI) California Border Healthy Start (CBHS) project is providing trainings to community women to become Doulas or birth assistants. The trainings are scheduled for March 27 and 28 or June 5 and 6. These will be held at the County of San Diego Assessor’s Office in Chula Vista. The training is free and takes two full days.

Support group for families facing Alzheimner’s disease
If Alzheimer’s disease has touched your family’s life and you need a support group for comradeship, understanding and ideas on how to deal with all of the daily changes, consider logging onto the following website http://adrc.ucsd.edu/resources/support.htm

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
La epilepsia también es asunto de hombres
De acuerdo con su naturaleza y con el papel que les ha dado la sociedad, los hombres son proveedores por excelencia.

Sunset Safari to Arrive at the Chula Vista Nature Center
Unique Fundraiser Set for March 28, 2009
The Friends of the Chula Vista Nature Center continue their quest to save the Center from potential closure by hosting a unique special event on Saturday, March 28. The Sunset Safari will kick off at 5 p.m. at the Chula Vista Nature Center as an evening to raise funds for local and global conservation efforts.

Se Viste de Luto la Familia Bazán por el Sensible Fallecimiento de su Ser Querido Ernesto Bazán Montoya

Editorial and Commentary

Bea Estrada a Hero amongst us
Bea Estrada has been the strength and guiding force behind LULAC in South Bay for the past twenty four years, providing scholarships to our youth and feeding those a little less fortunate in the community. We are very saddened and sorry to report that today she is at home in bed after a week and half in the hospital. The doctors sent her home under Hospice care and they say that she has possibly two weeks left to live. Bea, at present, is with her family.

Dictators in our Back Yard
By Israel Ortega
Authoritarianism is once again on the rise in our own hemisphere. Just last month, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez successfully amended his country’s constitution, giving him a chance to maintain power for life.

Dictadores Como Vecinos
Por Israel Ortega
El autoritarismo está marchando en nuestro hemisferio. Hace solo un mes, el Presidente Hugo Chávez exitosamente remendó la Constitución Venezolana para poder continuar en la Presidencia hasta que guste.

Is Sheriff Arpaio a Criminal?
By Raoul Lowery Contreras
While real criminals run around selling drugs, kidnapping and killing people, local yokel sheriffs and chiefs of police are horning in on immigration law enforcement and bungling the job.

Power of love
By Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
A few days ago, Mexico beat Bolivia in a forgettable friendly soccer match. Despite his team’s defeat, Juan Pablo Mamani, a sports commentator for a national television network in Bolivia, isn’t so unhappy. On the contrary, there is joy in his eyes. After all, the game allowed him to join his mother after 20 long years.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Opponents of Proposition A deny the reality of Chula Vista’s budget crisis.
If Prop A is defeated, Chula Vista families, neighborhoods and businesses will be harmed. Chula Vista already has too few police officers and firefighters – the fewest per capita of any city in the county. Prop A prevents cuts of 24 more officers and maintains K-9 and anti-gang officers. If Prop A is defeated, police and fire response times will increase and library and after school programs critical for your children will be cut.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: Why is it that when I go to the Mexican supermarkets to buy productos femeninas, fully 98 percent of the aisle provided for such things is composed of maxi pads and the limited selection of tampons are in dusty boxes with a sell-by date of 1986? I assume it has something to do with traditional Catholic beliefs or an old wives’ tale that only putas use tampons. ¿Que dices tu?

In Person:
Papa Al and Miss Sally
By Al Carlos Hernandez
Part of my responsibility as a “pet parent” is to take Miss Sally, our puppy, for a daily walk. Everyday around 5pm, I bundle myself up, negotiate with Miss Thing in securing her collar, putting on her leash, then hitting the road.

Cartelera de Ocho Tenores Mexicanos en un Concierto en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Pocas veces se puede apreciar una reunión de excelentes voces en un concierto.

Rick Najera’s Double Shot of Comedy
San Diego Rep presents Latinologues 15 Year Anniversary and Daddy Diaries
By Susie Albin-Najera
San Diego REPertory Theatre will present a double shot of comedy with Rick Najera’s Latinologues 15 Year Anniversary Special on Friday, March 20 at 8pm and Daddy Diaries Concert Version on Saturday, March 21 at 8pm. Both performances will take place at the Lyceum Theatre in downtown San Diego.

Calendar of Events:
SWC Presents Its Spring Production: “El Jardin”
The Theatre Department at the Southwestern College (SWC) School of Arts and Communication presents an amusing Chicano tale of good versus evil in El Jardin.

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