June 5, 2009

It is a sad week for esta columna; the man who created this column has, as all good Indians, gone to be with the spirits. He will be watching over us and whenever we need to talk, all we will need is mezcal and our pipe. Rest in Peace!

While our Patron has moved on, the rest of us who still have many, many days left on earth, must keep on going and continue on with the good fight and to that end:

Qué pasó with Larry Breitfelder and the rest of the Otay Water Board raising the water rates 20%??? Breitfelder was one of the leading voices against the City of Chula Vista proposing a 1 cent sales tax, to turn around and now impose a rate hike… this makes no sense. Amigo what about slashing expenses as you prescribed for the city… guess what is good for the goose, not necessary good for the gander.

Ben Hueso, the darling of the unions hitting a rough patch. Seems that the Unions aren’t backing his re-appointment to the Coastal Commission… Guess it doesn’t pay to cross swords with the Unions. Hueso did not support the unions with his vote on the city labor negotiations.

Hueso also butting heads with the unions over the City of San Diego’s appointment to the Port Commission. Unions are behind Environmental Health Coalition Executive Director Diane Takvorian and Hueso has nominated Lee Burdick. We wonder how all this is going to play out in the race for the 79th State Assembly race… maybe the Unions will return the favor and be luke warm to his race.

City of Chula Vista dumped Najera as Port Commissioner and brought back veteran Bill Hall. But if este Indio remembers right nothing changed on the bay front when he first served his term. So what makes those in city hall think he can change anything this time around????

The candidacy of David Alvarez, aide to State Senator Denise Ducheny, is heating up and gathering community support as he looks to fill the seat of Ben Hueso who will not be running for re-election as he runs for the Assembly.

Feliz Cumpleaños to Pete Salcido who is turning 89 today, Friday. Salcido a mainstay at Don Diego in Barrio Logan.

Now that the Chargers have shot down the redo of the Qualcomm stadium, talk has been swirling around about building a stadium south of Petco Park. That is great, but what happens to Barrio Logan??? Does this have anything to do with the Mercado Project still being on hold????

Fiesta Del Sol is looking for leaders… this is code for they need money. That is good and all that, but, why do you have a leadership meeting at the Mercado Apartments in Barrio Logan??? Won’t find many leaders there… Oh well, if you are interested in helping out, visit their website at: www.fiestadelsolsandiego.org

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