June 5, 2009

California Medical College Awards $10,000 Prize to Ramona Local

Wins Drawing For $10,000 Full Tuition

She didn’t tell her husband where she was going. But today, Ramona-resident Eva Orellana is the winner of California Medical College’s $10,000 full tuition Grand Prize. The prize, based on a random drawing, entitles her to full tuition to the new college which has an intensive six-month medical technical training program. In addition to the tuition prize, Ms. Orellana wins all her books, scrubs, and medical kit. Four additional prizes of $1,000 tuition discounts were also announced.

“I told my husband I was ‘going to a class’ but he did not know what kind,” Eva said with a smile, “I never win anything! I wanted to get started in a medical career so this is a dream come true. I am so thrilled!”

Eva, a beautician in Ramona, wanted to get into a nursing program at Palomar Community College. “But the waiting list is too long,” she said, “So a friend told me about California Medical College and I decided to check it out. Now I am getting started on my medical career in July. No more waiting lists!”

Eva is married to her husband Kenneth and has a teenage daughter Alexis (16).

CMC is a newly opened school which breaks the old rules about medical technical training. “We are dedicated to providing affordable, rapid and excellent medical-technical training,” said Dr. Pawen Dhokal, President of California Medical College. “CMC is the only medical certification training school in San Diego with all-physician instructors. Our other key distinctives include:

• Affordable – Tuition at CMC is up to 40% below other medical technician training schools

• Fast – The basic program requires only six months to obtain four medical certificates

• Excellent – The all-physician faculty is unmatched by any other school and assures top training

• Job Placement - An extensive physician network, Community Partners, now boasts over 50 members who are pledged to give CMC students internships and first priority for job placement opportunities.”

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