Volume XXXIII Number 05 January 30, 2009

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La Toma de Posesión de Barack Hussein Obama

Una Experiencia Inolvidable

Por Gracia Molina de Pick

Nunca pensé que algún día me encontraría rodeada de un oceano humano de un millon ochocientas mil personas. Soy una mujer de baja estatura y por mi edad —casi ochenta años— he perdido tambien altura. Así sabía que el día de la Inauguración del nuevo presidente Barack Hussein Obama, tendría que encontrar un lugar estratégico de cierta elevación y usaría mis binoculares y dependería de las pantallas gigantescas colocadas a lo largo del espacio que encerraba a la multitud de invitados  exclusivos de sus Senadores y Congresistas.

Todos recibimos boletos de color morado que se nos entregaron en las oficinas de nuestros representantes después de estar en fila, casi congelándonos por el frígido viento y la bajísima temperatura, con cientos de personas durante una hora y cuarenta y cinco minutos para poder entrar a sus oficinas y firmar por el boleto recibido que nadie más que el mismo invitado podía recibir. En mi caso fue Bob Filner a quien debo esta cortesía. Esto sucedió el día antes de la Inauguración.

Aunque el nuevo Presidente es democrata, nos sorprendió que todos los Congresistas republicanos de San Diego, estaban en sus oficinas y muy amablemente salieron a invitarnos a disfrutar bebidas calientes bocadillos y pasteles que tenían preparados que nos revivieron después de la larga  espera  y cola que habíamos hecho y en la que casi nos helamos.

Viajé con otras tres mujeres y nos quedamos en una casa a solo 15 minutos del Capitolio por taxi.

Gracia Molina de Pick en Washington.

El día de la Inauguración, nos levantamos a las 4:30 de la mañana y después de vestirnos y abrigarnos con todo lo imaginable, incluyendo unos parches calientes para los dedos de los pies, que afortunadamente, una de las compañeras había traído, salimos de la casa a las 6:00 a.m. compartiendo una limousine contratada con meses de anticipación y autorizada para circular hasta la Union Station en este día.

Obama’s Immigration Challenge: More about Words than Policy
By Tom Barry
President Barack Obama could quickly go a long way toward resolving the immigration policy crisis. But not by taking the path that the leading liberal immigration reformers are pressuring him to follow.

Latino Voting in the 2008 Election: Part of a Broader Electoral Movement
By James G. Gimpel
The 2008 presidential election provided yet another opportunity to assess stability and change in the basic partisan commitments of voters. For almost 10 years now, leading GOP strategists have suggested that the party is on its way to making lasting inroads with Latino voters. Unfortunately, the 2008 results indicate that the party is no closer to this goal now than it was when it started. Exit polls on Election Night indicated that President-Elect Obama won 67 percent of the Latino vote. The Pew Research Center’s national survey taken the weekend before Election Day showed virtually the same results: 32 percent for McCain and 68 percent for Obama.


Lopez Obrador Pushes On
By Kent Paterson
Capping off a January swing through northern and western Mexico, opposition leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador drew tens of thousands of followers to a January 25 rally in Mexico City’s Zocalo square. The purpose of the ex-presidential candidate’s latest rally was to launch a new movement aimed at defending popular economic interests in a time of deepening crisis.

Bush’s Parting Shot: Kiss My Buttocks
By Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez
TUSCON, Ariz. — On his last full day in office, ex-president Bush chose to commute the sentences of ex-border patrol officers Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. They had been convicted of shooting a Mexican man in the buttocks, covering up the evidence and lying about the shooting. The shooting took place as Osvaldo Aldrete Davila was fleeing across the border into Mexico near El Paso, Texas.

First Person:
A country that now dares to change
By Diana Murray Watts
Diana Murray Watts, of Monterrey, Mexico, covered her first U.S. presidential inauguration and came away with the following insights.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Primer Chaquetazo, Primero
Me recomiendan mis compañeros que me quieren bien, que deje de hablar mal de un tal Barack Obama, porque dicen que tiene un tremendo apoyo popular, y por su potencial de cambiar la situación que viven los Estados Unidos y p’al caso el resto del planeta. Pero mi terquedad se impone, mi irreverencia se mantiene, y la realidad real del tal Barack me hace continuar mi peligrosa tendencia.

A gruesome detention can lead to peace for hundreds of families in Tijuana
By Mariana Martinez
It was announced last Friday that the so called “pozolero del Teo” had been arrested; his name is Santiago Meza López, detained by military and Federal Police, he confessed to dissolving at least 300 bodies in corrosive chemicals, under drug cartel orders.

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
La Era de la Responsabilidad
Al iniciar su periodo presidencial Barack Obama llamó al país a iniciar una nueva era de responsabilidad; una era que él sabe, no estará exenta de sacrificios.

El Vaticano en YouTube
El Papa será próximamente una personalidad habitual en YouTube.
A partir del 23 de enero de 2009, el Vaticano dispondrá de su propio canal en YouTube, la principal comunidad de vídeos online del mundo. El canal se podrá visitar en http://www.youtube.com/vatican y emitirá noticias breves en vídeo sobre las actividades del Papa y los acontecimientos del Vaticano que se actualizarán diariamente e incluirá contenido en inglés, español, alemán e italiano. El lanzamiento de este canal se anunció durante una rueda de prensa que tuvo lugar el día 23 de enero, en la Sala de Prensa de la Santa Sede en Roma.

HUD grants will help move low-income California residents into workforce
The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) awarded $5.2 million to 49 California housing agencies to fund locally operated Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) programs. Of these grants, the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) received $396,000 – the highest allocation in the state. The funding will enable SDHC to continue to help clients of affordable housing programs gain the training and job skills needed to achieve economic independence.

Managing Your Weight Starts Now
By Jennifer Ledet
Now that 2009 has begun, many people are starting to follow through on their New Years’ resolutions to lose weight. Weight loss tops the list for New Year’s resolutions. Gyms sell more memberships in January than any other time of the year and fad diet books fly off the shelves. However, by the end of the month, most New Years’ resolutions will have failed. So, how can you make a long-term commitment to manage your weight and improve your health?

Community Notes:
5th Annual Scrabble-thon
Escondido Public Library Literacy Services will be hosting its 5th Annual Scrabble-thon. The event is scheduled for February 7, 2009 at Emmanuel Faith Community Church. The public is invited to form teams of four at $100. per team, or individuals may register at $30. each. Trophies will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place top team scores and 1st and 2nd place individual scores. This year we will have a category for high school teams as well. Registration is now open and you may download applications at www.escondido.org/library/literacy. For additional information, please contact Josephine Jones at (760) 839-4219, jjones@ci.escondido.ca.us.

Political Notes:
Applicants Needed To Fill Vacancy of County Elected Office
New Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk will Replace Recent Retiree, Greg Smith
County Supervisors have begun the appointment process for a new Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, January 27.

Editorial and Commentary

What good are elected officials?
As State spins out of control

As the budget continues to lag in Sacramento and as the State Controller prepares to start sending out IOUs to tax payers, employees, and local governments, a nagging question bothers us all: What good are our elected officials? They seem to have no clue what to do and appear to sit around, spinning platitudes based on ideology! Meanwhile the State hurdles towards disaster and its citizens continue to struggle and fear for the worst.

The Addiction to Encounter Groups
The Way of the Minority

By Rodolfo F. Acuña
Today, U.S. Latinos are the second largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world; Mexican Americans alone are the fifth largest Spanish speaking nation in the world behind Mexico and three other Latin American countries. There are more Mexican Americans than there are Spaniards.

Populism: The Illusion that Won’t Go Away
By Israel Ortega
Like the mirage of a spring in a sunny desert, the promises of a better life offered by populist politicians have been misleading people for centuries. This is particularly true in Latin America, where, since the first days of the Spanish Empire, countless figures have pledged economic equality — only to disappoint upon assuming power.

Governor’s Entrepreneurship Conference Offers Mixed Bag of Recommendations
By Lawrence J. McQuillan
Which state policies would California’s small-business owners like to change? To find out, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently convened a two-day conference in Los Angeles.

Castro y el Super Tazón
Por José R. Uzal
Lo único que queda por reportar sobre la vida de Castro es su funeral. Al declarar la causa de su inhabilidad de gobernar un secreto de estado, Castro nos otorgó carta blanca para escribir todo tipo de conjetura sobre cómo, cuándo y por qué será su final.

La nueva política en EU
Por Jorge A. Bustamante Fernández
Me encontré el pasado 14 de enero en el diario Washington Times un artículo editorial de Randall Kuhn, director de Salud Global de la Escuela de Estudios Internacionales de la Universidad de Denver, citando una analogía hecha por el ministro de Defensa de Israel, Ehud Barak, diciendo: “Piense en qué pasaría si durante siete años San Diego se viera como blanco de misiles lanzados desde Tijuana”. El profesor Kuhn extendió esta analogía para especular sobre las consecuencias de que lo que está pasando en el territorio palestino de Gaza estuviera pasando en Tijuana. Obviamente se trata de una especulación que sólo invita a imaginar qué pasaría si... con el objetivo de dar lugar a una revisión del público estadounidense sobre lo que el gobierno de Israel está haciendo con su estrategia militar sobre el territorio de Gaza y sus habitantes.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: I can’t tell you how disappointed I’ve been these past few days, as a U.S. citizen and ciudadano mexicano, how I’ve been seeing more and more stories about los narcos and how the Mexican government keeps getting screwed over in newspapers. I think that you should dedicate a whole article in your column telling your gringo readers what their pot and crack consuming has done to our country and the history of drug cartels such as Los Zetas. Gabachos are sick and tired of more of our people coming into the U.S. , when they have no one else but themselves to blame. Like the song by Molotov, “Aunque nos hagan la fama/de que somos vendedores/de la droga que sembramos/ustedes son consumidores.”

Temporada 2009 de Verbenas Populares y Domingos de Danzón
Por: Paco Zavala
Los espacios para presentar espectáculos que puedan disfrutar las familias tijuanenses, podemos decir que son pocos, tomando en cuenta que en la ciudad existe una población superior a los dos millones de habitantes, algunos dicen que son más, pero en fin esto lo dejaremos de lado.

Spoken Migrations, Part of the Deportation Nation: History Repeats Series at San Diego Public Library
A Cultural Series Highlighting the Issues of Deportation and Migration in America
The San Diego Public Library will host the Spoken Migrations segment of Deportation Nation: History Repeats at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, February 6, 2009, in the 3rd floor auditorium of the Central Library, located at 820 E Street in downtown San Diego. This event is FREE to the public and complimentary parking, courtesy of 5 Star Parking, is available at the 5 Star Parking lots located on the southeast corners of Broadway at 8th and 9th streets.

Espino Proof that Good Things Come in Small Packages
By John Philip Wyllie
Standing just about five feet tall sophomore Marissa Espino knows she is never going to intimidate anyone with her size. She also knows she doesn’t have to. Not with the terrific speed and skills she possesses. As a midfielder/forward for the (3-1-2) Hilltop Lancers, Espino has already scored a couple of key goals and looks to add many more before this season is complete.

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